Capacity; the maximum amount that something can contain. Fully occupying the available area or space. The amount that something can produce. The ability or power to do or understand something.

Capability; capable of doing something, have the ability, or quality necessary to achieve a specific thing, open to or admitting something. Able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do.

Talking about the Word of God, then the Word of God that is in you, that you are speaking out there, has a capacity. The capacity is not based on what you can do with the Word of God, but the capacity is in the Word of God and what It can produce. It’s not all of your confession that’s making it work. Your confession is just making sure that you stay on course with what God has already spoken, and that your mind and your words don’t counteract what God’s Word is already doing. Fruitfulness and the capacity are in the Word.

Authority; the right to act in a specified way, delegated from one person to another, or from one organization to another.

Whilst God gives us the option to choose, God’s Kingdom is not a democracy. Our choices bring us to the level of control that He has in our lives or not. God has delegated authority to us on the earth. We have the right to act in a certain way.

You can’t have an Ecclesia with authority and then the authority has no rules. It has no mission. It has no opportunity to govern, because what are you going to govern if you are not under a government? If we are an Ecclesia we must speak into the earth the things that God wants on the earth. We cannot speak things into the earth that God wants, if we ourselves are not under the authority of God. We have to be under His authority to be able to declare what He wants. We have to have unity, coming together with one mind with one heart. Then when you speak with one mind and one heart on behalf of God, you can rule and govern on His behalf on the earth.

Authority is the power or right to give orders and make decisions. Authority is never to enforce obedience but the revelation that you receive from God will enforce obedience. Your revelation that you receive from God will always bring you to a crossroad in a moment in time. The revelation is going to speak to your heart and it’s going to cause you to have to act out what God’s spoken to your heart.

Shepherds have a responsibility to hear what God wants for this Ecclesia, keep us moving in the line of what He wants us to do with this Ecclesia then all the gifts and the callings can flourish and function in this Ecclesia. When we’re all functioning together in Ecclesia, then we all walk in a level of authority that is way above the level of authority that we as individual Christians can flow in.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.(I Timothy 6:10 NKJV)
When we love money and love what money can do and provide for us, it brings many sorrows because our money has no mission. The greediness for money will cause all manner of evil to come into your life. We have a holy awe of God because the fear of God is our standard of life, not the love of money. Even if our necessities are just met, that’s okay; that’s enough – if you have a relationship with God. We live according to the example that He gives us.

I take the way Jesus used His energy on the earth and I use that as the model of how my energy should be spent. When I live with the energy that Jesus lived by, then I’m accessing His capability and His capacity. I cannot take anything to myself as what I’ve self-achieved, but I give all glory to Him for what He’s achieved.

Say: I refuse to acknowledge that money represents my capability and my capacity, and therefore I refuse to limit my energy capacity and capability to money as a measure.

I’m not living on a performance system, but a love system.
I’m exchanging my energy performance levels for His energy performance levels.
God already accomplished everything I will ever need to accomplish.
I receive everything He’s got for me, based on His love for me.
I’m no longer in a position where money becomes my measurement of my effectiveness, my measurement becomes how much I love Him, and how much I’m in Him.
I don’t want to measure that position in Him, what I want to do is live in Him, and then the words that I speak by Him, become the fruitfulness of capacity and capability.

I am not taking glory and honour to myself anymore. I am beginning to demonstrate how marvelous it is to live in Him. When all of this blessing comes to me, I give Him the glory. When the blessings are in my hands, I am just a steward of His energy, His capability, and His capacity in me. When I steward that, Him and I have a relationship that is around an exchange or transactional system.

Say: I am on a journey where I am moving my life and my knowledge base. I am moving from being raised in one system, and moving into another system. I’m re-evaluating my capacity and my capability in this world so that I can move into the world that God has for me.

The love of God is a powerful force that drives your whole life, it drives everything. It causes you to have an exchange from one system to another system, causes you to want to live in the kingdom of God, and all of the things that the kingdom of God has for you, rather than in the wisdom of this age.

God has given us things that we can press for beyond what our eyes can see, what our ears have heard, and anything that we can even think of, because we love Him, not because we love money. Because we love the way that He brings things to us, not the way our capability brings things to us.

Say: God, show me the way I should live. Guide me, direct me, and let me not move until I know there is peace inside of me that You have permitted me to do this. You will authorize me, You give me, You show me the way that I should live, and when I have all of those things, then I will make my move.

I’m going to go with God, and I’m going to speak God’s Word, and I’m going to flow with God because I recognize that I can’t change anything. I’m going to have God help me change my stuff.