I Will Take The Children Part 8: Calibrate – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Your joy is my strength. And I’m so glad that joy is a choice. I’m so glad that joy is a fruit of my recreated spirit, Father that it’s already in me. It’s something I’ve got. I rejoice, I release it and I rejoice; and it’s the expression of my mouth. I release my joy from my mouth, Father. I lift up my voice and I let joy flow out. I praise you now with a joyful shout, Lord. I shout unto God like Your Word says with the voice of triumph, because I know, Father, that victory is assured. Victory is assured in Your Word, Father, in Jesus’ name. I have ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to me. My ears are attuned to the person of the Holy Spirit who is making this word real to me.
I’m a born-again believer; the Holy Spirit is in me, so when I listen to the message, He’s the one that’s in me, as to speak to me and make it real to me and work with me with the Word. I walk by faith; it’s not the same as the world walks. The world does not want to walk by faith. I walk by faith like Abraham did. God gives me the Gospel and He gives me promises. Then I move; I trust that those things are going to come to pass. This is how I roll with God. I’m with Ps John and Ps Sharon and we’re going into the Promised Land together; this is how we roll. I am walking by faith, living by faith, urged on by faith. When I am called, I obey and I go to a place which I am destined to receive as an inheritance but I don’t know where I’m going. 8[Urged on] by faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed and went forth to a place which he was destined to receive as an inheritance; and he went, although he did not know or trouble his mind about where he was to go (Hebrews 11:8 AMPC).
Hearing God speak to me is the key to everything in my life. I take personal responsibility for my non-desire or desire to want to develop a listening relationship with the Holy Spirit. I choose to live in the principles of God and be led by the Holy Spirit. As many as are led by the Holy Spirit, they are the mature sons of God – I grow up because I purpose. I come to a place of spiritual maturity at any age because I purpose in my heart that I want God. I get to know His voice: My sheep do know My voice, I know Your voice. I hear Your voice. I draw near to You and Your Word says You draw near to me. I am led by You, Holy Spirit. I take the personal responsibility to discover what it is to be led by You in all things.
I obey the written Word of God and I cultivate a listening ear to the interpretive will of God. I am taught His principles and live His principles, but I am led by the Holy Spirit in all of my days, in all of my ways.
8[Urged on] by faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed and went forth to a place which he was destined to receive as an inheritance; and he went, although he did not know or trouble his mind about where he was to go (Hebrews 11:8 AMPC). Pastor John and Pastor Sharon left on a promise. I trust God that He is going to show me every day, every step of the way. I am rolling together with God the way I came here, the way I got here is the way I am going forward. I am not troubling my mind. God will show. Everything He showed up until now is because I know His voice and I have sort His voice and He has spoken to me. I have that certainty.
I come to You. I draw near to You today. I hear the voice of God. I do it the way the Bible says to do it. I draw near and come and pray and speak and say. The measure I give Him is the measure that will come back to me. I do it day by day and I have a hearing ear day by day. I come to You every day. I include You. I put You first.
God is going to have His complete victory here. He is going to rub it in, and rub it in and rub it in until we all come through. Until He brings all of us through into a place where we have repented and changed and we have gone as a collective greatness, as a people, much more ready now to go into supernatural increase; Promised Land. I’m going into the Promised Land – I don’t mingle, I don’t mix, I don’t learn their ways.
I have recognition of the time; I have recognition of this time, what God is doing right now. I recognise it.
Pastor John’s pertinent points for my life:
1. I have to recognise the time, the time of God. I have a spiritual recognition of what God is doing here now among us, in the children, and in the adults, in the marrieds, in the singles.
2. I receive the instructions from God.
3. I may have to be the one to be giving instructions, no matter how outrageous it may seem.
4. I activate my obedience with boldness. This is going to take great boldness. This Word that God’s bringing now is demanding a complete change of lifestyle because I’m repenting – I’m changing my inner man to meet the will of God – to go in the way of God.
5. The law of attraction is going to begin to operate – it’s going to attract everything that blessing attracts.
6. I remain focused on what the times represent and the instructions of God and I flourish.
That is the pattern for my life – recognition of the time, receiving instruction, giving instruction if I need to – my habituation is going to change through my conversation. My talk changes because my repentance is real – what comes out of my mouth is different and that changes my habituation.
