Living In His Love – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Story – business deal and drunk in the Spirit: The Glory of God can do things in 20 minutes that people have been plotting against me for days and in just a few minutes God can fix everything. You are fixing things for me right now. Right now, You’re creating business opportunities for me, You’re fixing financial things for me. Right now the healing power that You have begun in my body, it’s accelerated and comes into completion in Jesus’ Name. I let light of God shine in my relationships, You fix my relationships.

Bow my knee to Jesus – turning point: This is a turning point day, in my heart I say to You, Jesus, I bow my knee. I give my whole, my all. I bow the knee of my heart. I’m using my Faith as a turning point, I’m connecting to the anointing that’s in this service, and I’m bowing the knee of my life. I’m giving my heart. I’m giving my all. I’m committing myself to walk in Your fullness and in Your presence Lord. I want all of You, all of Your life, Your grace, Your glory, to walk with You in fullness of joy. There is no greater moment than this moment right now.

A New Day: Today I receive Your great strength, joy, peace and knowing that nothing can separate me from Your love, this is a marker in the Spirit, this is a day that things change. This is a day that I made the commitment – a new stronger walk with You. I receive a Light that pushes back against the worries of my mind, the imprisonment of my thoughts, all of those emotions that hold me back from time to time. Today I have the strength to be free of it in Jesus’ Name. A new peace and freedom comes into my life right now, a new ability to speak the Word of God – to live in power, to live in victory. Today is a new day. I thank You for Your strength, for Your peace, for that inner power that brings me to a higher level, that from this day onwards, Lord, I will have a new confidence, a boldness to enter into Your presence and to live for You completely in this world, in this time, right now. In Jesus Name. Hallelujah. This is a great day. It’s a great moment. Amen.

Grab hold of that faith (Bertus’s testimony): I believe right now that the Faith that has come from Bertus’s mouth, I grab hold of that Faith for deliverance in my life, for the healing power of God in my life. I grab hold of it right now. You have begun to heal me. I get it all.

The miracle power of God and the abundant life of God: The miracle power of God is the power of God coming on my natural situation, where in the natural, it cannot be resolved so only the power of God can fix it. The abundant life of God is the continuous living in God, where Your goodness flows into every area of my life. I tap into both. Right now I tap into the miracle power of God and the abundant flow of God – where Your constant life force is bringing goodness to me, in every area. I receive it Lord. I receive Your miracle power. I receive Your abundant flow in my life. New things, new life, new momentum, new increase, new health, new abilities.

A place of restfulness: I stretch out my Faith today, there is a place of restfulness; a place of rest in You that You want to bring to me. There’s been a ‘’restlessness’ – this inexplicable / unexplainable restlessness where my human nature seemed to just dominate me or cause anxiety. I put my Faith out and say, Lord, I receive your rest, that peace, that restfulness in You,  that when I feel agitated and restless, that inside of me I become peaceful and restful in my walk with You, in my knowing who You are to me. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus.

Story – take authority over demonic forces: I say over myself, I speak to dark forces and demonic influences that will come against my mind and my soul right now and I say, No you won’t come into my life. You won’t influence my thinking and my actions. I choose the will of God. I receive Your peace Your restfulness, and I receive clearly the way I need to go from here. I walk in the presence of God. When I feel that kind of agitation and that thing come on me. I enforce who I am in Jesus. Sometimes the enemy wants to take me off track and distract me and cause me to have thoughts and emotions and suddenly I’m behaving in ways that I didn’t want to behave and I find myself in places I didn’t want to be. I push back the darkness with my words. I push it back and say, “No I don’t receive that in Jesus Name.

CD – God will move on people to buy it: I believe with Pastor John that You will move on people to buy this CD album, like they’ve never bought any other product before in the history of Brother Jerry’s ministry. It will outsell every product that he has ever sold. It’s in Pastor John’s heart that this will be the greatest blessing in his 50th year that he’s ever had in his life. We believe this CD is an anointed album, to take the light of God and the Gospel to the nations. God prophesied that.

My seed – Bill and Ginger: I’m sowing seed into soul winning across the world and I’m sowing seed into the ability to lead people to Jesus myself. From today my seed creates an anointing in me. It resurrects the soul-winning spirit in me. It resurrects in me the ability to be bold amongst people wherever I go. That I’ll just tell people, “Get saved. Get to Jesus. Come on. You got to know Jesus.”  My seed begins to raise me from the dead today. The seed is not just for Bill and Ginger, it’s for me too and it’s for us too. That we have a new spirit of leading people to Christ, a new ability to share the gospel with people, wherever we go, wherever we find ourselves. Money is a part of my life. I work for it, I earn it. It’s a tool that I use to bless the Lord, to bless others. And as I give of my life, this seed that Bill and Ginger receive – more lives are changed, more lives will know His glory and His goodness. More souls are coming into His kingdom.

Unbelievers: I agree with Pastor John and believe that we are going to have more unbelievers in the church than we’re going to have believers in our church. They’re coming, we’ve been calling them for some time, they’re coming, hallelujah, praise Jesus.