Intercession Revived in a Now Generation – Ps Sharon Bendixen

A tremendous time for it now!
Allow Me to come to flow with you in this
I am ready
It is the present day ministry of Jesus
At this time My response to your prayers will be spectacular — this
includes intercession
There are times and seasons where prayers and intercession are to be
made to prepare for things that (in your time) seem a long time
And this is necessary
But then there are seasons and times where prayers and intercessions
are to made in a now time in a now generation
A set time and season for things to come to pass and to suddenly
In My time — and the response to those prayers and intercessions are
immediate and quick and sudden
This is that time!
No delays at this time
You call – I come
You cry – I hear, I answer
This is such a time
That’s why you can go in for it all
I have brought time to this point
There is nothing that will be withheld from you at this time according
to all My plans and purposes for now
It is time for everything to be revived
My zeal will perform this
Spectacular= beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way
Strikingly large and obvious; impressive; magnificent; splendid;
dazzling; remarkable; sensational; outstanding; memorable;
unforgettable; eye-catching; breathtaking; arresting; glorious; out of
this world; A visually striking performance and display
An event produced on a large scale with striking effects.