I Will Take The Children Part 5 – Ps Sharon (WTB)

A New Door
Whatever supernatural increase you’re experiencing this year will remain, but then it will increase again and again. It is not going to disappear.

God is helping us come out of Babylon, the world system. It is His mercy opportunity for you and I, to judge ourselves according to His Word so that we don’t have judgement come on us. God comes to show us through these messages how much of the world is in our hearts (and our thinking, speaking, acting, operating), so that we can repent and become like a little child, humbling yourselves under the mighty hand of God.
It is Him speaking to us, in His order – a response is required. These messages are to bring about new degrees of consecration and dedication to His ways for us to go to new degrees of authority, in order for our faith to overcome the world system.

Key Scriptures are essential, it’s central, it’s fundamental and it is important for you to be meditating on them (which involves the mouth and speaking them).

Galatians 1:4 (NLT). Jesus gave his life in order to rescue us from this evil world we live in.
1 John 2:14-17 (NKJV, TPT). There just comes a time where God calls things up for settlement. The love of the Father and the love of the world are incompatible. We are not to set the affections of our hearts on this world or in loving the things of the world. We are supposed to have a true relationship with Him, be strong, treasure the Word of God in our hearts and defeat the evil one. Matthew 18:1-4 (AMPC).
The influence of the world system asks, “Who is the greatest/the best/first?”
The Kingdom of Heaven happens in your heart. Humble yourself, turn, change and become like little children. Humbling yourself means you put God on top of yourself with what He says about your life. This is a very important time for us that He wants us close to Him.
Numbers 14:28-31 (KJV). God says, “I will take the children”.
There were people that did not want to come out of the world system (Egypt), they wanted it, they loved it, they found their security in the world system (they wanted to plan and be in control). God’s response to them was, “Ye shall not come into the land, your little ones, shall know the land which ye have despised.”
Revelations 18:1-5 (AMPC). Mighty Babylon is fallen! You may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues

God’s will is written in His Word.
The New Testament stipulates what you can be, can do, and can have – who you are!

Genesis 13:7-13, 18-19 (KJV)
Lot pitched his tent towards the evil world system of the time, and his wife looked back with longing. In that time God chose Abraham, because He knew Abraham would:
– command and direct his children after God (KJV);
– direct his sons and their families to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is just and right (NLT);
– be directing his children to live in the way that pleases God (NIRV);
– teach his family to obey God and follow His plans for them forever and to do what is right and fair (CEV);
– instruct his children and his household after God and they will keep to the LORD’s path (CEB).

The blessings of the Lord and the fulfilment of promises is connected to this way of God.
Jeremiah 29:11-13 (AMPC, NLT)
God is speaking this verse in context to His people while they were in Babylon. Part of our living according to God’s will, is also living and wanting His Plan for our lives.
God knows the plans and thoughts He has for you. You have to search and seek, as your vital necessity, then you will find His plans for you, and know His thoughts for you. Unless you got it from God, you are making your own plans (do not be wise in our own eyes). Through these messages, God is going to cause us, as a people to become a seeking, enquiring people, like never before. God wants you to search Him with all our heart to find His plans for you.

2 Timothy 2:20-21 (AMPC)
Heritage of Faith has come on a long journey with the Lord for twenty years (the perfect period of waiting). There has been a shift. In this house, God wants us to be clear, that He is wanting gold. It involves coming out and separating yourself from contact (contaminating and corrupting influences) of the world. Gold is refining by the fire of His Word. Whoever cleanses and separates himself (who comes out of Babylon, who loves not the world), will be a vessel set apart and useful for honorable and noble purposes, consecrated and profitable to the Master, fit and ready for any good work. God is bringing these messages now to make us even more ready to occupy the kind of things that he wants us to occupy as a people.

God wants you to know in this house you have the gold available to you. I am here by instruction of the Lord, to tell you, parents, that the hand of the Lord is on your little ones. God has got plans for your children. God wants you to know as a parent that He wants your children to have His gold, not the gold of the world.

