I Will Take The Children Part 4 – Ps John (WTB)

When faith conceives something in the Spirit, it happens exactly the same way as a human conception. Once faith has been conceived, there is a surety, a confidence, and you just know that you know it has happened; you just can’t see it yet. Faith has to come to maturity; it takes time to come from where it is in the spirit realm to manifest itself in the natural realm. Every faith project has a different incubation period.

The way you conceive with faith is you allow the words of life/God to grow in your heart by speaking it out of your mouth day and night, day and night. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, which means the substance has already happened, but the hope has not yet produced/revealed the evidence. The most dangerous time for you to abort your faith is right at the beginning. In the spirit, the ingestion of doubt and unbelief, comes through your mind and emotions, then it comes out of your mouth and aborts your faith (even though it was conceived). The closer you get to the full term of your faith, the more uncomfortable things are likely to become in your life. Don’t shipwreck your faith; stay the distance.

We live in the age of contracts that determine the cause of our lives. Most of society operates on the fact that contracts (lease agreements, rental agreements etc) are real. If you believe in the terms of the contract (benefits and consequences outlined) you will walk according to it. When you sign a contract, you have every intention of meeting the terms of the contract and you have faith that the contract system works.

The Bible has an Old and a New Covenant/Testament/Contract. In the Old contract that existed before Jesus died, sacrifices had to be made and blood had to be shed as a covering for breaking the contract (making up the payment until you break the next rule). The Bible also has a New (relational) contract that God made with Himself, that you can’t break and that has taken care of all the consequences. A contract, fully paid for with no consequences to it, only immeasurable benefits. Jesus’ Blood was shed as a consequence of all of the non-performance of the contract. To live in the benefit you only have to believe that the power of the Blood has taken care of the contract and that a relationship with Jesus is the fulfilment of this new contract. This new contract is a living testament that God will write on your heart. It’s a condition of your heart, a contract of faith (not of rules) that results in a daily love walk with God.

Proverbs 3:5-10 (AMPC)
Jesus has paid the price and shed His blood so that you don’t have to live according to your own self (I know best). When you lean on your own understanding you go back to the old contract.
Evil is any twisted way that is not the way of God. In this Scripture evil is to think you have the wisdom to run your life, being so wise in your own eyes and trusting in our own understanding, living according to your own ways and what you think is best for yourself.

We are supposed to lean our entire being on God. Jesus was the smartest man that ever lived because He did that completely. He did nothing of Himself, He only turned to God. The best kind of life that you can live (and to have blessing in your life) is not by being wise in your own eyes, but coming to God with everything. Following Him and leaning on His wisdom, His understanding and letting Him direct your paths.

When you’re living in the fear of the Lord He will guide you and lead you and cause blessings to come to your life (people, deals, unexpected channels of income). As your life is blessed, now you want to honor Him with your capital, and so shall your storage places be filled with plenty, and your vats shall be overflowing with new wine. It’s not about a law of tithing, it’s about an honor of I Will Take The Children

Matthew 7:7-11 (TPT)
As imperfect as human parents are in raising their kids, they know what is good for their kids. God is a perfect Father, so come, put all your trust in Him and lean entirely on Him and He will show you all of His goodness. Your relationship with Him should be so persistent and so consistent, that even though you don’t yet see benefits, keep believing that He is a good Father.

If you don’t have that much faith in the Bible, as you do in a human contract, it then shows you that you need to still have more work done in your heart for this contract to become priority. God not only sealed the terms of the contract, but He sent the Holy Spirit to be the living contract in your heart. Start putting the words of the contract into your heart, so that your heart can believe what this contract says, more than what the worldly contract says. God has got more authority, love, kindness than any earthly contact, because He’s paid for it in blood.

We have a two-part relationship, ours is to understand that God is our Father and that He really wants the best for us. If you are messed up in that thinking or had a bad experience, so you can’t relate to God the Father as a good loving Father, go to Bible school, listen to the messages, so that God can print an image of Himself in you. If you don’t believe this contract as well as you believe human contracts, then you’re tending to always go to the human contract, which means you believe in the rewards of the human contract more than you believe in the rewards of the Bible.

The Bible is the most marvelous contract you could live your life by. Don’t try to live in the old contract, you got to live in the new contract. This is a messy process, but don’t worry, God’s got you covered by the Holy Spirit, because it’s going to all turn out marvelous as long as your heart is for Him. Living as a Christian, is both messy and marvelous. As you’re leaving this old-contract-thinking you mess up and that’s no reason to stop doing it. Keep making progress, keep carrying on. There’s no condemnation here, but when you get this revelation you must start to live it.

God wants to take care of us through relationship, not through contract, but the contract was established so we can have a relationship. God wants us to live in a union with Him. As you learn to know Him, on a daily basis, your faith begins to respond to His leading, in a way that you just know. The more you live in faith, the more you live in the results of your faith. You already know His voice, and He speaks to you and you just act. We flow because we know. Some things you need to pray about, quite intensely, because the implications are stronger. If you don’t have the know of the flow, then you must press. When you press, you remove the stress and so when you remove the stress and you’re in the press, you then end up having the know, so you can flow. Then you have less messy and more marvelous in the way that you walk in life. As you respond to His leading, and He’s guiding, He just leads your life, it becomes a very powerful flow of God. Trouble is going to try and come upon you, because your walk with Him brings glory to God and the enemy of God will try and stop the glory flow channel.

We teach our children that they have the right to pursue their own life and make their own choices and do whatever they like, we even sometimes tell them what they should do in their future life. Before you decide what your child’s future should be, you should first put your future in the hands of God. Have a new-contract-relationship with Him, keep asking and keep persistently connecting with Him to say, “I want Your best for me. What do You want me to do? Where do You want me to go? How do You want me to conduct my life? What do You …?” Keep I Will Take The Children

Your children experience God through you. As your kids watch you as a parent they learn that they must turn to God for everything. Pray with them, walk with them and whatever God has for their lives, let them walk fully in it. Let your lives together become about, “What does God want for our future?” Don’t allow the world’s learning to have more reality in your life than the Bible. Don’t make decisions based on what society thinks about how good you are as a parent or about how successful your child is. Make the commitment that you will enter into this new contract and you will begin to seek this contract and then let God speak to you about your kids. Hand the future of your children to the authority of God. Don’t look at what the world sets as a standard for your child. In the social circles everybody else might be doing B degrees. If you don’t include God in your choices, you’re going back to an old contract. Let God tell you what’s best for your child. You are only the caretaker; your child belongs to Jesus.

Say, “I am a son of God. I live in the love relationship contract of God. He loves me and I love Him. He’s got the best for me and I receive the best from Him. I am a son of God. And I thank You, Lord, that I live by faith. I thank You, Lord, that where I’m weak, You are strong. And every day, I am becoming a greater Son of God. You own my heart Lord, my life is Yours.”