I Will Take The Children Part 1 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

I have been commissioned by Pastor John to start this series of messages. I come to bring you the Word in fear and trembling before the Lord. I reverence God, and the assignment that He has given me (1 Corinthians 2:1-5 AMPC).
These are defining moment messages and part of preparing us for supernatural increase.

God says, “I will take the children”.
Key Scripture: Matthew 18:1-3 (AMPC) – become like little children
To enter into the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit helps us to repent, change, turn around, and to become like little children [trusting, loving, lowly, forgiving – and also teachable]. This is who we are becoming (not mature with our own opinions, worldly and wise). To repent is to change the way of thinking; to think in line with what God has shown you out of the Word. If Jesus says you can become like a little child, then you can. Childlike is not being childish.
Key Scripture: Revelation 18:1-5(AMPC) – Babylon is fallen! Come out from her my people.
Babylon is a type of world system.
Other examples of Babylon that fell: the time of Noah, the tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah.
We have to understand that there is a world system and then there is God’s Kingdom. The world system is about: Who’s the greatest? (Who scores the highest, who wins). Comparing and competing is not in the Kingdom of Heaven; it was set up in the world system. God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit had nothing to do with anything that was set up in the world system (not the: financial system-, educational-, recreational-, entertainment-, health-; that was all set up by man). Everything in this world that people do, that is godless, is twisted. Fornication (idolatry) is anything that has a place in your heart that God should hold reverence, anything that you are enmeshed with in the world system that you love (worship) outside of God.

Jesus says:
I have come to deliver you from this present wicked world system (Galatians 1:4).
Don’t love the world (and the things that Satan is god of) (1 John 2:15).
Forsake your ways because My ways are higher than your ways (Isaiah 55:9).
Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins,
neither participate in her plagues. (Revelation 18:4)

God wants us to experience Kingdom living; free from things that are plaguing our souls and lives. We’re not supposed to learn the ways of the world; we’re supposed to learn the ways of the Word. We learned ways from moms and dads and schools and the world’s system, if we did not learn them from God first. God’s got plenty to say about the twisted way of the world and how it’s impacting His people.

God is moving us to a place of consecration and trust now. His great love, beckons you and me to come out of her. God is going to help you and I, to see how much we are in Babylon so that we can come out of the world system completely. God is going to give us even greater light to love nothing that’s in the world, but to love Him only and for Him to not only be our first love but also our only love. The highest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart. We’re going to love Him much more. We’re going to surrender places of our heart to Him that we didn’t even know the world had (because it came from when we were little).
The level that we are still in Babylon is the level to which He cannot use us to walk in the true authority as Christ did when He walked on the earth. Babylon has fallen but the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ is rising. Jesus is building us as His Church; He is taking us higher; He is maturing us more. We are going to come up in an even to a higher place and God is going to be able to entrust the things that He needs us to do for Him and say for Him and pray for Him like never before. It’s the time of God and as His people, we will experience extreme providence, extreme provision, and extreme protection. We are the untouchables.

God sent Jesus so that we could become born again, sons of God, grown-up, strong and mature and walk in all of God’s ways; to rule and reign as kings in this life. Jesus did not come so we could do whatever we wanted to do, but so that we can get back to our original position; loving Him and Him only and having dominion and authority.

1 In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1:1 KJV). Every human being was born into the earth to be born again and to come into contact with the Father and to live the Spirit life on earth. God is wanting you to live in the fourth dimension with Him. God is a Spirit and those who worship (who intimately connect with God any time of any day, anywhere because they want to), will do so spirit-to-spirit. You connect with God through your spirit that is the part of you that got born again. Then your mind and your thinking has got to be transformed by the Word of God and you mature spiritually. Jesus gave gifts to bring you to maturity. He gave you the Holy Spirit to live inside of you and He gave you His Word to read. He’s given you everything you need to be spiritual and He wants us all to be grown-up, mature sons of God because we can be.

We all become spiritual the same way; full of the Word (by reading, meditating and feeding our spirit man on the Word). His Word is bread and nourishment for your spirit man. To feed your spirit man you need to be having more than one spiritual meal a week. If your spirit man is hardly ever fed and you don’t pay attention to your spirit life, your soul will become very dominant. You’ll be emotional and you’ll be wilful and you’ll think all kinds of things you shouldn’t be thinking. Your thinking should be coming from the spirit realm, from the Words that God speaks. You should be becoming that kind of a spirit being. Then from your spirit should flow the strength to your soul, your will, so that you can be like Jesus and say, “Not my will, but Yours”.

Another way of being spiritual is to pray, to speak to God and to develop your relationship with Him. Don’t allow any of the condemnation of the devil to come to you to stop you from worshipping Him and opening the Word. How God is with you is different from anybody else. You must discover for yourself how you and Him are going to be together. Come boldly and fearlessly to His throne. He longs to have fellowship with you.

God always gives you a message, sends a messenger with a message to bring deliverance.
We were created to overcome everything that is not the God-life.
Is not My Word like fire that burns up all in me that can not stand the test (Jeremiah 23:29). You’re going to find some worldly things in you completely dematerializing. You are going to understand some things and see yourself the way you have never seen yourself before. It’s going to completely change you because these messages that I am bringing now are defining moment messages. Brother Jerry has brought us that word from Jesus, that whatever you say and do and become in these next few months to the end of the year is going to determine your future.

There always comes a day of God. A time of God where He will execute judgment righteously. Judgment begins in the household of God (1 Peter 4:17). God says, “I want you to judge yourselves so that you’re not judged along with the world. You, saints, should be glad when Babylon is falling, that you’re in My Kingdom, safe and sound. Everything is in the Kingdom that we need.

Pray, Thank You Lord that You have come to take Babylon out of me”, because I don’t know how much of it is in me. I want to come out. I hear You today, Lord. I’m coming out of Babylon, out of this world system and all the love that I have in my heart for the world. You’re taking me out by Your Word and Your Spirit that works in me. The Truth sets me free! You bring me light to show me Your way so that I can walk. Only You can take me out. I am willing, Lord. Thank You, Father that you cultivate the desire that is already in me as a new creature to just want to be with You and speak to You. Draw me by Your Spirit, and meet me where I am at every day, Lord. I come to you in a childlike way and say, I want to be with You Lord, I want to know You more. I belong in Your presence.