Keeping Score or Glory Revealed Part 1 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

I want to really encourage you to be engaged in the digital framework that we have established in the ministry (, because it will help you have a more interactive spiritual experience.  

Ephesians 2:8-10 (NKJV)

The faith that you had to get born-again was a faith that God gave you. Faith is not a formula for success, faith is God’s pattern for victory, and it is a relationship with Jesus. Faith grows because you are interacting spiritually and God makes the faith grow. 

Romans 8:16-18 (NKJV, TPT)

When we are joint heirs with Christ we suffer to the extent that the darkness in the world rejects/persecutes the Christ in us. We have glory as we suffer with Christ (as we identify with Him). We are all confronted with moments where we can choose to say, “I am a Christian; I am a born-again believer; I love Jesus” and thereby setting a standard of light that is in us. In a moment that we, for any reason, don’t want to represent Jesus, we have decided that we are not prepared to share in His suffering, which means we also don’t receive the glory. 

Are our lives about keeping score or is it about the glory of God? 

Romans 8:28-29 (NKJV, MSG)

The whole universe (everybody, everything) is waiting for the glory that is in us to be revealed.  

The only thing we can take credit for is that we responded to His pull and we said, “Yes” (He even gives the faith in the yes-decision to become a son of God).  There will always be a call in you to grow your faith (to abide in Him and Him (His Word) in you so that you can bear fruit). God wants you to be like Jesus so that you can be the glory of Christ on the earth (the true life of God in the universe). He’s going to keep pulling you towards living in faith.  By the very nature of Him living in you, faith is in you, you live in faith (not by faith as a separate thing that you can do). 

Revelation 12:10-11 (NKJV, MSG, TPT) 

The word testimony is a formal, written or spoken statement (the evidence or proof of something). 

They did not love themselves and could reason, “What in this present age is more important and can even compare with the glory that will be revealed and unveiled?”  

Modern day says, “Just love yourself; love everything that yourself wants to do”. 

God says, “Love Jesus, He has given you all the tools to love Him more than yourself”.

Say every day, “I am a child of God” – it will change your life. 

The statement you are making is, “The faith that is in me can be released to make me powerful today, to become everything I need to become”.

Whatever struggles you’re having in your life, it’s probably because your body, that has not yet been renewed, wants you to do things, but your new creature wants you to do other things. 

God gives you faith. Let Jesus free in your life – choose His words, not your thoughts. 

The more you speak His words (the Word of God, the abiding Christ in you), the more your thoughts and your actions are going to line up with your words.  

The definition of a mature Christian is a person who is responding to natural circumstances continuously the way Jesus would, rather than the way the body and soul would.  The power at work is not your authority, it’s the Words of Jesus, it is the power of Jesus in you that is calling. It’s by His authority that you speak to your circumstances and say, “Shut up old-man-thinking. In my new-man-thinking, I don’t have to perform right to get the right result, I just got to walk in Him”. Your breakthrough is not dependent on your performance. Your behaviour or how much you confess or don’t confess, cannot stop what your faith is producing. Only you can stop it. It is His Word that’s in you that’s coming out of you that will go and do the work.

You can’t keep score of the level of your faith by the results you achieve, because the minute you start keeping score you’re getting into a works program and you’re making faith a formula. Faith is not about keeping score. Faith is about the glory of Jesus.  It is not your faith, it is the faith that God gave you. You are a witness to the life of Christ that is in you. You share in the glory of God, but you can’t take credit that it is your faith, it is all Him, and whatever you accomplish and do on the earth with faith, it is His faith anyway. All you are doing is responding to the pull of the Holy Spirit, Who wants you to become Jesus on the earth. God gets the glory when we operate on the earth in the Christ manner. We can’t take glory for God’s glory that is revealed through us.

First obey the written Word of God (read the Word and speak it out of your mouth). 

What we can read, we must obey (tithe, love your spouse, go to church, go to prayer) – no interpretation needed. In alignment with the written Word, in the local body of Christ, you are already in alignment to fulfill your assignment. When God then speaks a prophetic (directional, instructional) word by the messengers that He sends to you, you are in a position to start giving yourself to the interpreted will of God, not just the written will of God. 

Jesus is in you, therefore He’s in your boat for life. You might as well sail with Him and not resist Him, because when you sail with Him and the storms of life come, you just say, “Shh,” to the storms of life and they just got to go calm.

You are not an independent island unto yourself, you are called to a people. When we all start to walk in assignment and we have alignment to the assignment, our giftings and our callings begin to merge into the assignment. Now the whole body begins to look like Jesus and the glory is the whole body’s glory that represents Jesus on the earth. 

As the Ecclesia; we are called out to rule. We as a local church are not called to take authority over the whole earth. When we are doing the written Word, we are aligned and we are assigned (doing the specific word to our assignment), we then begin to operate and function on a level where the Ecclesia begins to rule (in the alignment of our assignment). 

Our whole identity has changed in four years. We’re not worthy of the glory, Jesus is. We’re just responding to the Him in us. We are just vessels to get His glory done. We are sitting in the blessing and the glory of His wonderful presence in everything in the ministry. It is your continued commitment to corporate prayer that is getting the job done. All glory is to Him, is for Him – it’s all about Him. You are the real Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and because we identify with Him in His sufferings, we also share in His glory.  There are some things that we have to do in 2020. Our assignment is calling us. It’s to the glory of Jesus. God is going to call you to do something different next year than He asked you to do this year.  

There is no greater thing that you can do than to follow the will of God for your life.