When God redeems time, it’s got to be supernatural, and it’s got to come because you know the will of the Lord. I’m going to start to show you how this happens, and how Jesus did it.

Luke 5:2-8: The account of the disciples letting down their nets for a catch at Jesus’ command

This is the definition of empty hours. The disciples used their most productive time, the nighttime, to fish. Yet all their efforts only yielded empty hours. Then Jesus speaks the Word to the disciples, and it brought them the faith to obey. Not only did Jesus redeem their empty hours, but He did it in such extravagant measure, He so filled up their bank accounts with fish, that they had more than enough to leave their jobs and go into the ministry. In one minute, Jesus made up empty hours.

When we talk about redeeming the time, it’s not because we can go back in time, but it’s about what Jesus can do in this time that produces more than you could have ever expected. God creates opportunity through faith and through His Word, that is much greater than the opportunity that the world offers. 

When God does something so amazing, we say, “We’re unworthy.” And we measure His blessing on our lives by our performance. When you do that, you have no option but to say, “Depart from me, I’m not worthy.” Thank God, we don’t have to respond with a human way. We have to respond by spirit man, righteous man, way.

Luke 7:2-10 The account of the centurion’s servant being healed

Sickness and disease is a time stealer, a productivity taker. The centurion understood his authority was in the words that he spoke that activated people. He wasnt concerned about whether they will fulfill it or not because if they didn’t, the governance would punish them.” Authority without governance is nothing. Similarly, you can’t govern without authority.

We cannot walk in faith unless we understand authority, submission, and the supreme divine authority of the Godhead. If you limit God’s authority to certain areas of your life, then He can’t govern those areas that you are excluding Him from. This is where most Christians fail. Most people that have received the faith message will discipline themselves to make confessions. But if you confess something without recognising the authority behind it, then your words can’t govern anything in your future.

When I speak words, I recognise Jesus’ authority that’s releasing these words through me. All I’ve got to do is keep putting the words into that situation. The devil will try and tell you that you are wasting your time. His deception is when you speak the Word of God, or when you pray in the Spirit, that you are wasting time.

When you take words that Jesus says, you push them into your future. His words in your mouth are governing your future. It’s governing your productivity.

The world system wants to manage everything by the clock, because ‘hours equal money’. We live in a dimension that is way above time and it doesn’t matter how many hours are empty. If you’re talking the Word of God, He will redeem empty hours. He will make you more productive and increase your capacity and capablity.   

Luke 7:12-15 The account of Jesus raising the only son of a widow woman

This is about sickness and disease and premature death in the physical, but I want to tell you, this is a sign of what Jesus can do to areas of your life that are so dead that you don’t think it can be resurrected. But if you say, “I say, God says; I say, the Word says,” it doesn’t matter what has already died. Jesus will resurrect it.

It is important that you understand that the source of where something comes from is not where you must put your faith. You can’t look at your source in the natural and say, “My source is what’s making me wealthy or my source is meeting my needs.” You’ve got to say, “God is my source and the source is the words of life that are in my mouth. These are the words of authority that govern my future.

Matthew 14:13: Account of Jesus feeding the multitude

In one moment, the Word spoken and the Word revealed – empty hours of sickness, lost productivity and lost opportunity, gone.

If you will use the word of God as your authority, He will not allow any empty hours to go to waste. He will fill your life with productivity 30, 60 and 100 fold. Brother Jerry said, “That another way to say 100 fold return is maximum.”

Mark 10:17-25 Account of the rich young ruler

You can’t have the kingdom mindset while trusting in your riches. Because your riches will always draw you away from the kingdom. Notice what He now speaks to the disciples. 26 And they were greatly astonished, saying amongst themselves, who then can be saved?” (Mark 10: 17- 26 NKJV).

If you are obeying the Word of God, you could get rich like that rich young ruler. Because you’re in covenant with El Shaddai. He is saying that it’s possible for you to be a rich man and have the kingdom of God, if you’re in Christ Jesus. 

