Knowledge of God is Prosperity Part 3 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: Habakkuk 3:17-19 (AMPC) ; Job 1:1-22 (AMPC); Job 2:1-13 (AMPC); Job 35:16 (AMPC); Job 36:1-4 (AMPC); Job 37:23-24 (AMPC); Job 38:1-7 (AMPC); Job 39:19-27 (AMPC); Job 40:1-8 (AMPC); Job 42:1-17 (AMPC)

We in the right place: My future is not in what someone else thinks or doesn’t think. My future is always in what I sow. We are where we are right now and right now is where I want to be. I don’t want to be anywhere else than where God has brought us to be right now. He’s given us a voice, a time and a place to be what we must become. Our seed has brought us here. Our consistency, constancy, faithfulness, relentless desire to never quit and give up, has brought us to this place.

Yet I will: [Habakkuk 3:17 AMPC], This is an economic downturn, difficulty, struggle, there’s no ability or even prospects of any future productivity, drought and famine and there’s nothing for them to live on. In this condition, yet I will rejoice in the Lord and exult in the victorious God of my salvation. God is energy and life.

Declaration: My future is not based on my conditions, what my income looks like or what the ability of my income looks like, my future is based on my rejoicing and on my worship. This is a very powerful place to be when I’m in this condition. 

God the Source of all energy: God is the Source of all energy. I believe that His energy Source resides within me. Jesus lives within me. I believe that Life, Light and Love lives within me, then the Source of my future is always going to be about what’s in me. I don’t let my mind confuse what’s in my heart to be in double-minded state, never certain about whether I can trust God or in myself. I don’t depend on myself. I keep giving my trust to what God has placed within me, then I start to trust in His energy more and more. Most of the time, that’s not a big event. It’s small events, where I trust God, little by little so then when the big things come, then I know that I can trust Him in everything. 

Prosperity: Prosperity is not about money, prosperity is about worship, and worship is about what’s working inside me. Worship attracts. In God there is no poverty, sickness, disease, concern about tomorrow or about my future. When I worship God, what God is and who God is, it’s what I attract. I don’t worship my own thoughts, ideas, emotions and the world that I create for myself, otherwise I will only attract what I’ve created in my world to attract.

The Word of God is more powerful – in business: The Word of God is more powerful than any corrupt official in any department, the energy of God that comes out of my mouth, can change every single situation, so that I get to be the one who is favoured to get contracts, and not other people. I don’t believe what everybody else says and function with that mindset. I say like the guy in Habakkuk, It doesn’t matter what my circumstances are, yet I will rejoice in the Lord.

Pastor John’s responsibility: “It is my responsibility, that I have to keep declaring the Word of God in such a manner, that it stands for the uprightness and the integrity and the power of what the Word of God can do for you, regardless of what your circumstances may be saying to you”.

Learn from Job: I learn from Job, that there are many things going on in the universe, that are not just about my small logical mind, what I can figure out or not figure out, and so, I have to keep believing God and trusting Him.

God has respect and honour: [Job 37:23-24 AMPC], God has a respect and an honour for men who reverently fear Him, but for those people who put their own wise counsel in such a state, that they trust in themselves, He has absolutely no regard or respect for them. 

Instruction: “I challenge you to go and read First Corinthians Chapter 13”. None of it means anything, unless I’m are walking in Love, Hope and Faith, that’s all that matters.

What do I worship: “You want to know, what you worship? Find out what you are not willing to give away. Find out what you’re not willing to give up. Find out what you are not willing to change, in your life”. “You want to know what you worship, you find out what you’re unwilling to let out of your hand, you find out what you’re unwilling to give up, you find out what you are unwilling to let go of”.

My worship is for God: Like Pastor John (got cycling in the right order), I obey God when He tells me to get something in order so that I do not have an out-of-order status with these things where they dominate me. My worship is for God, not any of these things in life.

Out of what you worship you attract: When I worship God I attract what God is, He is generous, full of prosperity, increase, growth, protection, favour and full of all good and wonderful things. In His presence there is joy and strength. All manner of all kinds of twisted ways just begins to fall away from me. I worship with my mouth, my being, I give my life to Him. He’s got first place, first priority over everything in my life.

Worship wherever I am: There is absolutely nothing that compares to the presence of God – anything I have or don’t have. Even if I have very little, I can worship the Most-High God. Out of my worship will flow, the very essence of everything I ever need, because when I worship Him like that, the glory of who He is, comes into my world and it begins to change it. Prosperity is not about money, whether I have it or not, can do things or not, have choices or not, because in my worship with God, He creates choices for me beyond my wildest dreams and comprehension. God creates things for me because out of my mouth, I just worship and declare Him to be the Great I Am, the Healer of my life, the God of everything that I stand for, and live for…

Nothing to fear: I declare that everything that I work with my hands, every place I go, everything that I’m doing is because I love Him, worship Him and put Him first place in my life. When I worship God like that, I see Him with my eyes. Therefore I have nothing to fear – no man, government, corruption or anything that comes into my world. If I’m worshiping God with all my heart and life. Everything about me is in the order of Him. There is no one in the universe that can be against me if God is for me. When satan brings his best and trouble might be around me, I will worship, praise Him, give Him honour and say, Your Word is first place, number one in my life, Your Word is what I live by and I live for. I will not live by another man’s word, in Jesus Name.

I’ll make it through this month: It starts when I get up tomorrow morning, and it feels like, “Am I going to make it through the month?”, then I start saying with my words; “It doesn’t matter what my finances look like, I’ll make it through this month because I worship Him and put Him first place”.

Worship: Worship is not about a song, a psalm, a poem, about a musical instrument. Worship is what I do out of my heart.

Based on the word from Brother Jerry: I praise You more and more, I praise You unashamedly and continually. Blessings break out in my life like I’ve never experienced them before. Financial blessings break out. I say, the suddenlies are taking place in my life right now. Everything that I ever need the title deed of comes to me – every house, every car, everything I ever need, it comes to me. I believe in God for a hundredfold harvest. I say now, Lord, show me Your glory. I’m expecting manifestations of Your power and Your presence and Your glory. Show me Your glory brings about my harvest. I receive it and I shout Your praise. My expectation will not be cut off, I stay expecting in Jesus Name. The harvest is coming in, somehow, someway, somebody, the harvest is coming in, in Jesus Name. My harvest is hunting me down right now. I expect to see His glory on my finances. I am one that will experience supernatural debt cancellation and reduction, in Jesus Name.

Prosperity flow: From this moment onwards as I worship God, prosperity is going to follow me. It’s going to come and begin to infiltrate all of my world. I can change what I need to change about my life if I worship Him with everything I’ve got.

Prayer for the week: The blessing of God is upon me. His peace overtakes me and no weapon formed against me will prosper. I’m protected and surrounded by His Word and the blood of Jesus and I declare that every intellectual thought, creative thought, academic thought, everything comes under the control and power of the blood of Jesus and the Word of God and that out of my spirit will flow rivers of living water. The life of God will just filtrate and infiltrate everything in my world around me, in Jesus Name. Amen.