For a long time, it’s been difficult for God to find parents like Abraham, Hannah, Elizabeth & Zachariah. If God can find a parent like Abraham, He can call an Isaac. If He can find a parent like Hannah, He can call a Samuel. How is God ever going to have His way with children, if we as parents can’t do things new now, and start fresh, and not ever go back.

This is a time of awe. Fear the Lord and depart from the evil of being wise in your own eyes. These are defining, life changing moments, shaping you (and your children) and causing you to become the person you eventually will become. You cannot change without the power of God’s Word in your heart. His Word is a seed in you, that will forge Christ in you. The sower sows the seed. Put the Word in your heart with your mouth.

There is going to be an opportunity for you to see through these messages where you’ve missed it as a parent. Then there is an opportunity for you to repent, and then when you begin to pray to God, He has access to your children. Repent, humble yourself, don’t try and defend yourself, so that you can stand in the power for restoration. God has got something much better than restoration in mind for this household. He’s got the gold, so that we don’t have to stand for restoration at all. You can do it right, from the beginning.

1 Samuel 1:11-13, 21, 23-26 (MSG)
Hannah’s trust was in God. From her heart she gave Samuel completely, unreservedly to God, set apart for a life of holy discipline. She dedicated him to God for life. A Hannah-heart means you are not going to make plans for your children, you’re dedicating them completely to God and you are going to seek God about His plan for your children’s lives.

Luke 1:57-66 (AMPC).
Elizabeth and Zachariah asked about John the Baptist, “Whatever will this little boy be? Whatever will his destiny be?” For the hand of the Lord was [so evidently] with him [protecting and aiding him].

Genesis 22:2-5, 7-12 (KJV)
In the heart of Abraham, offering his child up to God, was an act of worship, fearing God, bringing Him his firstborn completely, unreservedly. Isaac a young man in the very prime and vigour of life could easily have resisted, but he was willingly going all the way on this journey with his father. He knew that his father knew God and he yielded.

The hand of the Lord is upon every conception and every birth and God has very specific plans and purposes for that child’s life. God is saying to us, that there is a dedication that He is requiring of parents, that will require them to go to the cross with everything they’ve ever had or thought about their children. To have it all burned with fire, because God has Plans and He has Purposes. It is exactly what Moses’ parents did (without fear of the decree of the king/world). Samson’s parents said, “How shall we manage this child for Thee”.

Think of the casual conversations happening in the world with no seeking and enquiring of God. Forcing the child (or someone else) to speak words over the child that is not God’s words or plans. Children are trapped with their (or others) will and words. The world is not going to catch us anymore. This is a big one, we must come out of. No more worldly conversations: What do you want to be? You have to go to university. You have to earn a living. You can be rich and famous with such talent. You can make a name for yourself. You’ve got to get something you can fall back on. What will happen if you don’t…?

What we as parents do now, will determine the outcome of the future of or children. We are to be in reverence. God has got a plan. God wants to call. Our children belong to God, they were given to us as a gift from God, to unwrap very carefully. Parents are to be in fear of God, of how they should even touch this child.

True repentance is going to happen now. If you never sought God for your life, why would you want to perpetuate it for your children. Why don’t we want to come out of Babylon, and do it God’s way now? We must recognize what we have done (or are doing) and ask for forgiveness. We can not have an attitude of pride. We are to see our children in a completely different light -in God’s light.

We are not going to make our own plans for them anymore. We as parents, from this point onwards, are going to do right before God. When God gives a child, we will let Him complete what He has begun. We are not to allow conversations around our children with worldly phrases. We’re going to say, “Whatever will this be. Let this be Lord”. We will be in a pattern of speaking the right things and seeking the Lord for the right things in our homes.

Jesus was dedicated to the Lord in the temple after he was born. The Spirit of prophecy came on Simeon to speak over Jesus.

In dedication, there will be visitation.
God is opening a portal here. We are occupying the space now. We are raising foundations of generations that have been laid waste. God is mighty to deliver.

Pastor Sharon’s prayer for you, “I commit you to His grace, and I commend you to the power and wonder of this Word, that is able to cause you to become a little child and to change and turn. This Word will keep working mightily in you, a seed in you, alive in you, changing you, forging Christ in you, in Jesus’ name”.