I Will Take The Children Part 7 – Ps John (WTB)

There is a Prophetic Word that has been birthed in Pastor John’s spirit and it’s busy coming out.
The Holy Spirit is hovering over us as a people. He is ready and waiting to bring about a great crescendo of His Spirit and move with power. God is about to do some amazing things right now in this season. The Holy Spirit is coming upon us and He is energizing us. We are going to run for Jesus! We are not going to walk like sleepwalkers. We are going to be mighty warriors in the hands of Jesus! We are going to do exploits in His name. We are going to do glorious things for God, when the rest of the world is sleeping (because of Covid), we are going to become Kingdom warriors for God and we are going to begin to change things. We’re going to be bold, we’re going to be courageous. God is going to do mighty exploits through us because of His Holy Spirit, not because of who we are. In Jesus’ name.

When God is in your space and you are having personal encounters with Him, it changes you forever. When you encounter God it’s compelling, it’s supernatural and it is life-altering.

Genesis 14:10-14, 18-24; 17:1-10, 17-19 (MSG)
Abram encountered the living God and it changed him forever. If God spoke to Abram and he did nothing else, then he would never have had more encounters with God. Abram started a journey with God and did not bail out on God during the messy (famine, drought, strife, captivity, war).

Whenever you obey God, you can be guaranteed that there will be a lot of messy with your marvelous. When you’re transitioning from the natural man of living into the supernatural living of God, you have messy moments. Messy is the human experience coming into alignment with the God assignment. We have this tendency to have an opinion about others experiencing messy in their journey to their assignment with God. Hold on, the story is not over yet. If you don’t quit on God in the messy you will see the marvelous. Instead of trying to clean up the mess, just say, “Lord, show me the way out of the mess” because He knows exactly what path to show you and how to get you through the mess to the marvelous.

Abram had encounters with Almighty God and he was obeying words that God had spoken to him. Abram got to see the future and God said to Abram, “I am the strong God, live entirely before Me” (Genesis 17:1 MSG). When God called Abraham, He was forever going to be Abraham, the father of many nations. Abraham’s story is about a child that God wanted to birth through him, because Abraham was walking with God and God wanted that child to have an assignment on the earth. Abraham’s energy needed to be refreshed into him so that he can produce a son (something going on in the future).
Isaac was a representation of: restoration of energy, God’s assignment, encounters with God, God restoring things from the past, God’s energy coming at any given moment and restoring in a moment what no one else could restore. God the Father asked Abraham to do two things for Him, 1) to seal the covenant with circumcision and 2) to sacrifice his son to God. Without circumcision, there was no covenant that God could have with Abraham. The messy of the obedience was necessary to get to the marvelous. When Abraham sacrificed Isaac, God knew that in his heart, Abraham would do everything for God, therefore, everything in his future was secured. In Isaac God had the right to bring Jesus to the earth so that in His Blood, everyone can be saved for eternity.
The first thing Abraham did was to tithe. He did not allow anybody to give him stuff that his faith didn’t get. Tithing has never ever been about a law. Tithing is always about a covenant in your heart. When you have victories in your life and you’re tempted to hold on to your stuff, you’re making it about your energy and yourself and what you’ve created.

God sent you to earth to do something. God can only say, “Well done good and faithful servant”, because you did what He sent you to do on the earth. There will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth because people will see what God had assigned them to do, and what they actually did.

Analogy of a glass jar filled with different sized rocks.
The days that we number are irrelevant to God. It is only important what we do with our energy. Time is just a measurement of how you manage your energy. We all got a limited amount of energy. One day of energy and how you use your energy can be a reflection of how God can use your life. Energy management also represents the big moments that you obey God. Every time you obey God with a big rock, He will fill up your life and restore to you things that only God can restore. Strategic moments that happen in your life, take up huge significance in your life. With every big rock obedience to God, God fills up the little things with blessings. It’s important that whatever you fill your life with is surrounded by important things. When you give the big things to God, less important things begin to complement the assignment, not work against the assignment. You can’t see exactly what’s going to happen in the future.

The good thing about being obedient to God is that even when you’re still living in the messiness of your natural world, God is already busy redeeming time to restore to you the things that only Godly energy in your life can restore to you (not what your energy and your plans can make happen). God brings His energy and transforms, redeems, and restores (all that the locusts have eaten). When God redeems the time you are no longer limited to 24 hours or to your energy, you’ve got God’s supernatural energy. He redeems the time which means He redeems energy so that you can do what you’re supposed to do, even though the time has passed.

Pastor John shared personal big rock moments of his life (loving his wife as Christ loves the Church, turning down business opportunities, moving to Witbank). Pastor John also shared how God has used COL miraculously and, in his obedience, gave him a love for it.

If you live your life, with your body dictating what you do, then your eternity will only be what your body and your soul commands you to do. Whatever you do that your body wants, has a very short lifespan. If you have made Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life, your spirit man is awakened to the things of God and begins to speak to you through your soul. Your soul and your spirit can agree, and it can dominate your body. God places an assignment in your spirit, He gifts you in your soul, and your body is merely a vehicle to fulfill the assignment. Your spirit man is supposed to hear and get direction from Him.

God is after our children. Only God can give them their future. The biggest present of a lifetime you could give your children is to show them and teach them and give them an opportunity to live in Jesus Christ.
Matthew 10:34-39 (NKJV)
God has an assignment in this earth for every one of us. The reason you are born is not to run your own life as you choose and do what you want for yourself. When you’re born into the Kingdom of God, you become a Light carrier. God is compelled to raise up messengers like me to come and speak words of Truth like this that says, if your life excludes God, you will lose it. If you’re ready to lose your life for God’s sake, then you will find it.

Every one of us in our lives have messy moments. Those messy moments help you to actually find out who you really are in Christ, and how great God’s grace and mercy is and how wonderful the power of the Blood is to restore messy moments and to make greatness.

Eternally God sees your blood-bought family as more important than your blood-borne family. Your blood-borne can never change your destiny and your assignment. Your blood-bought family is where God can make assignments happen. It might be messy, but we’ve got to learn to deal with messy and not be afraid of it or run away from it. God doesn’t care about your messy, He just wants to be with you and before you know it, your life is in much more order than it was before He visited and your messy becomes marvelous.

God has given Pastor John a forum to make sure that the blood-bought family has the strength that wherever they go in life, God’s got them covered. Some of the kids now leaving high school are coming to Witbank next year because they’re coming to encounter God. These kids have grown up in a faith, covenant, generational church. They have learned faith and they have learned what it is to serve God. They are saying, “If God wants me into the Babylonian system, before I go, let me secure myself and let me put my identity in giving my first fruit of my life to God so that the rest will be blessed.”

Prayer, May peace come upon you, may strength come upon you, may God’s anointing come upon you, and may this word be protected in your heart.

Say, I am a son of God and I will hear, and I will be obedient, and I will do what You tell me to do. Thank You, Lord, that I am Your child. Every day, I look for big moments and small moments where You will be present to help me, in Jesus’ name.

This is not about a single message, Church. You’ve got to follow the theme and the stream, and the flow of what God is doing here. Don’t get offended or have something to say against this message. Hold your words and hold your heart until God is done with saying what He needs to be saying.