Mark 10:30 The hundredfold reward on sacrificing things for the sake of the Kingdom

What’s God doing? Is He not redeeming time? Didn’t the disciples say, “We have forsaken everything that human productivity time can do?” And Jesus says, “You come and give it to me and I will redeem it hundredfold in this time. Because your measure of your life is in this time. I will redeem it, in this time. Hundredfold, I won’t just give you back what you just gave up. I will give you back a hundredfold what you gave up to follow Me.” Houses, and brothers and sisters, and mothers and children and lands. He’s talking about money and relationships. 

All these young people that are MiXchangers that have walked away from the system that has promised so much, that has got so much potential, they were just trying steal your time. These guys, they’ve got an advantage way beyond their years, because they are redeeming time before they even get to that place. God is already blessing them and creating their future for them, because they’ve given their whole future to Him. And for the parents that have allowed their children, you partake in that. Even if you don’t see it yet, keep speaking it. God is redeeming my lost time through my children who are going with God’s time. 

31 But many who are first will be last, and the last first” (Mark 10:31 NKJV). The Kingdom order is completely different to that of the world. Everybody in the world that’s talking about these young people say they are wasting their potential and their time. Because they should be studying. They should be doing something else with their time, with their energy, with their potential. So, what are they doing? They’re measuring what the world system has got in darkness and they are saying “The dark system has all the answers. The church is just stealing our young people.” 

Who’s stealing the young people? Let me tell you something, the world has no other way, but to steal, to kill and to destroy, because God is not their Master. The devil is their master.

Joel 2:23-26. When God raised us up as a ministry to stand for Him, He said, “Yes, I’ve got someone who’s going to save My children, and My children’s children and their children. I’ve got someone who’s going to stand for the Word of God. He’s going to be unashamed to stand and say, we are going to stand for God on this matter. We are not going to bow to the world.”

We are in that month. We are there right now. The former and the latter rain to us His children.

It’s everything you need, all the anointing, all the wisdom, all of the nourishment, all of the productivity. Empty hours are converted into productive hours.

You want to talk about a young people that people think they’re going to be able to shame them? No. These young people have got the answers to life. And there’s a younger generation that God’s giving us wisdom on how to start a community centre to help educate young people, so they are even going to redeem time quicker than these have redeemed because many of these were institutionalised and God plucked them out of the institution and redeemed them. And all of the empty hours, God has already redeemed it. He’s already called them, He’s already bringing them into a whole new walk with Him.

Our young men and women are dreaming. They’re prophesying. They’re seeing visions. They’re walking with God. That’s God’s time. That’s His business. The rest of what God’s doing, empty hours, He’s filling it with His Spirit. His Spirit is upon you. His Spirit is in you and His Spirit is upon you.

Say this:  I am a son of God. Jesus is my Lord. I trust Him. I give my life to Him. I give my energy to Him. I give my words to Him and He returns them back to me, pressed down, shaken together, running over. He blesses my life, the maximum, the highest level attainable. We’re stepping up and stepping into all that God has for us. In Jesus’ Name.

I am certain of this – that if you will give your life to God with words and you trust in the words that God fills your mouth to speak, He will redeem things in your life that you may look back on your life and you might say, “I wasted time then. I didn’t give myself fully to God then. I allowed devastation to creep into my life in that situation,” and you might have things that you can look back on and say, “I could’ve done better.”

I am telling you now, by the Spirit of God and by the truth of the Word of God, He will redeem the time and He will give back to you all the things that the locusts have tried to steal out of your life all those years. Do not allow time or behaviour patterns to lie to you.  Just say, “Lord, You redeem everything that You’ve designed for my life. I receive it now.” I receive it. In Jesus’ name.

I’m just trying to say to you; if you think that you can get to 60 and you say, “My life is over,” I just want to tell you that in God, He can restore your whole future. Don’t think that if you give your life to God that He hasn’t got a plan for you

There’s a whole bunch of you. I’m looking out at you, I see your faces, I want to tell you that you’re heading into your most productive years. You’re heading into the things that, now you’re coming into alignment with God, it’s here for you.