Intentional Relationships Part 8 Transfer Life And Inheritance – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

My safety, for me and my life, is knowing that God loves me. I am going to share some things that will show you how important it is for you and me to be convinced that God loves us. Many things will happen in and around you that will try to undermine you.

1 Corinthians 2:6-12 (NKJV)
God’s things for you can only be received by the Spirit of God. Everything has a cost and you will pay a price for everything that you do. Jesus wants to transfer everything that is in Him, all of what He has paid for, to you as a free gift. You have to pay the price of your own self-will, to not chase a life that you will, to not be sovereign in your life, and to make the fundamental decision of giving over control of your life. We have been taught so completely that you can pursue life as you want (become whatever you want, do whatever you want, be what you want, and go wherever you want). Most Christians want to straddle the fence, wanting to take care of their own lives, but also listening to God. The Bible says it doesn’t work like that and such a man is unstable in all his ways.

All of God’s life is available to us. God is wanting us as a people to have the transfer of His life into us completely, but in our journey towards receiving all of what God wants to transfer, these obstacles keep showing up all the time. There are so many self-will obstacles: self-determination, self-desire, and a self-made mindset coming from such a deep base of self-gratification and self-exaltation, and living for self.

It is very important to start the transfer happening on smaller decisions, then the more likely you are to make better big decisions. For example, if you decide to be a tither the real challenge will come when God wants to transfer a whole lot more to you, and wants you to give a whole lot more as seed. God’s currency is faith. He wants you to show through your human currency that you recognise His love for you.

The system of the world is just a copy of God’s system. If you give in the natural world you get rewarded, and if you get rewarded, a lot is expected from you. Just like you won’t get paid a salary if you show up to work whenever you want, faith is not something you can live by today and tomorrow not. God is love, He loves you unconditionally and doesn’t expect any performance from you. What He expects from you is to trust Him and to Have Faith In God. In the natural what you put in is what you get out. Faith works the same way. Jesus rewards you for your faith. What you are capable of having in life is up to you, not God. But if you still want to stay in control, you’re saying God’s system doesn’t work, so I have to work my system.

When you are all in for God you are always in for God and time is not really the issue. If all the young men that were coming up in the ministry now would just listen to us and do what we’ve already learned, we could catch up on time. Imagine how much progress the church would make. (Kenneth Copeland).

We are constantly having to deal with the tolerance spirit; we give ourselves a lot of tolerance. We follow God, but we tolerate our own self. Grace is going to come in to help us overcome our tolerant selves so that we can live more strongly in faith.

Matthew 10:5-9,16-22 (NKJV)
As a Christian you might think that you need to be a wolf to compete with the wolves out there (I don’t want to be eaten, so I’ve got to make something happen for myself). The spirit of a wolf is running around seeking to devour anybody who enters and give themselves over to the wolves (and their ideologies). I know that there are wolves out there, but I’d rather be a sheep than a wolf – because I am trusting in the Shepherd. My whole life is dependent on Him, comforting me and strengthening me, pulling me through. I don’t have to do it on my own. We must be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. When we function that way, we pull the teeth of the wolves.

The wolf spirit is alive and running rampant on the earth. Don’t quit when they are snapping around you, don’t run and hide. I am not scared of the wolfpack that’s coming after the people of God. I’ve been the target of wolves many times. I know what the wolf sounds like when it is coming after the sheep. I do this job because God called me to do it. As a proper shepherd, my job is to stand in the gap when the wolves are coming. I will stand in the gap, I will put my life on the line so that the wolves don’t come to your door. I am a hardened, veteran wolf slayer.

This is not a sprint, this is a marathon. When the wolf comes after your life, you’ve got to say no. Say: I say NO to the devil today. I say no every time. Devil, shut up and leave my life. The Spirit of God is protecting me. I stand in the protection of the Most High God. The wolf spirit cannot destroy me because I am in the hands of the Good Shepherd and I follow His voice and the voice of a stranger I do not follow.

I am positioning for the inheritance. There is an inheritance transfer that we can still get from the throne room of grace in our marriage that we haven’t yet tapped into. We are determined to press into this inheritance transfer so that everybody can get it. I expect all of the people in our ministry to have outstanding marriages. The younger generation can tap into our grace and they can have it quickly. We are an anointed called gift to the body of Christ that has a platform that can teach on this stuff. If you are here you can get it; have it! Through our connection and through our lineage financial inheritance and prosperity are coming to us.

The enemy has tried to come after a lot of people in the church on physical health in different areas. It stops now in the name of Jesus.

Say: I am under the Blood and in His Word. I am caught up under the shadow of the wings of the Almighty. No weapon formed against me will prosper in Jesus’ name. I am healed in Jesus’ name. I am delivered in Jesus’ name. I am free from the wolf of sickness and disease and all manner of physical conditions in Jesus’ name. My thoughts are blessed and my spirit man is highly favoured. Out of my inner man comes the forces and the issue of life making that abundant life available to me everywhere.

Say: I’m setting myself up for a transfer, and I am getting the download. There is a financial transfer coming, there is a health transfer coming, there is a relational transfer coming. There is a transfer of the inheritance that Jesus paid for. It is coming my way. I’ve got a big funnel waiting for all that transfer to come into my hands. Wherever my humanity is getting in the way, wherever I’ve got an obstacle, I’m counting on the grace. I’ve got this grace, I’ve got this empowerment. He has anointed me and I am ready for this thing. I am going maximum, highest level attainable.

How you abide is the filtration system of the open funnel system.