I Will Take The Children Part 9 – Ps John (WTB)

Thank You, Father that these messages touch us, direct us, guide us and lead us in the ways that we should go. For us to become the Christ on the earth, walking with power and authority, walking with strength, walking with joy, and purpose.

1 Corinthians 1:18-31 (TPT)
For some people the cross of Jesus, makes no sense, it’s ‘non-sense’ to them. To those who receive Jesus, it is power. We do need a system, but the foolishness of the system is that it excludes God and it’s man’s intellect trying to do for man what he thinks is best for himself. God is about to invalidate the world system. It is busy happening, world systems are dropping down into chaos and disorder everywhere. Anything that you see in the world that considers themselves to be prominent, God is about to choose the insignificant to bring it to shame.

God is the source of all things. All truth is in God. God gives each one of us an option to either follow our own will or to follow His will. Any success that the world may think they are having, is actually only because God permits it. All of science and all of man’s endeavors, actually validates the fact that God is the truth. We have nothing that we can say of ourselves, everything is Him and all because of Jesus. We are faced with decisions every day, all ordered and orchestrated, that it feels like we don’t have much choice but to live by the system. Words of life that you put into your spirit that are God’s Words of life, immediately put you into the wisdom of God category, that will confound the wisdom of the world. The Word of God obeyed and lived is a mighty power.

Pastor John used the analogy of healthy food (God’s way) versus ‘Double Delight’ chocolate cookies (The world’s way). The world system is designed to attract, to entice to make you look with your eyes and desire it with your heart. It is designed to make you think it has all the answers. (By the way, the more people that follow something, doesn’t make it the right thing).

The Word of God and God’s way is where the healthy stuff is and it actually makes your life fruitful and blessed. Life and truth have got all the nourishment and all the good things that you need to live a healthy life. The world doesn’t want you to believe that and wants to make other things more attractive to you.

‘Double Delight’ (worldly) Christians follow the world system wherever they can, but they know they’re going to heaven and that’s a good compromise for them. They don’t partake of the healthy things of the Word of God, and fellowship and relationship with God on a regular basis. They stay saved, but they don’t grow as Christians. There is no ongoing life development in them.

Pastor John shared parts of his personal testimony.
Growing up as a preacher’s kid; giving his heart to the Lord at 5; being filled with the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues at the age of 7; experienced the presence of God at 15 years of age when God called him to the ministry. Consequently, Pastor John has never had an identity crisis in his life. He’s always had a knowledge, a certainty and a surety of what his future would hold, because he knew what he was destined to do. Because he encountered God, he never wondered what he should be doing in his life. God gave him a mandate.
The execution of how things have got to be done and when they’ve got to be done, as they have to be done (the plan of it) remains a walk of faith, in the wisdom of God. When Pastor John followed God’s path, God just made it all happen.

You can make a lot of plans, but if they’re not God’s plans for your life, then you will have an identity crisis until you find God’s plan for your life. People often do whatever they can to make their futures what they can control, and then their identity is in what they can control. But when you have Jesus as your identity, then you lose control of your life, but you find it by finding everything in Him.

God does not want your children to suffer with an identity crisis. Parents, it’s time for you to hand over the control of your child’s destiny to Jesus. He’s got your child’s best interest on His heart. Your child belongs to Him. God has called your child to a life of destiny, to gifts and to callings.

The world is just consuming young people. The system out there is drawing young people and brings the Double Delight package to them. It gives them alternatives and opportunities which they just take, without consulting with God what His plan for their lives are. That is a system that God says will be foolishness and He will dismantle that system. To follow God for your life is where the wisdom, the life and the goodness is. We have to have encounters with God, a time set aside to encounter God.

There is a war that is happening for the souls of men. God has paid the price. His victory is sure for those who have received Him. People’s rejection of Jesus is the devil’s praise. God doesn’t want us just to get through the bad times. He wants us to conquer and gain territory in bad times and to walk in victory.

1Thessalonians 2:10-13 (TPT)
God has led Pastor John and He has obeyed God in that he hasn’t tried to make it happen for himself.
“We live our lives in God without fault (even though we’ve made faults). Our job is to live before you, as we preach to you. We have lived before you transparently, we have not tried to hide anything from anybody. We are human, but we live spiritual lives. What we’re preaching is not the fabrication of words, this is the Word of God. It’s the mighty power of God that reaches into your spirit as you’re hearing it, changing you profoundly, doing its work on you. It is a Sword that separates the soulish and spiritual things, so you can know what it is to worship the Most High God (and not go after the Double Delight). God wants you to go in the right way with Him for life, He is dismantling the world system that has no future for you. You might use that system, but you don’t need the system to succeed. You need Jesus to work in you to succeed.

There are some things that God has placed in Pastor John’s heart that are coming to pass. God has begun to bring young adults, young people into the ministry and supernaturally rescued them out of the world system lifestyle. MiXchange is an exchange of young people’s time to have an encounter with God. To exchange what they think is their future, and come and spend time with God, so they can find out what God says for their future. It is a time for young people to find and encounter God and the gifts, callings and anointings that God is calling them to. Not one young person that’s coming next year was influenced by Pastor John. They all made a choice between themselves and Jesus.

If you give God first fruits, the rest will be blessed. When our children are ready to go and do what they must do, they need to be grounded in truth and in relationships that will hold them strong, no matter where they go.

All of the ministry materials are now embedded in the website. On the HOFMI website PROJECTS portal you can also have a look at all of what is in our hearts to do in the ministry. For instance: A-team workspace upgrade; upgrades in Johannesburg; TV studio; HOFMI App; Slipstream; multimedia; live streaming and interactive services; global praise and worship; Extreme Adventures.
It is essential for us that we are in a place where we are obeying what God’s called us to do. We must obey his assignment for our lives (not our own callings, things and thoughts of what we think is important to us). As we continue to serve and follow Him, God will make all good come into our lives.

God has placed something in Pastor John’s spirit, for now until the year 2022. He is fearless about it and God told him to be bold and go big.

Pastor John, “I am fearless, but I’m becoming stronger and bolder”.

God sent Elijah to be fed by a widow woman. God is sending a Word that can save you at a time when nothing else can save you. We are in a moment like this. You need to trust God to tithe and not quit on your tithe. Tithing is your trust in the covenant that will keep you. Your future is not dependent on your job, keeping your boss happy, a political party or the Unemployment Insurance Fund. It is time to trust God now. If you trust God, let Him speak to you. He will begin to supply you, and keep you steady until the flood comes back (until everything returns the way it should be).

This is the time you must tithe, this is the time that you must get before God and ask Him what to give. When God sends a prophet to you and says, “Give me the last of your money,” it’s not because he’s trying to take your life, He’s trying to save your life.

This is a time to be bold and to be big and to be fearless and to go after what God says, not to go and hide.