We have to remember the things that the Lord has given us, all the prophetic words, then we have already got reason to celebrate our faith. We are not going backwards, we are gaining territory. We are making significant moves going forward. We take these words and we keep pressing. It’s The Year of Maximum, it’s the year of highest level attainable,  we’ve got to keep putting our faith out there and trusting God that there’s something that we can go for. You’ve got to change your comfort zone.

The basic nature of faith is that your hope and your expectation is reflected in your words. Faith has an expectation in line with the will of God, with the words that God gives you to speak and it is created by the words that you speak that are in line with the will of God.

Faith honours God’s Word. 

If I speak my fear, then I’m dishonouring God’s Word. If I speak my emotional transactions that I’m making with myself then I’m dishonouring God’s Word. I should rather speak an emotional transaction with the Word of God. 

Faith is a choice.

You’ve got to choose to have faith. You have to choose not to live by your feelings but to live by what God’s Word says how we must live together. We must celebrate ourselves that we live in faith because truly we have chosen the right system to live by.

Faith is a way of viewing all experiences. 

Every experience that you have had is a way that you can look at it. I want to have an experience of the Word of God and I don’t want to take my past experiences of where faith worked or it didn’t work as a measure of whether I have faith. Now where I have got faith and it has worked, the Word of God says I can use that testimony for my going forward. But I don’t want to use my disappointments because if I start blaming myself that my faith didn’t work then I’m looking for a formula.

I’ve got to do what the Word says, today. I’ve got to live it today. Today I’ve got to do what it takes. 

Faith receives and accepts reward from God. 

We have both acceptance from God for faith and we have reward from faith.  You never have to doubt again whether you are accepted by God or not. Your faith that He gave you to receive Him makes you accepted. The only question that remains now is whether you want the rewards of faith. Acceptance you have. The inheritance you still have to get. You can only get it by faith.

Enoch walked with God in faith, the same way that we have to walk with God. Anytime we walk with God we have to do it in faith not because our human senses tell us, but because we do it in faith. Our faith in God, right now, the same faith that you live with today, for everything that you need today, everything that you’re going to need is the same faith that will translate you just into glory, into eternity. 

We can live life in faith, fearlessly. The more you celebrate your faith, the more likely you are to step into the next moments that God has for you.

Say: I’m a person of faith. I’m living in faith. I’m living with faith and my faith is rewarded because I keep living it with God. I trust You, Lord, with everything in my life.

Faith saves futures.

Noah’s personal faith saved his family and caused his family to share in his fruitfulness forever. Your personal faith can do something greater than just for you. We need to be sure that we are living in faith and celebrating our faith because it will not only save us, but it will also save our household. It will save our families. It will save our future and the generations to come. He just obeyed God. He did not know it all. That’s what makes faith so amazing, is that you can’t see necessarily what the end result is, but we got to obey God to do what He tells us to do. When we obey God, it saves not just you, but those that are going to be part of you. If God spoke it, it’s time for us to obey it. Celebration is in order. Think more about what God does rather than what you do. Give glory to God. Put yourself in the right expectation, the right frame of mind. Your spirit man’s already recreated, born again, perfect. You can’t change it, you can only feed it. But you must change your mind.

God specializes in redeeming empty hours, past age. Even if you’re in the right time and there’s something that is not quite right and you don’t have the right results, don’t stop because God is about to do something that is maximum, the highest level attainable that we can step up to and into, and God’s the only One who can do it because it’s past age. He’s got to go back and redeem what could have been impossible to make it possible. Only God can do it. How it starts out is not the way that it ends. God can take your words and He can reverse the course of action that previous words have taken in your life. He can reverse the course of action that your previous decisions have made in your life but you’ve got to take it by faith. You’ve got to live in faith. You’ve got to celebrate God. Celebrate the faith that He’s given you for salvation, for eternity. You must do it intentionally.

Faith constitutes a Christian’s true worldview. 

God called us to live in faith. That means our actions have got to be different to the way that the actions of the world are. Isaac had faith for a future. God has got a future for us because we trust Him. We have to celebrate the great men and women of faith. Put yourself with them, it brings honour of faith to this present age.  The same faith of all those people is our faith that we have in Christ Jesus, right now. We are made perfect like them, we are made perfect. We are together in perfection in Christ Jesus by faith, who finishes our faith. 

Say: I run with endurance, I keep moving forward. I have the most high God. I’ve got Jesus who’s sitting at the right hand of the Father and He’s watching over me. I speak God’s words. I frame my world. I put it in my heart, I meditate on it and it grows.