Intentional Relationships Part 7 Mercy Judgement Grace – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

The love of God is the most powerful force in the universe. Without the love of God, we would be lost, we would have no ability to connect with Him as our living God.

The love of God has been revealed through the death of His own Son. Showing us His great love, that He would send His own Son to the earth for us to have life. And because He was killed illegally, He was able to raise Him from the dead.

Now, the issue that we live with is no longer whether we can perform well enough to inherit the love of God. The issue that we are faced with, is whether we receive Jesus and what we do with Jesus.

Jesus and the Word are the same. Everything that is in the Bible will elevate and lead you to the Person; Jesus. The Holy Spirit will make the Words of the Bible come alive to you. He makes Jesus come alive to you. Everything that we have in our lives is because of Jesus.

6 … wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing (1 Corinthians 2:6 NKJV). All of the people that have got all of these agendas, self-empowering agendas, they are coming to nothing because Jesus is Lord. Jesus is the One who died for us. Jesus is the One who has the final say over everything. You and I have a great deal of power because we are not self-empowering, we are empowered in our union with Him.

The enemy will try and separate you from your source of power, so that he can weaken you. Because when you are weakened, then he can start to unravel some of the fabric of your choices. But if you have nothing else to say and you are so flat and so weak, you just say, “Jesus,” and all who call upon His name shall be saved. You just have to say the name of Jesus and power comes into you.

Say: Thank You for Your love and that because of this great love I can connect with You. I receive You Jesus. Thank You for everything that I have. When I am weak, thank You for power.

In our walk with God, with the power that comes from Jesus we have to overcome every form of evil as a victorious soldier, active in our duty. We’ve got to be ready to be at war with those things that want to undermine the light that God has called us to be.

We have to be a good athlete, running the race of faith, remaining faithful to God, and as we run this race, we sow the Word of God like good farmers. (2Tim 2:4-6 TPT) Pursuing God more than we pursue possibilities or potential opportunities that lie ahead of us.


We have to live in our spirituality, which comes through redemption. The redemption that we live in can only come when you have a revelation of who Jesus is. When you receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour, then you receive Jesus as your Redeemer. You receive redemption. When you receive redemption, you’re able to live in a whole different realm of revelation.

The problem with Christians is that we want God to intervene in everything in our lives like we are babies. But at the same time we want to have a reason-conversation with Him. We don’t want Him to tell us what to do.
It doesn’t matter at what portion of your life you do this. Whenever you do this, rejecting His leading, Him saying “No”. His love is there to pick you up, to dust you off, put you on a different path, and say, “Come, let’s walk together. Whatever I can do to restore, I will do whatever to restore. Those years that the locusts have eaten, I will restore them if you will walk with Me.” This is the grace of God.

He is not tolerant of our behavior. He doesn’t need to be. He’s judged all of our actions – good and bad – already in Jesus. The fact that you even know Him to ask Him is already His judgment working and brought you into a relationship with Him. The fact that you even know Him is His grace working for you. The fact that you even know Him is His love working for you.
He doesn’t require or expect you to go through a whole process of trying to unwind all of the stuff you did wrong. You can’t do it. The mess you’ve already made, you can’t fix it. You got to just start with Him right now.

Say: From here, I will go with You. Thank You Lord, that even when I am at my weakest, I can trust You.

Prayer: Jesus, I want Your plan for my life. I thank You for Your love. I thank You for Your grace that gives me the ability to walk in that plan and I ask You to make all those things that You have planned for me to come to pass in my life. And I ask You, Father, by the Holy Spirit, that all of the years that the locusts have stolen from my life, all of the things that the enemy has come and shut me out of from the plan of God, I ask You to restore it now. I ask You to renew me and bring me into that new place of blessing, that new place of increase, that new place of abundance, that new place of peace. I am looking forward, Father, to seeing all of what You have for me.