Revelation is something that you have to work out into your life. Just because you have a revelation doesn’t mean that every moment of every day, you are fully living out the revelation. It is a daily journey where we are being transformed by the renewing of our mind. We are crossing over with our mindset. Our mindset now should be, I have a whole new revelation that I live by.

A worldview is the way that you view the world, it’s your view. If you are living in a system, almost always they will identify your worldview by your language. And your language will be revealed in your behavior. It’s the same thing in the spirit realm, your worldview is revealed by your language. The way that you speak about money is going to be revealed in your worldview of money. God wants us to change our worldview, He wants us to change the way we see money.

If God lays it on your heart to work with the ministry on any given thing, He wants to get money to you, not because He needs your money.
Don’t look at your bank account before obeying God. Obey God, start moving and then your bank account changes. If I don’t obey God, then my bank account can’t change.

Our needs are met, not because we have people meeting our needs, our needs are met because we sow seed. Our seed is in line with our words that we speak and because our words speak it, then our seed follows our words, and then God brings to us what we need. You always have to be listening and watching for opportunities where God can allow you to put your money. Where He wants you to put your money so that you can be in the place where He can get something to you. That’s how the Kingdom of God works. That’s how you move away from your capacity and your capability to His. You’ve got to make a conscious choice, a conscious decision.

When God put man and woman on the earth He gave them a system, an order to live by. Blessing, dominion and multiplication. When Abraham was born he entered into God’s order of things, there was no law yet. That order is; to live by your belief in the Most High God. Live by faith. When the law came, the law said, you must obey all the rituals of the law, even if you have faith in God, you must still live by the rituals of the law. Because only in the rituals of the law, can you find deliverance from sin.
Jesus comes along, and He pays the price, His blood is shed, so that once and for all, He could pay all of our sins. Now we are back to a God order system, not a legal system. If you live by faith, then you’re living in something that is far greater than the law. Don’t be bound by the law.

The God order system is not about achievement, or about results. It’s about a Person. It’s about believing in Jesus. It’s about faith. The only thing that matters is seeking Him. (Matthew 6:33) We are not rules-based people. We are relational-based people. We have a relationship with Him. If we make tithing a rule, then we are limiting God to the tithe. That way we are making the tithe about money and not about faith or honour.

There are two ways of tithing. The one way of tithing is because I know it’s the right thing to do. The other way of tithing is because I’m honouring Him who has given me all things. One is a law-based principle the other is a relational-based principle. If I’m tithing, because it’s a law, I am unlikely to see the windows of heaven opened up on me and have continuous blessings poured out on me constantly. I’m then tithing as an insurance policy, I’m not tithing because I’m honouring God.

If you trust God enough, and you honour Him with your life substance, you should be joyful in the tithe because that should be the beginning of all of the walk that you have with Him. That’s just the beginning of your honour. It’s the minimum that you should consider doing out of your faith.

God is saying:
“I am blessing you, I am giving you gifts, I am giving you callings, I am giving you capabilities, I am giving you capacity. Come, let’s walk this journey together. Come, let’s go higher, let’s get more, let’s do this, let’s live free from a system, live by My system. Let Me show you what it’s like. If you’re not there yet, I’m going to give you the power to get there. I’m going to give you My love. I’m going to show you My love. I’m going to show you My goodness. I’m going to show you what My capacity and My capability is, so you can get there.”