Knowledge of God is Prosperity Part 3 – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Job 1:1-2, 8 (AMPC); Job 2:1-13 (AMPC); Job 35:16 (AMPC); Job 36:1-4 (AMPC); Job 37:23-24 (AMPC); Job 38:1-7 (AMPC); Job 39:19-22 & 26-27 (AMPC); Job 40:1-2 &4 (AMPC); Job 42:5-15 (AMPC)

Prosperity: Prosperity is not about money, it’s about worship. If I have a life of worship, then money is a result of worship. If I’m worshipping God, living a life that is dedicated to His ways, Word and will, then the life and light that flows from me will just attract what I’m living in. I’ve got to receive the fullness of who God is, then He can become all of what and who He is to me. If I’m worshipping God, I still have to receive in worship, what He brings to me in prosperity. If I’m a worshipper of God, then I will pursue Him and His life, when I do that, then I attract what I worship. When I worship something; it consumes my life and becomes the focus of my attention. God is the focus of my attention; all other things have a place in my life but they’re in balance.

Trouble: If Job could go through that much trouble and still worship God and he didn’t have a Bible, pastors or messages to encourage him, then I don’t have an excuse. I need to just press into more worship with God and make sure that my life and words are continually before Him.

No regard: [Job 37:23-24 AMPC], “If there are people that think that they are rich and wealthy and have all the great counsel and all the understanding of life, and they do not recognise Him and do not recognise His righteousness, He gives absolutely no respect or regard to them. Their opinion is of no value to God”.

God appears to Job: [Job 38:1-7,19-22,26-27 AMPC], God appears to Job in a whirlwind and speaks to him about stars, horses, birds… God’s connecting Job to Himself in the natural world. God did this to demonstrate His glory. God sees me in worship, that I reverentially fear Him and He understands the world that I live in. He begins to show me the majesty of who He is, by showing me that He is in everything around me for my best interest.

Why things happen: [Job 40:1-4 AMPC], So Job, “this person that you think you are, would you contend with Me, Almighty?” “Anything that you think you could say about Me, do you think that there is any value and merit in what you think you could say about Me?” As people that live in faith, we think that we want an answer to everything that happens in our lives and put it down to whether or not we had enough faith, or whether we confessed enough Word. God’s a lot bigger than that. There is a whole lot of stuff going on in the universe that I have no idea about. It doesn’t stop me from living by faith, in reverential fear and worship of God. I’m not going to be so hard on myself and become critical about what I’m doing right or wrong. I just live in my worship and live for Him. Criticism of my faith is never going to do anything to increase my faith, neither does it have any value in measuring my faith. Faith is the one thing that God can use to change my circumstances, I don’t criticize it, I just grow it. I live in the worship of it and live in the worship of sonship.

Honest: I can’t live in faith if I’m not honest first. When I get to the place of honesty before God and say, I don’t have all the answers but I am going to worship You anyway, I speak money into my hands, I speak life into my situations because You are my life and that’s the life that You want me to live in. And if You put me in this world then You want the best of this world for me. I’m going to live that way, I’m not going to measure whether I have enough faith or not. I worship You and I’ve got words to speak that are now faith.

Result thinking: [Job 40:5-8 AMPC], This is a way of me getting out of the result that I think I should deserve in my life by saying”, “I am righteous and justified and I have lived with reverential fear and worshiped the Lord all my life. Therefore, I cannot be wrong, God must be wrong.” – If I think I must justify myself before God, then it means I’m judging Him. There is no point in evaluating myself, God or the ways of God like that, I rather worship. I give Him everything I’ve got. I say, Lord, it doesn’t look like things are coming my way yet, I will worship You anyway, because You are Pure, Righteous, Just, all Your ways are right for me, I dictate my ways according to the Word that I know. You meet all my needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus and pour into my bosom, it will be so great that there will be no room enough to contain it  – pressed down, shaken together and running over. I’m going to keep saying and worshiping You with that. I’m not going to make any excuse, neither am I going to have any answers, neither will I have any questions.

Economic situations: “This is one of the best messages you could get about any economic situation that you might find yourself in whether good or bad, great or not so great. Just worship, just worship with everything you’ve got”.

Repentant heart: God is so amazing, when I just have a repentant heart he doesn’t even remember, He just wants us to go, do something and make something great.

Living together: There is something very powerful about living together on the earth, when the judgment of God is supposed to be exercised and someone comes and repents and there’s a friend’s intercession. God says, “I’ll stand My hand”. If their repentance is genuine, then they can live with Me”. We are much more powerful in the world than we think.

Worship: [Job 42:10-11 AMPC]. When I worship, people will begin to bring things to me. They’ll bring me things in business, ideas, stuff that will turn to silver and gold. God told Pastor John to release this revelation now because of the economic situation that we find ourselves in. [Job 42:12-13,15 AMPC). I just believe You, so I receive it all. I’m going to worship You with all of Your Words, that’s what I’m going to speak back to You. With the Holy Spirit, I have the ability to worship God no matter what happens to me. I don’t get entangled in a debate in my head, with my words, my mind and heart trying to figure out why something good or bad happens. In the end God is saying, “Worship Me, let me be God for you”. If I keep my heart right before God, restoration will come in the grandest of ways that only God can bring restoration.

Healing and peace: “I believe that this teaching has brought healing to many of you. I believe that it has brought a peace inside of you that you are permitted to worship God now, without having to exercise your mind as to why something is happening or not happening; why something did happen or didn’t happen; why something is about to happen or is not going to happen. You have the peace and you have the right to worship God without any consequence of your thinking; without an emotional thing that says, “I need an answer before I can move forward.” I have faith that I just believe God and He is good”.

Time for Double: (Story of Pastor John’s biggest crisis moment) “Is it any wonder that it is my season for double? Is it any wonder that I’ve not just got 7000 sheep? Pastor John is going to have 14 000 sheep, and they are in their making, 6000 camels,1000 yoke of oxen and 1000 donkeys, she-donkeys and sons and daughters are going to be restored to Pastor John and they are going to be the most-fairest and most beautiful in all of the land. I want this. I can get in on this. We have been with Pastor John for a long time, all of us, it’s our right to be in on this. God has wanted Pastor John to preach this to us because it’s my time to say, I’m just going to worship and give all my words that I know, back to Him that He is. He is the El Shaddai, my provider, my protector, the Great I AM, He is the only God to serve and if I speak His words, then He is going to bring it all back to me. I believe this. Amen. Like Pastor John I’m expecting the overflow, the double. We only just got started on the restoration process- the first thing that happened was that the silver and gold started to come to Job’s hands. Then the next words were – God restored it back to him, but it took time for all of that to double, you don’t just have 14 000 sheep happen overnight. God blessed Job but the blessing was obviously there and it just started to work and so there was no more lack, in front of Job’s very eyes, all this doubling started happening. We just start by calling the silver and gold into our hands. We just command the people to come and bring stuff to us. Come on, bring business to us. Bring silver and gold to us. Bring that stuff to us. It’s time for restoration, it’s time for the double to come because our words are no longer against God. Our words are before God. Pastor John says this with confidence because He prays for us that our faith does not fail us, that we will stand strong in the season that we have been going through and that we will come through it. And now God is speaking to me out of my own whirlwind and it’s called, “John Bendixen” standing in front of me today. This whole weekend the whirlwind has been speaking to me.