For our church, it is a defining moment, in our lives with what we’re going through right now. It’s very personal to our church. Brother Jerry said this, “This is a defining moment, another defining moment in your life for the Body of Christ. It is one of those times,” How I act. How I respond. What I decide. This will determine the direction my life will go in now. What I say. What I do. How I act. How I respond to what God’s doing here – the recognition of receiving instruction. How I respond to all things that the Lord will be talking to me about in my life. What I decide will determine. What I say. What I do. Right now and throughout the remainder of this year, is going to determine my future.
8But now we have been given a brief moment of grace, for the Lord our God has allowed a few of us to survive as a remnant. He has given us security in this holy place. Our God has brightened our eyes and granted us some relief from our slavery. Come out of Babylon, that’s slavery. 9For we were slaves, in His unfailing love our God did not abandon us in our slavery (Ezra 9:8-9 NLT).
8And now, for a brief moment, grace has been shown us by the Lord our God, Who has left us a remnant to escape and has given us a secure hold in His holy place, that our God may brighten our eyes and give us a little reviving in our bondage (Ezra 9:8 AMPC). God’s clearly showing that His character is in bringing His people a defining moment. God is not a God that has changed because Jesus came. Jesus came so I could change, not so that God could change. Jesus came so that I could have the resurrection life of Christ in me. Jesus came so that I could change and repent, and be revived, and be restored, and be redeemed.
These are eternal words. Prophesied by Kenneth Hagin for the year 2006 that I take for every year: So what about 2020? There’s no way to tell it. Oh Lord, oh my. How do you describe it? And that’s just the beginning. When I say the beginning I’m talking about what happens just at the beginning of the year. And it will grow in intensity. I’m growing in intensity because the word intensity means marked by, expressive of great zeal in energy, determination, concentration, earnestness of purpose. It’s my strike. I’m growing in intensity. That’s why the year is growing in intensity because I’m in the year and I’m in every day. It’s not growing in intensity for me if I’m not intense – but I’m concentrating and having strong feeling and earnestness of purpose. Intensity means strain, stretched, very close, very close to God. When the mind is fixed and bent on a particular thing in highly concentrated action, the state of extreme closeness – with the Holy Spirit. Amount of energy transmitted – faith energy, word-speaking energy, heart-believing energy.
I am growing in intensity. It will be a glorious year. It will be a year of heaven on earth. The end will be more glorious than the beginning. I’m growing in intensity, expectation. I’m giving myself to everything God is saying right now. I’m giving myself to believing it all, receiving it all, hearting it all.
The end will be more glorious than the beginning. So rejoice and be glad. The enemy is a defeated foe. Jesus has triumphed. Victory belongs to everyone. No one should come up empty-handed. Everyone should walk in full victory. Commanding, demanding their rights and privileges in Christ Jesus. Demanding nothing of the Father. He’s the One who made the provision for those rights and privileges. Demanding of the devil, who is endeavouring to thwart the plan of God who is endeavouring to keep it from coming to pass. But it will all come to pass at last. It will all come to pass at last.
1Behold, I send My messenger and he shall prepare the way before Me (God). And the Lord, Whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple (Malachi 3:1 AMPC).
1The Messenger or Angel of the covenant, Whom you desire, behold, He shall come, says the Lord of hosts. 2But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap (Malachi 3:1-2 AMPC).
9Is not my word like fire? (Jeremiah 20:9 KJV).
He has come suddenly to this temple and He sits here now like refiner’s fire and fuller’s soap. He’s getting many things off His chest because of His tender dear love for me. He’s giving me an opportunity to repent. Ps John has opened up that now because he spoke it and now God’s come to do it – that’s how He works. He speaks it through a servant and then the Bible says suddenly He does it. Beautiful ways of God I am experiencing.
His Spirit is here within me, upon me, within me for repentance; this is a life-defining moment for me. 1“At that time, a Fountain will be opened to the people (Zachariah 13:1 TLB).
1A Fountain will be opened to the people of Israel and Jerusalem, a Fountain to cleanse them from all their sins and defilement.” 2And the Lord Almighty declares, “In that day, I will get rid (Zachariah 13:1 TLB), this is what God is capable of. It doesn’t mean He will do it. He will do it in my heart if I want Him to. I repent because of what I receive into my heart.
God is going to help me because of what I am receiving. 2“In that day I will get rid, “I will get rid of every vestige of idol worship.
You will get rid of every vestige of Babylon. You will get rid of every vestige of Egypt in me. You will get rid of every vestige of the world system in me. You have opened this time a fountain. Every vestige of idol worship throughout the land, so that even the names of the idols will be forgotten (Zachariah 13:2 TLB). I come out now.
