Journey to New Discoveries Part 8 Constellation Confrontation And Cooperation – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

We say: We are the blessed ones. We are the favoured ones. We are the covenant ones. We are the birthright ones.

If you keep your mouth straight, then everything will become straight. Because if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s still coming. It’s on its way and the blessing that God has for your life is on its way.

There is a battle on whether you’re a Christian or not because the battle is, who you’re going to worship. The good news about Christians is, you’re called to a different level of battle, the battle of faith. We fight the good fight of faith and faith overcomes the world. We are called to battle and destined to win because there is nothing that you can’t beat. You will win if you stay the course.

Brother Jerry says in his book – no exceptions, God wants you in His army. We have to be very mindful in the current age that’s all about  “encourage me, develop me, bless me, let me feel good. As long as I’m good, then everything about the world is good.” But that’s not how the army treats you. They will get you fighting fit.

Brother Jerry said; I was living the American dream, so why was I so miserable? Because I had received the call from God, I had purposely ignored. And you can’t escape what God’s called you to, you have to pursue what God’s called you to.

That is where the assembly of splendours and excellences come in. This is where destiny and the arrangements of parts and elements in your life all come together. The outcome depends on the configuration of the influences of the time. It also means the gathering of very important people. When you follow God’s plan for your life, He brings important people that are necessary to make your dream come true. The dream that God puts into your life for you to serve Him.

Luke 4:17-22; 28-38; 41-44; Luke 5:1-3; Luke 5:5-11 (NKJV)

The book of Luke in chapters 4 and 5 details the following events:

  • Jesus reads out of the book of Isaiah where God called Him into His earthly assignment. The anointing was so strong, they couldn’t help but recognise that these are gracious words and they have power to deliver. But then they looked at the message and at the messenger and they said, “How is it possible that this is Joseph’s son, and such a powerful message can come from Joseph’s son?” They were full of wrath and tried to push Him off a cliff
  • Sometimes, when you are engaged in the battle of life, the enemy of God will cause circumstances to come against you that are just wrath. Those circumstances will fill people’s hearts and minds with rage and with envy and with anger. And they won’t even know why they’re doing that, but it is because of the anointing that’s on you.
  • Then Jesus goes down to Capernaum and teach with authority.
  • Many times when people come to pray on a Tuesday night, they think when we pray for our government, what are we accomplishing? Here it is now. It doesn’t take a big church that’s got a big voice, that’s got lots of money, that wants to challenge the president to get things done. We just take our place in prayer in the Spirit, we take our authority, we declare things and the next minute the right person in the right time, here we are
  • Then Jesus enters Simon’s house and heals his mother-in-law.

When you bring authority and when you bring your calling, it releases other people to come into their calling. Jesus went after the disciples because of what they were called to, not because of what they were trained to. Your calling and your training can be two different things. Training can be an impact of things that happened in your past, calling can be something that you are supposed to yet walk into. 

  • Then Jesus heals all those who were sick – outside Simon Peter’s house.
  • The next morning, He uses Simon Peter’s boat to preach to the crowds. Afterwards He instructs Peter to go fishing and they have a huge catch.

Can you see the constellation? Can you see the assemblage of persons and events and things coming together to create something?

We have to transition from having the community tell us who we are, into walking into what God wants us to be. So how long will you be called salesman? How long will you be called mother? Wife? Father? Brother? Well, you might say, “But I’m all those things.” Yes, you are. But you’re not just all those things. You are also called son of God. You are called purpose-built children of the Most High God, that you might be doing one thing but your call is to a much greater thing.

Simon responded to Jesus, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing.” In other words, “Hey, I’ve worked every plan. I know everything about the system This doesn’t work in the way that You say it works.” But Jesus was saying, “I designed the whole system. If I give you an instruction it’s designed to break you free from the system that’s trying to control your future. Because I’ve got a plan for your future. But first, you must obey Me here.” 

What’s the catalyst? Jesus, in a constellation of assemblage of important things, timings, many things that were to happen. Jesus comes and intervenes in their lives and He says, “I’m about to change your mindset. I’m about to show you something that no one else has been able to bring such great deliverance.” You have to believe this. And so, Peter, when he started doing this, he didn’t actually believe it. But then the belief came with the repentance, which is why I said, you can’t actually move from perception and deception without correction.

We have revelation knowledge today that we can dictate our future with our words. We can bring spiritual authority to any environment in any position in any place.

God needs you to cooperate with Him. Sometimes you got to give Him your time; sometimes you got to give Him the use of your stuff (Peter’s boat). And then you got to be prepared to say, “I’m walking away from it even as I gave it.”

I say:

  • My blessing is in my cooperation, not in my resistance.
  • God is creating the environment for me to step up, step up and step into.
  • He will talk to me, if I will press into Him. God wants me to stop treading water.
  • He wants me to zoom across to the other side.
  • I may need to bring money; I may need to  bring my gifts and callings. I may have to press into God.
  • Brother Jerry brought a message, that 2023 will be a year of maximum impact.

Step up, step up, step into, He wants you to zoom across and go to the other side. If you will give Him your gifts, your callings, and all of the stuff that you need to its maximum impact time. It’s maximum impact time.

God requires cooperation. He says, “Come on, you got something to obey Me with.” Obey Him with something, give Him something.