Nikki Deaton:

When you don’t have money, but you have God, you have everything.  When God gives you the desire for money, you want to prosper, but you have to temper that. The Bible tells us in Proverbs that if you’re greedy for gain, it will steal your life. Even if it’s a God given desire to give to the church, you have to be really careful about that, because it can steal your life if you’re just greedy for gain. 

When you have a mission, your money has to come with it, but money is just part of your life. It’s just a tool, just your resource. It represents part of your strength and it is part of all that you give to God. It’s not your saving grace, it’s not your rescue, it’s not your answer. It’s not your help and it’s not your protection. This is what God is, He may give you money to help you out in an area or to provide protection or to answer a need but God is your saving grace. God is your answer. He’s your rescue. He’s your help in times of trouble. We can’t ever let money become what God should be because by definition, that is idolatry. God is very specific that, “You can have no other gods before Me.” There’s nothing else that can save you, “But Me,” God says. “I’m the One who saves you. I’m the One you turn to.”  If we think anything else will fix, cure, mend or heal other than God, that’s an idol. Anything that will fix, apart from God, we set that up as an idol in our lives.

Covetousness is idolatry. Love for money, that wanting more, becomes idolatry, because it’s what you’re pursuing after, it’s what you seek after. There’s this temptation to think that money is your answer but it’s not. It’s not wise to depend on money. It’s not my god. It’s not my answer. It’s not my saving grace. God is God and He alone is my God. Covetousness is so sneaky, that’s why Jesus said to beware of it, it’s so deceitful, and it’s so easy to fall into. Our thinking has to go to new levels. We’re going for the maximum. We’ve got to head to the house of God. That’s where the answers are.

Unbelief will affect your capability and your capacity. If you can only see how far you can go because of the money you have, or the gifts you’ve been given, you’re ruling out your God, Who has boundless, limitless potential for you, no ends to what He can attain for you. I have to examine my heart for unbelief. Unbelief will always lead you astray.  We are in a time of life where God is saying, “I’m  ready to perform My Word for you. I’m so ready. I’m so ready to do all that’s in your heart.” So we have got to get rid of all unbelief. We’ve got to get on His page of what He wants to do, not withholding anything. 

There’s nothing you can experience that He can’t have an answer for. There’s nowhere He can take us that He will not provide for us.  Lean on Him, complete reliance, complete dependence on Him. That’s what faith is. You can trust His love for you. He will come through for you. Keep trusting in His kindness toward you, that’s His grace, His graciousness toward you. Keep trusting His kindness, and you will keep moving forward, you will keep moving up. You will keep yourself from the system of this world. You will keep yourself from falling into those snares. If you will just keep trusting in His kindness. 

Eric Deaton:

There’s a way that God has, that is different from the way the world operates. By faith we operate in the ways of God. His way of doing and being right. Part of His way of doing things is giving a heavenly vision to the pastor of a church. They get the vision from God and then they begin to share it with the people. Our responsibility is to help the man of God achieve the heavenly vision from God and do whatever it takes to do that. If I can help achieve the vision of God, whether it be my time, my gifting, my money, whatever part I can play or every part I could play, that’s what we must do. This is how the church is supposed to operate because there’s different gifts and different abilities, different talents that are in this room that make up the body. 

Say: Lord, what is my part? I am all in on the vision that you have for this church.

Only what’s done for Christ will last. There is eternal value in that. God always looks at the motives of our hearts. We have to be careful not to give with the wrong motives. God gave because He loved. (John  3:16) This should be why we give also because God values people. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. …dispensing good to others (Genesis 12:2 AMPC). The blessing was to do good to others. God uses different ways to do it. 

If I’m like God and I love like God, then I value people because people will live forever in heaven or in hell, their souls. God is not willing that any should perish. Whether I’m the one that goes on missions that is part of the vision of the church, or whether I’m the one that sends with my finances, I have a part, I have an eternal part and I take something that is not eternal, that you cannot take with you (money) and this can have an eternal impact. That is money with a mission – to take money and do something eternal with it. 

Now when we go to work we must look at it differently, thinking and knowing that God is our source and work is just a way that He is blessing me as my Source.  It’s a tool, a way for Him to bless you so that you can bless others. Work takes on a different heart motive. Now, my posture there should be completely different because I’m a representative of God and He gave me this, so I want to be a good steward of what He gave me.

When I come to God, I exchange. I willingly give over the prerogative to be self governing. My capacity naturally is limited, but when I let God govern me, I tap into a grace. I tap into anointing that takes me beyond my ability.  God can take our church with these people and accomplish His will on the earth. It’s His Heavenly vision. If it’s from God, then He is faithful to perform His Word. Now’s the time. Now’s the season. 

We’re living in an accelerated time. Things are being sped up. Things that took 10 years may only take one year or one month. Put yourself in position for this, we must have a heart that is toward Him. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Above all else.

Say: I receive it. I receive showers of blessing and favour all my life. Empowering me to prosper and opportunities to do so. Lord, I pledge to You I will do my part for this body. I will do my part, in Jesus’ name.

Pastor John:

When God brought a message to us and said I will take the children, God did a whole shift in this ministry where the children had to exchange what the system said is their future, to an exchange for something that God said is their future. The obedience to do that is to challenge the way that the system dictates future. 

There are two things that happened at that same time; the one is that the children had to commit to God and the second thing is that the parents had to commit to release them to God. 

Now, some of the people that are here in MiXchange, their parents are not in the ministry, they’re not in our church. What I’m about to say applies to their parents, even though they’re not in this church. 

For all the parents that have released their children to God, you would have already been experiencing and you will already know the favour of God that rests upon your life because you put your children in the hands of God rather than trying to tell them and force them into what the world says they’ve got to do. So, parents, the favour is on you, the blessing is upon you because you’ve released your children into the hands of God. That is the first thing. The second thing is you’ve given your children the very best opportunity to excel and succeed in life because you’ve given them into the hands of God, not into the hands of men and people. 

What has that got to do with the Money with a Mission Conference? Because, if you are willing to entrust God with your children, then you are capable of trusting
God with your money. And if you will hear what God is saying this weekend, you can take a bigger step than you think and you can give more to God than you think and He will back you all the way. He will back you all the way. Because you trust Him, He is compelled to bless you. He is compelled by His Word to honour you. He is compelled to cause the windows of Heaven to pour out. Properly soaked. Properly soaked with the blessing of God. Hallelujah. 

And it’s not a surprise to me that God will meet the needs of all of the people that are giving their lives to Him because they’re not giving their lives to the church – they may be functioning in the church, but they’re giving their lives to Him. When you give your life to Him, He will cause you to be blessed beyond what you eat, you drink or you wear, He will cause you to be blessed abundantly. Hallelujah.

I cannot express it in words how strong the Holy Spirit is speaking to me right now to declare that over you, that there is more that you can do, there is bigger that you can go for, there is so much more that He’s got for you – higher, bigger, the maximum, the highest level attainable – because if you trust Him with your life, with your children, with everything, your money is just a little thing that you can give Him. Hallelujah. 

We really have an opportunity in this church because, I’ve been saying it for a long time, we have been standing and standing for the things that God wants us to stand for as a church. Pastor Sharon and I have fought beasts to get here. Some of you have fought those beasts with us. Now, we are in the exact time frame of God that whatever He is saying, “Go for the highest and the best now, John,” we’ve got to go for it now. If we can’t go for it now, then there will never be another time that we can go for it because His great grace is here, His anointing is here, His favour is here, His power is upon us, God is with us. God is with us! He is with us. He is upon us. He is moving upon us. There is a perfect time for us to go into the maximum, right now, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Praise Jesus.