Journey To New Discoveries Part 15 Remember And Recognise The Time Of God – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

I say: I receive this message from the Living God, and I know it will exercise its superhuman power within me. I know and I flow where God is going at this time. I remember and I recognise the time of God.

God is declaring what He wills on the 1st of January. It has been 6 years since the message Commencement also on 1 January (2017).  Pastor John and Sharon have been on a journey of obedience to the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is strategically building in this legitimate local church. God has not changed His ways in the church; a spiritual leader is still God’s fixed plan for His Church. 

The question for us to ask is not, “What is my purpose?”. The question to ask is, “Who has God called me to?” As you are divinely connected, your purpose will unfold organically because the messages will lead you and God’s revelations will take you there.

Jacob’s Constellation: the blessings of our fathers; the blessing of the future; and the blessing of identity change. Jacob contended for the blessing and the birthright, but Esau despised it and wanted profile, prestige, and preeminence. Jacob wanted the spirit of his fathers and the power of promise. Pastor John has contended for his spiritual birthright and God has a whole legacy coming to life in us.

I say: I contend with Pastor John for spiritual legacy. Spiritual legacy is coming alive in me. I am at a crossroad moment, a tipping point moment. I am already in my Elijah moment of choice and going all in with God. All gods in my world are confronted by the True and Living God. God is creating the environment in this church for me to step up and into. I take time to hear what God is saying about my life. I press in prayer, and I recognise my gifting and calling to bring to the church.

Read 1 Kings 18:21;24;38, 40-46; 19:1-21 (AMPC)

Baal was the promise of the world system at that time. Only God can make a promise and fulfill a promise. Satan will make you perform and give you a reward for your performance.

Elijah was a precious prophet and obedient servant of God. 1 Kings is an account of a deeply relational experience between him and God. This moment with God was not a pity party it was Elijah saying to God, ‘It’s enough now Lord”. He then journeyed with God having a very personal trip with God, obeying God in the last things before he went; the succession plan. 

We all are going to have to kill our own oxen and say our own goodbyes and follow God. God heralded His New Era through the New Open Door with the messages, I will take the children and What is your more for? Some are spiritually stuck because they did not honour God’s messages and they did not answer. Those who have had a change of mind and heart and lifestyle must continue in God’s words and messages.

As a church, we’ve had the Elijah moment and are now poised for the Elisha moment.

Read 2 Kings 2:1-18, 23-25 (AMPC) and see the patterns, keeping in mind God is bringing a whole legacy to life in us. Legacy transfer is exactly, precisely what Pastor John is going to find himself in. He will walk in that mantle for God’s purposes and he will fulfill everything in his time and he will finish his course. God is bringing this message so that we can have spiritual recognition and not be blind. There have got to be some of us that have spiritual eyes to see and go with God on this. We must believe this so that God can do mighty works here. 

It is going to take a double portion of anointing on Pastor John to get done what God needs him to get done in the church at this time. A double portion is a hard thing and there is a price to pay. It means obedience to God all the way. It means Jezebel will come after you, it means people will misunderstand you, say things about you, and judge you. Many have been watching Pastor John afar off. Should there be a mocking, God will give words.

Spiritual sons look and sound like their spiritual fathers. 

How is this legacy transfer going to happen and come to life in us? 

Philippians 2:20-22 (AMPC); 1 Corinthians 4:15-17 (AMPC); 2 Timothy 2:6 (AMPC); 1 Corinthians 15:23 (AMPC); Philippians 1:7 (AMPC).

Pastor John has been hard at work in obeying God, labouring to produce for this legacy transfer. He has contended for it and has followed God’s pattern to go after it. Pastor John will receive the legacy transfer first, and we are all so glad. Those of us who see Pastor John spiritually and who hold Pastor John in our hearts will share in this harvest and this legacy transfer that is happening. The legacy transfer will come alive in us. 

I say: Spiritual legacy is coming alive in me. I will continue to walk with God, love Him, be with Him, flow with Him and go with Him along with my spiritual leader Pastor John. God will have His way and God will receive all the glory.

A transition is an act of passing from one spiritual state/stage/position/place to another. 

A transition is an event that results in transformation, a changeover. 

God is speaking into the realm of the spirit the things He wants. May the Lord bless your pursuit of Him in this time until He comes with an event on the 1st of February. Let the Holy Spirit give you wisdom when you make your plans to be there.