Journey To New Discoveries Part 19 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

There was a fullness of time for Brother Jerry’s expectation (his international aircraft) to be manifested. It doesn’t matter that he is in his seventies, it matters only that God has answered – which is why this trip is so important. Because he breaks the barrier, we can immediately exercise our faith that there are barriers that we can now break through, in the financial and the economic realm.

Following God is never a bad option. Following  your own desires is always a marginal option. God wants the wealth to be in the church. Wealth is not something that Christians get because they are Christians. Wealth comes to any people who understand how to work the system. But if you work this world system with the wisdom of God, you put Him first, He guides you, and then you give Him credit for your  wealth,  then He can tell you what to do with your money. When you do that, He multiplies that, He doesn’t add to it. The world system doesn’t want to multiply it. It just wants to give you a little bit more.

The majority of the church don’t want to walk away from the institution, the world system, and go after God’s way – just like the 22 000 who left Gideon and went home. And so, he’s left with 10,000 men that are ready to fight and God says, “Still too many,” because they’ll still take too much glory for themselves. God chooses to use 300 men that are ready to obey.  But the 10 000 didn’t go home, they just went to their tents. They remained in a state of readiness. That’s a good place to be, instead of going home, you remain in your tent, so you’re ready if God gives you an instruction to what’s next.

Judges 7:9-10: God meets Gideon where he’s at. When you say, “I’m ready to follow God. And I’m ready to face this huge power of institutional life that is controlling governments and the world economic system.” God is answering you through these messages and says, “If you are afraid. Hear the Word of the Lord, then your hands will be strengthened. There is no shame in saying, “I’m afraid.” Because such is the power of the system that your mind cannot conceive that God could use little you, or the little that you have to defeat a system. The logic would be, I’m going to trust the system and I will go with everything that my plan has initiated for my survival and my future. Rather than saying, “I’m going to trust in God.” It’s okay to be afraid. It’s not okay to stay afraid. Because the Word of the Lord is saying to you, “I am bringing a message to you.” If you reject this message, God cannot deal with your fear. 

People that come to church and listen to the messages, but reject the authority of the messenger, cannot receive anything the messenger says. They’re certainly not going to receive anything the messenger says in a time of war, where everything’s at stake. Your training doesn’t come when you’re at war, your training comes long before you go to war, to obey.

The whole world-system cannot stop what God’s going to do through His church. It is a time when Jesus is going to come back, He’s going to establish a new order on the earth. That time is coming. 

The commander is the one who receives the instruction from God, not everybody. The church is not a democracy. Gideon refused to be made king. He said, “God didn’t call me to that, to be king. God called me to be the head of his army to deliver you.” That is a great reflection on how God will use leaders in the body of Christ. We have no business in becoming things that God has not called us to be.

As a Pastor and leader, I have no business interfering with your life unless you ask me to partner with you in your decision-making. Here’s the power of it. If you do not include my messages and the shepherd that God has given you, then I can do nothing to help you. I can only watch you as you go about your great plans for your life.

You will obey a natural law in the government like paying taxes, but you won’t obey God’s government. Because there’s a consequence to the natural government if you’re not obedient. You think there’s no consequence to God’s government? Most people are a law to themselves. You want to be in control. You don’t want to give God control.

Gideon obeys God and God restores in one night what they have taken for seven years. Doesn’t it sound like God? He restores in one moment, what they have been doing for seven years, because of obedience to God through a messenger. If you obey God, there is no institution, financial  or political, there is nothing that can stand against you.

God is in the process of restoration. He’s going to do it through a messenger. Brother Jerry has already said for this year ahead, “It’s the year of maximum; we’re going to the highest level.” The Lord spoke to me and said, “Step up and step in.” We have got to be ready for something.

Oftentimes, I have to ask people seeking counsel, Am I your pastor? Because, if I’m hearing something from God and you disagree with it, then you gotta ask who is this pastor to me? Most people, when that happens, say, “I don’t like what he’s saying, he doesn’t understand me, he doesn’t understand the consequences of what he’s just said. I have already made my plans, so I can’t go with what he is saying.” The power of agreement is just gone. The order of God is no longer established in your life. And that person has just declared that their will and their ways are much higher than the ways that God has planned for them. They take it upon themselves to predetermine their own ways.

Acts 1:7: The times and the seasons are in the hands of God, and He has chosen men to declare things. Right now, God has declared some things about us.

The Holy Spirit is going to come upon us with power, and we are going to speak. And when we are speaking with inspiration, we speak out the will of God. This is our challenge: When God speaks, we do not say, “I’m going to pursue my will no matter what.” Our choice is to say, “This seems like a difficult thing to do, Father, nevertheless, not my will, but Your will be done.” The people that left Jesus because of Jesus’ message, “Drink My blood and eat My flesh” – they were not in the upper room. They didn’t get to experience the rushing mighty wind of the Holy Spirit. But God needs a 120 and He needs 300. Which number are you part of? Are you part of the 22,000? Are you part of the 10,000? Or are you part of the 120 or 300?

I believe this event is going to stand for Brother Jerry as a monument for his faith because he never quit believing and this is the fulfillment of it. I believe, because we are partners like the Philippian church with Brother Jerry, we are receiving just like the apostle Paul prayed over them, And My God shall supply all of your needs, according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus… (Phil 4:19. AMP). This is just not about money. This is about our heart condition and our understanding of who he is, and about the message that he brings. 

I release it to you now, there is an event that’s happening. There is going to be a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit; it will come upon you and some of you will begin to speak in inspired utterances and you will begin to speak forth the things of God for your life. We are going to step into things that are not for the average people, but they are for the sons of God.  We are His covenant people. And He has given authority into our hands, therefore we speak.

Having communion is a celebration of the life of Jesus. It is a celebration of His death and resurrection; of health and healing; and of the blessing that He has brought to us. It is also a celebration that no sickness or disease can exist in our lives because of the body of Jesus. It is a celebration that the blood of Jesus has caused all of our living to be blessed. It is also the release of the power of God into our lives to overcome every sin, everything that tries to easily beset us and hold us down. The power of the blood of Jesus, and the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, give us the grace and the power to overcome everything, every stronghold in our lives.