New Door Increase Opportunity Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Before you can see anything, you have to have an awareness.

When you start looking, you begin to see things you haven’t seen before.

It is one thing to see a New Door, it’s another thing to see a door in the context of:

What does this door mean and how am I going to go about opening this door?

There will be many opportunities or doors that will present themselves to you, that you haven’t seen before. In this season, whatever we are going to do, we have got to make sure that we are walking through the door that has been sprinkled with the Blood of Jesus.

Six points for you:

1. Beware, don’t compare. Don’t compare what the journey, or the New Door looks like to

anyone else or anything else. Don’t be distracted by the comparison and not be ready to receive everything that is happening to you. A comparison mindset will begin to undermine your faith for the supernatural. Don’t make anything in your past the landmark.

2. Prevent yourself from getting into comfort zone crime. Your faith never wants you to be

Comfortable; your faith is always wanting you to reach for better and more.

3. Don’t connect to the past for confirmation of your progress.

4. Become unchained from your current status. Do not use your current status as a point of

reference. Allow God to move you forward (whatever that looks like). This door is literally unattached.

5. Walk, see and talk covenant future – not reference points to the old.

6. Be courageous and obedient to His guidance.

Revelation 3:6-8, 19-20 (AMPC)

When God opens and presents a New Door to you, there is no one that can shut it.

You have enough power to go through that door and to get everything that God has given you.

Say, I’m a son of God and I proclaim His Name”.

It might not feel like supernatural increase, because it feels like a parent disciplining a child. There is some correction coming to your behaviour or your life, don’t squirm and try and get out of it to make yourself comfortable. Embrace it. God only tells you what needs changing, because He loves you. 

There is a relationship that is being established, referred to as: The door of your life.

Imagine Jesus standing at the door and knocking. He will not open the door, because He has given you a free will. He is always knocking, just letting you know that He is there, wanting to be where you are. The foundation of Christian life is: He has come to live with you, where your world is, so that you can live with Him in His world, because that is where the real progress comes.

This message today is knocking at the door of your life saying, “Have a better, more intimate walk with God”. But there are other things that are also knocking on the door of your life (cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, lust of other things, lust of your eyes). The Bible says they will choke you and they will prevent your future from having any meaning. God is saying, “When you let Me into your life, we will have a level of relationship that is the most satisfactory that you could ever experience in your life”.

Revelations 4:1-2 (AMPC)

Whatever the New Door opening for you is, you’re going to see it under the power of the Holy Spirit. There are things that you will see in your soul, heart and spirit before you will see them in the natural. Your knowledge of the Word and your knowledge of the Prophetic Word begin to work together and under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, you will begin to see things – a combination that’s got to come together for it to work.

The power of the Holy Spirit needs to come on your eyes, so that you can see where the New Door is. The New Door, might (and most likely will) be unattached to anything that you’ve ever seen and it might look a bit weird to you; just in the middle of nowhere. How can this door be significant? You’re going to see it spiritually, before you can walk through it naturally. You’ve got to be prepared to walk through doors that seem insignificant, because you don’t know what sits on the other side of the door.

I’m going through New Doors and because you’re in this church, you don’t have a choice, you’re coming with me. I’ve got to go into New Doors and change and experience new things. I’m going through them with God and I’m believing you’re going to all come with (and change with me). There are things that God is doing now, because I believed Him for it twenty years ago. When it comes to music, it has only just begun. I fully expect the anointing of God coming so strongly into the church that healing, deliverance and restoration will take place, because of the quality of the music.

Acts 10:9-13,1-17 (AMPC)

Peter and Cornelius both had dreams. Peter was restricted, limited and chained, because He was making everything in his past his contact point and his comfort zone.

God is about to get you through a New Door and He has pronounced it to be clean, to be His will, to be God-ordained and to be good for you. Don’t get into a place where the past is going to hold you from going through the New Door. If you do that, you make it unclean for yourself and it’s not because God prevents you. This is a season where you’re going to have things happen to you that you have never seen or heard of before. It might seem like it’s impossible, it might even be against everything you’ve been taught, everything you’ve learned, everything that has been in your world and you’ve got to say, “It’s about the Holy Spirit guiding and leading me, now. I’ve got to see that door, I’ve got to walk through that door.”

Do not compare yourself, don’t let your comfort zone prevent you from going into a new space. Don’t connect to your past for confirmation about what’s about to happen, because if you take past things that you’ve done for confirmation, then the confirmation that you seek, will always limit you to what you can go into. Unchain yourself from your current status. Walk, see and talk covenant future. Be courageous and obedient to His guidance. This is a whole new season we are in. Expect wonders and miracles and wonderful things to happen to your life.

New Door Prayer (link).

Say, “I see my New Doors, Lord. I am bold, Lord. I’m going to walk through it, Lord. I receive it, Lord. I see it, Lord. I am a son of God and therefore I have no need to fear. My future is secure in Jesus Name. Angels listen to the Word of God that comes out of my mouth, go work for me and get my New Door working for me, in Jesus Name.”