Journey To New Discoveries Part 4 From Ancient Paths to New Discoveries – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Demonic forces have to react to the words you speak, they can’t react to your thoughts. You can have doubts in your mind but speak the words of God out of your mouth. That’s what meditation on the Word is all about. You meditate on the Word, then those words come out of your mouth. When they come out of your mouth, angels must hear. The Holy Spirit rests upon it. And between the Holy Spirit who acts on behalf of the Father and Jesus on the earth, He works in conjunction with angels to make happen what you speak.

The same thing happens with dark forces. They watch you act. If you act, it’s the same as if you speak.

If you live in perception, instead of truth, you open yourself to deception. Perception is something that you’re thinking about, that you’re influenced by. If you live in perception, rather than truth, you will live and open yourself to deception. The only way out of deception is correction. The Bible says if you know the truth, the truth will set you free. The devil wants you to speak words that create perceptions or that are your own desires, rather than speak the desire of God.

What is invading you, is a whole system of economics, of education, of relationships, of governance that is trying to influence your thinking so that you think like everybody else thinks; that the institutions tell you to think; not like the Bible thinks. And it dictates how you must think, speak and conduct your life.

If we only thought about economics the way the Bible talks about it, we would never have a financial problem. Jesus said if you first seek the kingdom and His way of doing things then all the things you need in life will be added to your life. You might have to work but the things you get won’t come as a result of your work, because your work will be your worship.

If you and I were completely in God’s economy we would never have to worry or wonder about what’s going to happen when we get to the other side – “I’ve got to plan for that, I’ve got to save for that, I’ve got to take enough money for that.” I’ve just got to know that if I am obeying God and I get to the other side, He is already there, waiting to take care of me.

If you became free by the words of Jesus, and then you listen to institutions and worldly philosophies – you are again entangled by the thing that God has set you free from. Then the end of you is worse than the beginning because now you know better and yet you choose worse.

What am I telling you today – what’s invading your thoughts? What do you have to do? You’ve got to get an equal opposing powerful force to negate your invasion. Where do you get it from? The truth – the Word of God. It’s the only way to beat deception.

The world system wants to tell you what their gods are – the gods of education, money, and sexuality or sensuality. Their god is anything but the Most High God. They make the things of God as though it’s trivial. “That’s not really how you should live. We can tell you how to live because we got all the smarts.”

Concerning the end times, Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, 4…Take heed that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

Heritage of Faith Ministries International

That word deceive in the Greek is to seduce, to cause to stray, to lead astray, to lead aside from the right way to go. Jesus is focusing on not being deceived while on the earth, rather than on the end times.

We in this ministry have had the Word of the Lord come to us over the last couple of years, I will take the children. And so, He’s taking the children. Why does Jesus want to take the children? Because the older generation of people are so consumed by what they have been taught as the right way that they no longer want to pursue the right way. Because the right way might be contrary to the way they’ve grown up and to the way they’ve done everything by. If you’re not open to that correction, then you are all going to die in your own deception.

Let’s rather end our lives with an anticipation and expectation of being corrected. And walking in new truth, rather than hanging on to old truth.

The only thing that the devil’s got going for him, is performance. He has no power. So, he wants to use your power of creation and your power of choice to make you perform according to his deception, which he creates through perception. The only way to walk free from performance is to walk in power. How do you walk in power? You walk in power by the Word of God. Not by the institutions of society, in all its forms.

And yet, what is the whole world system trying to do to us? Deceive us. Into doing what? Into saying our religion, our walk with God is powerless. Everybody says put power in education, in the way the world provides for you. Put all of your trust into the system. Don’t put your trust in God. He’s not trustworthy. If He cannot tell you when He’s going to come and He said He’s coming back (Matthew 24). And if He’s not even come back yet, after all of these generations of people, how can you trust God? So don’t put your trust in God. Put your trust in everything that everybody else knows. That’s all performance-based. And God says, “Don’t live in a performance-based world. Live in a power-based world. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s the power of the Word. It’s the power of God that leads us to salvation.”

I say, The Word of God is my primary source of life. There is no other god before me. I choose to live in the power of the Word. I refuse to live in performance. I refuse to be deceived by the institutions. The Word is truth. I know the truth and the truth sets me free.