4I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people (Revelation 18:4 AMPC). Get away. Go. Where to? I don’t have to know, I know that the same God that is telling me to get away is going to help me to do that. He is going to show, I don’t have to know.
This is my response: I am going. I’m out of here; I don’t need to know how. I do know that my deliverance is in every message, in all the scripture that God is bringing now, in all of the Holy Spirit’s inspired statements. It’s coming now out of Pastor John, out of Ps Sharon, out of Pastor Christi. All of my coming out is in there.
4Come out of her my people so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues. 5For her iniquities (her crimes and transgressions) are piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her wickedness and [her] crimes [and calls them up for settlement] (Revelation 18:4-5 AMPC).
1When men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years (Genesis 6:1-3 KJV). 5The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth (Genesis 6:5 AMPC). A time for reckoning and settlement comes to God.
5The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination and intention of all human thinking was only evil continually (Genesis 6:5 AMPC). 6And the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved at heart (Genesis 6:6 AMPC).
6God regretted that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved … He said, I will destroy, blot out, wipe away mankind whom I created from the face of the ground (Genesis 6:6 AMPC). 8But Noah, found grace (favour) in the eyes of the Lord. 9Noah was a just and righteous man, blameless in his [evil] generation; Noah walked [in habitual fellowship] with God (Genesis 6:8-9 AMPC).
I walk in habitual fellowship with God as a new creature, as a born-again one. He’s recreated me to be able to do that continuously. 10And Noah became the father of three sons. 11The earth was depraved and putrid in God’s sight, and the land was filled with violence (desecration, infringement, outrage, assault, and lust for power). 12And God looked upon the world and saw degenerate, debased, and vicious it was, for all humanity had corrupted their way (Genesis 6:10-12 AMPC).
They 12corrupted their way upon the earth and lost their true direction. 13God said to Noah, I intend to make an end of all flesh, for through men the land is filled with violence; and behold, I will destroy them and the land. 14Make yourself an ark (Genesis 6:12-14 AMPC).
God has created an environment for me to be in my element.
The power for my deliverance is in the messages. If there is no repentance there’s nothing more to look forward to.
32And now [brethren], now Heritage of Faith people, I commit you to God. I commit you to God at this time of what God is doing now. I keep committing you to God. [I deposit you in His charge, entrusting you to His protection and care] (Acts 20:32 AMPC).
I am Ps John and Ps Sharon’s people, I’m not their platform. I am their people. They care nothing for other things. They are consumed with my maturity to present me as a mature son to God – it consumes Pastor John and Sharon.
God said, “I call five-fold ministry so that I can call all my sons.” “I call them so that I can call all.”
God has no opportunity to call children to Him because they have already been called into other things. God has no opportunity. He can’t get a word in edge-ways because parents and children have been speaking and creating it all. They have got it all mapped out and planned out. God has no opportunity. He finds no opportunity because talk and conversation – families have been trapped, trapped their children with their will and their words. God has no opportunity to say, “Can I call? I’ve called My five-fold ministry so I can call all, so I can call all.” Babylon calls and Molech calls and Baal calls.
32And now [brethren], I commit you to God [I deposit you to His charge, entrusting you to His protection and care]. And I commend you to the Word of His grace (Acts 20:32 AMPC).
These words that Ps John and Ps Sharon commend us to is able to build me up, it is able. It is able to build me up which is my choice, whether I am going to let it build me up but it is able. This word is able to build me up, give my rightful inheritance among all God’s set-apart ones, all His called ones. He has called me to Himself. All God said is able. He is mighty to deliver me. There is supernatural increase in the energy for me in these messages in His messengers, it is growing in intensity in me.
He shows me individually how to repent, and as a people.
16They provoked Him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations they provoked Him to anger. 17They sacrificed to demons, not to God—to gods whom they knew not, to new gods lately come up (Deuteronomy 32:16-17 AMPC).
I say let the plagues come, Lord, I am leaving. I am not saying stop the plagues, I am living in Egypt. I am saying let the plagues come, however you are going to bring them, so your people can go free. I am part of the New Testament exodus based on the blood of Jesus. I say let the plagues come. I say I am leaving, cleansing, circumcising, separating, stop mingling, coming out of her ways, putting no trust in her. If You are not leading then why should I be going, as a parent I am not sending, I say let us go to the house of the Lord.
