Journey To New Discoveries Part 18 Source And Resource – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Acts 26:15-19 (NKJV); Judges 6:1-7 (NKJV); Judges 7:1-4, 7-8 (NKJV)

Comparison is man-made and demonically originated. The Father never creates a child to be compared with another child. He breathes someone into the earth so that Earth can have what it requires through the gift, the talent, the calling, and the ability of that child – as it is submitted to God. Some people have used their talents, gifts, and their callings, to promote themselves, and to further their own agenda in life (sometimes they have sold their soul to get it). 

The essence of the life in God given to you is wrapped up in Acts 26:15-19. Believe that you are born into this earth because God has a plan and a purpose for your life.  You are both a minister and a witness for the things which you have seen and the things which will yet be revealed to you. You are sent to people because God wants to deliver them from darkness to light.  

John 3:18-19 (NKJV)

There is a contest for the worship of men. There is a contest in every individual’s life for what they will do with God. Evil is the intent of a heart not pursuing God. A self-willed person cannot function in the light. If you promote your own desires in life, they remain in the dark. 

Say, My life is a witness to the goodness of God. I am one that has chosen to walk in the Light. Lord, be glorified by my deeds that are in the light and I ask You to expose those deeds that are still hidden so that I can deal with them and live more in the light. I submit my desires to You Lord. 

Everything in the natural world of men originated in the spiritual world, either from light or darkness. A God-alternative image is nothing other than a man-made design that is inspired by the dark forces of the demon world. God wants us to live as sanctified inheritance people and we don’t get sorrow with it, we get joy with it, praise Jesus!

You and I will most probably not fall for a man-made figure, like a statue of Buddha. Idols have taken on different forms and different shapes. Graven images have been replaced by forces and intangible gods that are no longer visible, but they drive lives, in no less a way than they did previously. God is busy exposing that because He wants the church to be free of worshiping idols because He’s got a job for us to do. 

It’s the same job He had for Gideon (Judges 6). God instructed Gideon to go and tear down his father’s altar of Baal. From the moment Gideon tore down the altars of his father, the atmosphere was clean and he was free to obey God.

God is jealous of your love; He is passionately intent to have your worship. There is only One living God. The enemy of God, the devil, comes out of darkness and only exists, he is not alive. He maintains his existence on the worship of men. When you go against the things of God, the enemy has a place to come into your life and devastate it. If you are no longer under the hand of God, He must permit that. 

There is a great affection shown for the ways of the world rather than the ways of God. There is an elite group accumulating for themselves wealth and power from the emergence of the religion/god of ‘Save the planet”. It is feeding on people’s lives, and it is destroying wealth, health, relationships, and everybody’s future. It is not killing the planet, it is killing people at the altar of the planet. They are driving new technologies onto Earth that will take the wealth out of the existing channels of wealth (coal, oil, natural elements), and they are replacing them with their own self-made opportunities for wealth. There is a vast hoard of forces that are coming against the nations of the earth and against the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a system that the world dictates, with a predetermined agenda. Marginalized people end up dictating the agenda of all the people. They don’t want you to worship the Most High God, they want you to worship the way they worship. They want you to walk in darkness, they don’t want your deeds to be in the light, obvious and open for anybody to see. The devil is very sneaky. We are fooling ourselves by thinking we’ve got life, while we are still worshiping at the altar of all the gods out of choice.  If you choose not to see the truth/light, then you will walk in the lie/darkness.

Gideon’s father was too invested in his life, in his community, and the status that he had in that community for him to kill his own god. Gideon had to kill his father’s god because his father permitted worship into his life that he should not have permitted. Gideon had to deal with ‘home darkness’ before he could deal with ‘whole darkness’. God ordained you to be in this church because He knew you would want to hear the truth. We are going to be free of these things that are holding us down. We are dealing with the stuff that has come to consume our lives. We are tearing it down. God’s agenda is to deal with what’s at home and then He will use us for what’s beyond the home, beyond borders, nationwide.

God used one man and His anointing was able to be released to bring the nation together to fight against this force. God didn’t want strength against strength and for them to be able to say they did it.  Whoever didn’t want to fight was sent home. In the church of the Lord Jesus there is not a great appetite to go to war and confront the issues and gods of the day. The first lot all went home and went on with their lives. They had no appetite to go to war with this hoard that comes to steal their stuff every year. More than two-thirds of the body of Christ will take this course of action. The other ten thousand didn’t go home, they stayed in the tents, in readiness to go to war if required. They don’t go home, but they find themselves in their tents, waiting to see what God will do. They’ve still got to yet make a different commitment.  Then there are those whom God will use that will come out and say, “I will prostrate myself before You, Lord.” 

I’m here to declare to you today that God is using this church, you people as His 300. Because we are willing and ready to take on the systems that are worshiping the gods of this world and we are prepared to speak light, we are prepared to do something extraordinary and worship the Most High God, and give Him our lives and our children’s lives. And we are prepared to say, “We will go all the way with the living God.”

I’ve said this about this church many times; if you are not up for the spiritual fight to be in this church because we will speak the truth, then maybe you should go to another church – because in this church, we are going to deal with the matters of life head-on, we are not afraid of it, we don’t back down from it. We have confidence in the light and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s too late for anybody to tell me that the ways of the true living God don’t work. I’m too far gone in my life, down the ways of God, because He’s always come through for me. His light has always shone in me, through me, and around me.  I don’t want to go and worship some god-made image, some altar of finance, of academic excellence, of some kind of relationship-breaking system. Whatever you compromise to gain, you will eventually lose. It will cost you because performance requires a price to pay.  If you do it with Jesus, there will be no sorrow with what you do. To know the ways of God and to walk in them is a great joy, a great benefit, of great value, of great peace in your life. 

If God wants to use us on a broader scale, we have to deal with these gods in our own lives, in our own church, and in our own ministry. 

Say, I am a child of God. I love Jesus. I give my whole life to You, Lord. As You command me I will obey. Use me, God. I am ready to put down all the stuff of my life and go before You, the Living Water, completely humble, completely prostate, without any self-reliance whatsoever. I submit my future to You.

I accurately discern the difference between light and dark, between good and evil. I hear and follow the voice of the Good Shepherd,  the Father Himself, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I will not stray from His voice,  I follow His voice and I walk in His ways, and prosperity and blessing become mine.