Journey To New Discoveries Part 7 Constellation Confrontation And Cooperation – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

The revelation of Jacob’s Constellation came essentially in two parts; the Blessings and the Laban Syndrome. Ancient Paths and the Ancient Languages can be added as a third part, because God is called the Ancient of Days. 

Ancient Paths and Language: Everything that’s birthed in God, is coming from a source for your life that is so ancient. It means that your life is not haphazard, it was never designed as a haphazard idea or a haphazard thought. Your life was designed so that God could have you walk on ancient paths. The way you get to your ancient path is by speaking in an ancient language (the language of God) that leads you to the ancient path that you must walk in. You walk in the things that God has preordained for you to walk in. Our job is to create the space in obedience to God so that we can obey God, make the choice for God, and walk in that space for God. No conversation is without purpose. You have got to watch out that casual conversation doesn’t interfere with the purpose. It becomes important by the weightiness I give them.

The Blessing of the Father:

It is not in the inheritance you can leave to your children in the natural. The Blessing of the Fathers is more about the spiritual blessing that you can leave with them. It’s under the covering of the blessing of the father, everything the son does is blessed. 

Laban Syndrome:

The Laban Syndrome was, I recognise the blessing of God on your life, give me all your energy, give me all your blessing, give me all your talent, give me all of the legacy of Heritage of Faith that you have. Give it all to me so that I can be blessed. It will always move the goalposts and you will never be satisfied with what you think you can get for yourself. This is how the world system works.

There is nothing you can do against the truth. If God is all Truth, is Almighty, all Powerful.There is nothing you can do against the truth. You may think that you can define your ways in your life without God, or you may say I can do it on my terms and give God some. The truth is always going to come back and show you that the truth, the true and living God is the standard. Judgment is God’s perfect weapon of love, and it comes to us all. None of us are immune to it. We have to judge and examine ourselves because it brings rehabilitation and repentance, but if you don’t go into that process, where perception becomes the thing that you live by, not truth. Then, if you live in perception, then you can’t have the correction because correction can only come from truth. You can’t correct a perception because your perception is your truth. Your life is based on the perception of what you choose the truth to be.

If you think that there’s a system out there that you can get away from God’s system. That system is feeding on itself to steal, kill and destroy all of mankind, it has no other way because the god of that system is the god of this world. It’s the devil himself. And if you think you can run free in that system,and live the dream life in that system; that dream will come crashing down on you like a nightmare. It’s just a matter of time.

We do not have the power to uphold our own dreams. We cannot pursue dreams that are of our own making. We have to have a dream or a word from God. It has to be confirmed and then you must be willing to act on it. You must sow a significant seed and God will give you specific instructions about what to do next. This is how you receive Provision for the vision. 

There are things that you really desire to have as an outcome in your life and I believe that God is in the process of, in the climate of this church and what God has been ministering for some time now, He is creating the environment for you to step up, step up, step into. Hallelujah. I encourage you to listen to this message. 

To some I have to say, It will require a financial seed. To some I have to say; It will require you to give time of yourself to press into God, to hear what God wants to say for you and that you can’t keep running on a treadmill like a mouse on a wheel and think you’re going to get anywhere just keeping the wheel running. You’ve got to take some time out and say I’m just going to press into God rather than read a novel over Christmas and rest and go and play sport or go to movies and have popcorn and do all that kind of stuff. 

I feel to some of you that this is a time when you set aside time to press into God. I mean, I’m not saying don’t have time also where you enjoy family time and stuff like that. I’m just saying; take time to specially put aside time and press into God and hear what God’s got to say about your life. He will talk to you. If you go and press into Him, He will talk to you. He will.

There are some of you that God has got gifts and callings that He’s placed in you and your life is just like you’re treading water. God wants you to stop treading water and He wants you to zoom across to the other side. It needs you to press in in prayer and recognise your gifting and calling and bring it to the Church. Perhaps, first in prayer and in your heart and then come and speak to one of us and say, “I’m bringing my gift.” You might not know, we might not know how to receive it, but the mere bringing of it will be enough for God to activate what’s next. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Thus says the Lord. And you know me, I very seldom do this, but I do do it when the Lord moves on me to say it; thus says the Lord.