Galatians 3:18 Our inheritance is not a function of performance; it is a function of promise. If you want to go back to having an inheritance, a financial breakthrough and you do it by performance, then you don’t have a winning formula.

There is a God order of your life that He has predestined, ways and plans that He’s predestined for you to walk in. He’s wanting you to seek Him out for that plan. He’s not hiding the plan from you but He’s also not forcing you to follow the plan. It’s, “Here I am, I’ve got the best plan for you. When you seek Me and you pursue Me, I will reveal the plan to you step by step. I’m not going to give you the whole plan all at once.” “Why not?” “Because you’ll stop seeking Me. You’re also going to be in danger of seeing if you can make the plan happen rather than trusting Me for the plan to happen.”

He wants you to follow His plan for your life and then He provides. So, we can use faith for provision, but He would prefer us to use faith for the plan and the purpose, and then the provision comes with it. It’s a much better way of living, if we follow His plan and His purpose, then the provision follows the plan. 

There are times when God wants you to sow seeds and do things with your money and if you say, “I’m going to think about it. No, not now. I’ll do it next time God speaks.” It becomes more difficult to obey God because you keep on delaying your obedience.

People who think they have a free choice to choose the world’s ways have no choice at all, because the world is telling you how to behave by giving you simple instructions: Follow the lust of your flesh. Do what you want. Do this now. Trigger a desire, follow the desire. You’re enslaved by lusts, by habits, by all manner of things that are out there that attract you.

But God has redeemed us from simple instructions and elevated us to level of sonship. When I’m a son of God, I recognise that my provision comes because of sonship and inheritance; it doesn’t come because of the way I work the system. If I want to keep working the system to get my abundance, then the system will enslave me with simple instructions like – you don’t have enough yet; you’re not secure enough yet; you have to make everybody happy.

So, if you’re a son, that’s walking in the instructions as a son, then God has got a plan for you to liberate you. His system is to have you behave as a son. Most people that see the church as a system, that is just an alternative system to the world system, they don’t understand that it’s not an alternative at all. They don’t understand that God’s way of doing things is the order of life. The enemy’s way or the system’s way of doing things is an order of death and enslavement.

If you’re in an ecclesia, then God has got a place for you to operate in your gift; you don’t apply for an appointment. It’s not a job opportunity. It’s a God assignment opportunity. To actually say, they are equal opportunity givers (the world and the church), they’re not. One is, I obey God, I step up, I step into, God maximises. The other one is, I’ve got all these choices I can make. This has got a much better scope and a much better field of opportunity for me.” It all leads to slavery.

Genesis 11:1-4 Account of the tower of Babel

Let us make a name for ourselves. It was important for them that they did something that would make them feel significant. When Jesus was raised to the heavens, it wasn’t so that He could be significant to Himself, it was so that He could accomplish the will of the Father.

God recognised their capacity, their capability, and their energy and because they were one language and they were all unified in their own oneness, they would be able to achieve what they wanted to and build this thing. He said, “I can’t have this be the statement on the earth that men have been able to achieve this.”

Well, that is a recognition that there was a system at work and they were unified in their intent. God was making a statement that in their unity, their agreement, their togetherness of purpose, they could achieve whatever they wanted to achieve. That’s why, if we talk about the Babylonian system, God cannot allow the Babylonian system to be the final say on the earth. He’s got to reveal the church to be the final authority on the earth because Jesus is the head of the church

If you’re asking me, is the world heading rapidly into the endtimes? The answer is yes. What’s that got to do with us? Well, if we have money that’s got a mission, we can do God’s will, so that God’s will get done in the church, with the church, through the church, so that when the time is right, we are one of those that God use to bring His order of the church on the earth because the church is the only thing that God can use for His agenda.

So, while we have the resource of money available and while we are on this planet with money, this is a way that God says use it for the Kingdom, not to try and make yourself safe. Because the safer you feel, the safer you are likely to just slip into the ways of the world

You’ve got to make a choice that you’re not going to live according to the Babylonian system. You have to make a choice, “I’m not getting in agreement with everybody that says, ‘Let’s build a significance to ourselves. Let’s build a tower of things to ourselves with our money with our everything.’” Let us rather pursue the will of God. Let us rather pursue the ways of God and let Him be the one that takes care of us.

God’s got you. Just go with Him. He says, “Come on, walk on the water with Me.” Nobody’s ever done that before. There’s got to be a first. You want to defeat the Babylonian ways? Come walk on the water with Jesus. If you’re looking for a safety net in the church, it’s not there. Your safety is in the Most High God. Under His wings you are protected and you are kept there. But, let me tell you, He’s about kicking you out of the nest. “Get out and fly, boy! Don’t hang around here thinking I must look after you all the time. I’ve already given you all the power. Go! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!” We’ve got to be a people that’s used to being uncomfortable.

I want to tell you, I made a decision a long time ago; money is not going to dictate my future – having it or not having it. My walk with God, my faith in God and Him telling me what to do next, that’s where I’m at. That’s where my safety is; in Him, following Him all the way.

I say, Jesus, I am with You. I’m with You. Holy Spirit, speak to me, show me, guide me, lead me, because I’m with You. I’ll tell you, if you just keep saying that, “Lord, I’m with You, Lord, I’m with You,” He’s going to speak to you. And those things that He’s telling you, you’ve got to obey.