Joy And Praise Intensive Part 3 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

How are you abiding? Jesus gives us a beautiful picture of Him being the Vine (John 15:1-8 KJV).

John 14:2 (KJV)
Jesus went to prepare an abiding place. He is saying, “Moné in Me”. It is a spiritual place that we are supposed to occupy. That is the only way we can bear fruit. It’s the fruit that comes off the Word of God that is abiding in us, into our lives and that glorifies the Father.

Isaiah 40:28-31 (KJV)
This word wait is very active and not passive. Wait means those that twist, stretch, bind themselves together with God, those that weave, plat, intertwine, coil, curl, and wrap themselves with God. They shall exchange and renew strength, they shall mount up, soar, be strong and mighty, be brave and stout-hearted.

The Holy Spirit will make the Father God real to you in your intertwining with Him. Your abiding place is with the Holy Spirit. It is a spirit realm place you can personally move into at any time – a third dimension place, to be with the Holy Spirit and to let Him be with you. Abiding is a very close thing you have with the Lord. God’s maximum for you now is abiding.

Colossians 1:27 (KJV)
Giving glory starts with words. Words are Spirit and Life and the Christ (in me) expectation of experiencing that glory. The glory and the honour He has given me, I give back to Him – it is a life exchange flow. It is an actual spiritual experience that will strengthen you and keep you strong all the days of your life. That complete transfer of His life into you. By you giving Him the glory that is in you. You rejoicing with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Glory is spiritual. It is a spiritual experience, a life flow from God to you. It makes you strong in your faith walk and in your love walk. The glory is a bright, heavy, tangible, lifestreaming. The Lord wants you to live in the fullness of that.

The Lord says, “Do not be sad and if you’re going to be, do not be sad for long”, but encourage yourself in the Lord. Enspirit yourself. Draw your strength from your union with Him. The glory is tangible; eat, drink, and exchange Life. There is a download, an outpouring of His Spirit to you: pure Spirit Life flowing from the River of Life, the Holy Spirit in you – free-flowing, never-ending fountain of life – pure Zoë Life flow.

God has created you to abide. You have to be intentional to go to your abiding place. You have to intentionally go there. You can’t be making excuses, you have been freed, and you have prayed the prayer of not making substandard choices anymore. At the Tree of Life, here and now, an outpour of pure life, pure love, pure exchange of strength, pure power. A full transfer of life. We don’t compare, we receive the life of God’s Word coming to us, working in us. We are never being self-conscious in His presence ever again. We are not to be conscious of our own nakedness or other’s nakedness, otherwise, there will be a hiding and not an abiding.

You cannot come except with joy and looking and seeing only Him.
Say, A place of abiding, I am not hiding. I am not conscious of myself. All I see is Him before me. I am not bringing my self-consciousness to Him. I enter boldly into that realm of the Spirit. It is only by the Blood that I can experience the glory, a new and living way that Jesus has made for me.

Hebrews 10:14-22 (KJV)
You come to Him in Spirit with the truth of God’s Word in your heart. You don’t have to try hard to abide. He has forgiven all iniquities and sins. Draw near with a heart full of truth. It doesn’t matter that you missed it, then, especially, is when you have to run to Him. Meet Him with joy. Just come right in. The Blood gives you the right to abide. God’s way is to make a correction and an adjustment in your heart quickly and be joyful quickly.

Say, I bring my spirit to Him, to meet spirit to Spirit. In the life, the light, the love, He is speaking, I am clean. In this no self, just spirit. I am at the Tree of Life, eating. I am at the River of Life, drinking. It is all the Holy Spirit. It is my new level of abiding that He has lifted me up into. Living bread, living water, living Tree of Life, living love shed abroad in my heart. Flowing, spilling, it is ever living, ever flowing. I experience Him in my personal abiding and then in the church amongst us.

God’s pinnacle is Pentecost – Book of Acts.
God’s pinnacle was the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came from heaven to earth to indwell men and women. Jesus could do nothing on earth until the Holy Spirit and the power of God came upon Him. The Holy Spirit was very active in the hearts where He came, where they received Him. This is the dispensation of the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit does not speak of His own accord.

Jude 1:20-21 (KJV)
Building yourself means increasing the size of your spirit life. You must intentionally do all you can to focus on building and further expanding your spiritual lives on top of the foundation of your most holy faith and be constantly drawing near as you pray in the realm and in the sphere of the Holy Spirit. As you pray in tongues it helps keep you in the love of God.

1 Corinthians 14:4 (KJV)
To edify is to enlarge, increase, amplify, edify, and leave in an improved condition. When we pray in the Holy Spirit or with the Holy Spirit, it expands our spiritual capacity and pushes out the walls of our spirit. It keeps us and protects us. It builds a hedge of protection around us. It keeps us in the indescribable, inexpressible love of God that we need to know for ourselves to walk in love with others and it enables us to reach out by faith for all His promises, for all His Word, without hesitation or reservation to lay hold of the mercy of God. When you pray in tongues, it enables you by faith to reach and apprehend the mercy of God, which He wants and is extended towards us.
When you pray in tongues you are speaking to God and not to man. You have a dignified, elevated discourse with God. He understands instantly what your spirit is saying to Him. Divine communication that God has given us should be flowing and going every day, all the days of our life. It is a language of Life. It is a language of Life. It is a language of Love to speak to Him. He who gives thanks to God in tongues gives thanks nobly and well, and the Spirit speaks mysteries and secrets to God. Take God at His Word and receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and receive the evidence of speaking in other tongues.