Many people in the church today say, “We should at least have a church that looks like the New Testament Church, that looks like the church of the days of the book of Acts, the Pentecost Church. If we could just get back to the days of Pentecost, then we would have an alive church.”
But in our modern-day world, we’re so structured and so ordered and we’re so taken up with the systems that we give God just a little portion of our time. Even our revivals have got to fit into a time schedule because we’ve only got this much capacity, this much time. Those days they were so consumed with God they wanted to, every moment they had, they would just go and hear the Word. That is why they had such revival!

The Lord gave us I Will Take the Children, and when He started taking the children He also started to take families and He started to take the Church – this Heritage of Faith Ecclesia, as He’s always been planning for us to become, we started to become – a Kingdom-orientated Ecclesia Church. Full of the life of God, full of the love of God, full of the order of God. We have started our journey!
We’re busy making our way, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, into creating a Church that looks like the Church that Jesus wants us to have. Where we can create a culture, where we can create a relationship with each other, and a relationship with Him that can be sustainable.

We don’t know all the steps, but like Abraham we step out in faith. If we don’t go for it by the leading of the Holy Spirit, then we are just going to be like any other church that has a good thing going and it’s going to be good until it lasts. And then eventually it will just become another church that’s got another program, that’s got another good music ministry, that’s got a good strong base of people.

Say: Lord, I am all in. I am stepping in and stepping up by faith. I follow Pastor John as he follows You.

In John 6 Jesus feeds the multitudes. It’s the miracle of Jesus revealing Himself in the Body that was broken as bread and how it was supposed to multiply. And that it wasn’t just a multiplication story but it was a revelation of Him and what was to come through Him and His Body broken. This is not just about food. This is about a revelation of Himself.

God has never been in enough resources for all the people, He has always just needed people, who have little that will give it all to Him. He just wants us to give it all to Him.

When Jesus begins to restore things, you will find yourself in positions where you’re here today, and you’re in another place tomorrow and you won’t know how you got there. Because the supernatural power of God comes upon your life and it immediately creates a momentum that is so spiritual, that no one can actually tell you what happened, how it happened, or how you got there, other than the supernatural power of God circumvented normal processes, and got you from one place to another – like that. This is what is happening to us. Going supernaturally to the next level.

There are so many Christians that are living normal Christian lives, they don’t want to have persecution. They want to fit in. Let’s fit into society. Let’s have the social scene work for us. Let’s have the connections work for us. Don’t rock my boat. I’ll tell you what, Jesus is about to rock your boat. Going to put you in a boat and He’s going to put you on the water and the water is going to get stormy and it’s going to get full of waves so that He can shut it down and show you how great He is. And when you see His greatness, He’s going to just say, “Next level. Next level. Let’s go.”

We have to get out of the mindset that the system has the answers. The answer lies in our hands as long as we are following Him. What God’s got for us is not out there in the world system. What God’s got for us is in our hands and it’s only a little bit, but it’s enough to break it and multiply it and create a whole new movement from it.

This is our time for multiplication, it is not our time to be just church like normal. If the church doesn’t get all sold out for Jesus and all sold out for God, we are not going to be an answer to the world. As radical as the world is becoming, God has got to raise up a church that’s going to be as radical. If we don’t become radical, we are going to be lost. We will be Christian people that will be lost because we’ll be caught up in the confusion of humanity.

It is important for you to see, 52 For they did not understand about the loaves because their heart was hardened. (Mark 6:52 NKJV). If your heart is hardened, you cannot understand that you are the person to be the one that is going to do the multiplication. God is about multiplying us.

Say: I want multiplication. I want multiplication for the multitude. My heart is not hardened by unbelief. I daily examine my place in the body and how I treat the body because multiplication will happen through the body of Christ.