Journey To New Discoveries Part 5 Believe And Speak – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

God is very personal with a legitimate local church. It is our responsibility to be led by the Holy Spirit to be planted in a place of His choosing. We have been on a journey from ancient paths to new discoveries. God has taken performance out of our walk with Him. If you are going to have any degree of desire to go on in God, He will be speaking to you about what you speak and what you say.

2 Corinthians 11:2-3 (AMPC); 2 Corinthians 4:14 (AMPC), Psalm 116:10 (AMPC)

Jesus came to show us how to live like Him. The Holy Spirit living in us enables us to be like Him on earth. Jesus was tempted in every way, just as we are. He was tempted to blabber and spit out something from His flesh, but He did not. Opinionated people are speaking what they feel like, talking how they want, and constantly sowing death/dark seeds into their hearts.

What are you sowing into your heart? What can be growing up in your heart?

Jesus spoke the Word and He was only sowing and putting the Word of God into His heart. He only said what He heard His Father say and He only did what He saw His Father do. He lived in the power of His choice. He chose to speak life and not death.

Everything you do by His Word (His ways and His will) will live with you eternally. Everything you do by yourself will perish with you. It is that simple. There is a beautiful simplicity in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. The simplicity that is in Christ for every area of your life is simply to believe and to speak and He does the work. Simply saying what you hear Him say and doing what you see Him do – nothing more and nothing less.

There are two things growing in your heart: wheat from the Word and tares/weeds from the wicked world. God is not mocked. Words that you have sowed you will reap. Word sown into your heart is incorruptible seed, engrafted in your heart, lodged in your spirit, and contains the power to bring you to complete salvation. Things you’ve learned from the world and the popular culture of the day have grown in your heart, causing darkness and obscurity from the Light. Any condition of unbelief is because you have spoken death.

Matthew 13:37-42 (KJV); Matthew 15:13 (KJV)

We have the power of that promise that in harvest time God will bundle up and burn the tares. We have an opportunity in our preparation to expect God to pull the weeds out by the roots. We have grace now to lay claim.

I say:
My preparation is as a perfume and a fragrance unto You, Lord; You see and You know. I present myself as a living sacrifice and I let Your fire fall on my heart. I dare to believe this Scripture. I am living in the power of this promise. Lord, You know the deep roots that are growing in me that are from the wicked kingdom of darkness. I present all my tares and weeds to You. I am living in the power of this promise that I am baptised with Your Holy Spirit and with fire. I’m asking for deep roots to be bundled up and burned, one by one. Every tree that is growing in me that You have not planted, pull it out by the roots. Burn all the tares in me with Your fire, Lord.

Preparing for the Glory.
Do not despair, do not compare, and don’t compete. Just continue to prepare and He will see to it that you will not be late.
I say:

Heritage of Faith Ministries International

– I am preparing in praise and with praise from the Psalms.
Praise will plough up the hard ground of my heart. I am keeping the soil of my heart in excellent condition. That is why I will praise Him all the days of my life.

– I am preparing with speaking.
I am praise speaking, I am Word speaking and I am tongue speaking.
I am speaking seed from the messages and seed from the precious holy written Word of God.

– I am preparing with profession.
I confess, I declare, I proclaim and decree. I am speaking God’s Word with my mouth and sowing it into my heart. He watches over my words to perform them. I believe them, I speak them and He does the work. No performance. Hallelujah. My whole life long I will be professing and confessing God’s Word to overcome. It is my victory.

– I am preparing in joy.
I sow in joy and I so enjoy. I am not preparing in performance. I am preparing in joy and with joy. It is my delight to prepare.

– I don’t speak worry.
Worry is what the world teaches me to speak. I do not speak words of doubt, words of death and darkness. God clearly commands me to be anxious for nothing. I don’t take a care. I roll all of my cares over upon the Lord because He cares for me. Like Jesus, I continually and repeatedly overcome Satan by saying, ‘It is written’.

– I stand on the promises of God.
There is a promise that covers every aspect of my life. I find what the Word promises and then I live in the power of that promise by speaking and declaring it. I stand on His Word! I have boldness of access, not on my performance, but the Blood gives me the right to stand on the promises of God. You, Lord, make Your promise good in my life. All the days of my life will I live in the power of Your promises.

– I will not be deceived.
In my preparation, I do not deceive my own self by reasoning contrary to the Truth. I will not permit doubt and unbelief. I will not be double-minded. Satan will not beguile me like Eve. I am fully persuaded that all I must do is believe with my heart and speak with my mouth. I am not confused. I might have doubts in my mind but my spirit believes.

– I will stay in my faith walk.
In every circumstance that comes up – I believe therefore I speak. God does the work – the Word will work. My faith never tells the time. I cannot be moved. God’s Word is Truth. It is inevitable – it must come to pass. It is impossible for God to lie.

Just do it. Just decide. Just start.

I say:
My speaking is changing. I’m speaking God’s Word. I am going to be ready for His Glory in Jesus’ name!