1In the last days, the mountain of the Lord’s house will be the highest of all— the most important place on earth. It will be raised above the other hills, and people from all over the world will stream there to worship (Micah 4:1 NLT). I’m those people, I am this people. I stream here every Sunday; it’s my most important place. I stream here every Sunday because there is life-streaming and light beaming here all the time. Every Sunday I come. 2“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of Jacob’s God. There he will teach us his ways, and we will walk in his paths.” Not Babylon, not the world system, not Egypt, there, there I go to walk in God’s ways. He teaches me His ways, and I will walk in His paths. For the Lord’s teaching will go out from Zion; his word will go out from Jerusalem (Micah 4:2 NLT).
22But ye are come unto mount Sion. I am come unto mount Zion. I am come unto the city of the living God. I am come unto Jerusalem, heavenly Jerusalem. I am come to angels, and to an innumerable company of angels. I am come, 23to the general assembly and church. I come to church. I am come to the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven. I am come to God, the Judge of all. I am come to the spirits of just men made perfect (Hebrews 12:22-23 KJV). I am come to where spirits of just men are being made perfect.
I am a just man and I’m being made perfect. I’ve come to spirits of just men being made perfect because I am spiritual. God is preparing for Himself a people perfectly prepared in spirit.
I have come 24to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant (Hebrews 12:24 KJV). I come to Jesus. I come to the Blood that speaks. The word Sion – Zion, Jerusalem, city of God – it describes the spiritual condition and characteristics of a people of which their ultimate blessing is the presence of God. That’s me – it’s all I want, I will do anything to get it, to get the fullness of it. I will die; I will kill everything in me because that is all I want – in my personal life with Him, in my home and in my corporate life when we’re together. In my heart, my ultimate blessing is the presence of the Lord. I have chosen Him. The ultimate blessing is the presence of God.
I’ve not come to Babylon. I’ve not come to Egypt. I’ve not. I’ve come to this. I put it in my mouth and I say it. I don’t trouble my mind where I’m going with this. I’ve got a promise that I’m going. I’m leaving with it. I’m moving with this promise. I don’t have to know where it’s taking me; I just know it’s the incorruptible seed of the Word of God.
I will be a seeking person. I will seek His face. I am now a seeking person like I never have before. I’m an enquiring person like I never have before. I will seek His face. His mouth is on His face. His eyes are on his face. I will seek His face. From His mouth will come an asking people, an enquiring people living in redemption by revelation, experiencing a revolution, a complete turnaround, radical lifestyle changes – a change of mind, purpose and life. My life is undergoing a revolution.
When my repentance is true, I’ll have completely different thinking, I’ve got to put it in my speaking. I’ll know what to do in my family. This is life-defining. It’s determining our future as a people together. We’re becoming. We’re a people becoming.
2020 vision means hindsight – in hindsight, I have this light now. Now I repent. I change now because now I am working at it. It doesn’t matter if my children are older because I acknowledge God and I humble myself before Him. I say, “Father, bring them, bring them onto their ancient path. Bring them into Your plan for their lives. Bring them, bring them, bring them, Lord. What can I do with this child, what am I supposed to do with this child?”
Ps John and Ps Sharon are raising up foundations of generations that have been laid waste. God is going to have a new generation for Him now that are going to walk fearing God in these ways because our generation is going to let them. We are going in together. We’re only going to go in God’s way now. We are not going to mingle, we are going to kill, we are going to cut.”
God gives me every opportunity so that my repentance can be beautiful and He will bring me right through. God, I let You do it in my heart. God help me and lead me. It is what it is now. It’s like this and I’m very grateful to God. This is my moment to repent.
(Ezra 8:21). Let us fast and seek the Lord for a right way, for us, for our children and our possessions. With these messages, every execution from God must be perfect.
32I commit you to God [I deposit you in His charge, for all the days of this week now, I entrust you to His protection and care], this word that’s in you. I commend you to the Word, this Word of His grace [to the commands and counsels and promises. It is able, brothers and sisters, to build you up and to give you [your rightful] inheritance among all God’s set-apart ones (those consecrated, purified, and transformed of soul) (Acts 20:32 AMPC).
The Word and the blood of Jesus surround me and protect me; surround and protect this Word that I’m receiving in my heart. He answers all my questions. He silences all my fears. He wipes away all my tears. He will help me. He will help me to come through, in Jesus’ name.