Honour Seed – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: 2 Kings 4:10, 15-17 (KJV); 1 Kings 19:19-21 (AMPC); 2 Kings 5:10-27 (AMPC); 2 Kings 6:8-23 (AMPC); 2 Timothy 4:3-18, 22(AMPC)

2 Kings 4:10, 15-17 (KJV)

The previous honour seed to Brother Jerry had a big impact on our lives and on our ministry. I believe our ministry hasn’t yet seen the fullness of what’s coming. God has truly made up the time and He’s done in one year what would have taken 10 years. That’s what honour does.

God said, “I’m making this time available to you, John, so that you go and if you and your people will place an honour seed, there will be other things that will be unlocked.”

1 Kings 19:19-21 (AMPC)

Relationships and how we respond to the things of God.

When Elijah called Elisha by throwing his mantle over him, no words spoken, no promises were made, but there was an immediate recognition, spiritually, that Elisha understood. He immediately knew he must serve and start to function in that way. 

How one leaves one thing and enters another is a very big deal. If you recognise what God is doing to, and for you, the law of recognition will immediately begin to unlock other avenues. If you don’t have the law of recognition available, or you’re not seeing what you need to see, you will not experience the things that God has for you. You can’t receive what you do not see.

2 Kings 5:10-27 (AMPC)

Naaman was a man of power, influence, and authority. He expected to be healed by God in a certain way. Full instruction was given to him, he was told exactly what to do to get healed and restored, but the law of recognition was initially not at work in him and he needed his servant, a messenger, to speak to him.  You got to have somebody near you that can talk to you in your life when you don’t have the law of recognition at work. Otherwise, you will head for a disaster; leprosy will consume your life and parts of your world begin to fall away and fall apart.

Naaman did not make the same mistake twice. He later recognized the prophet’s God as the only living God. He also recognised that everything in the prophet’s life was anointed and asked of him two donkeys to sacrifice in honour to God. [He who has ears to hear let him hear]. Naaman connected with spiritual authority and functioned in the law of recognition and the law of honor on the highest level, asking for the man of God to protect him with his blessing saying, “My future is with my king, but I recognise the living God”. Because of Naaman’s honour and recognition, Elijah said, “Go in peace. Go and live a life where there’s nothing missing, nothing broken, and nothing will happen to you to disturb your well-being, even if you must go into the temple with your king because you recognise who the living God is, and who His servant is”. Gehazi on the other hand did not have the law of recognition at work and he had no honour. Money was calling Gehazi, and he did not recognise that God was doing something important. He traded the anointing in exchange for something. The spiritual protocol that he broke opened a way for the devil to destroy his whole future.  

2 Kings 6:8-23 (AMPC)

When the king of Syria was fighting against the king of Israel, Naaman’s army was fighting against the prophet’s army. God used the highest prophet in the land to speak to the king of Israel. The king recognised God speaking though the servant of God and his armies were saved many times. 

God can use anybody in the body of Christ to warn you about something. If they are in the same church, deeply rooted and planted and spiritual, God can use someone to warn you. Like Ester and Naaman, we all may need a servant/messenger, someone sent by God to tell what the truth is.

Apart from counsel and advice received from the pulpit, you must have the law of recognition and the law of honour at work in you to sometimes lean on the authority of the spiritual leader and the wisdom of God that comes with the mantle, to help you through a significant moment and some very big decisions in your life. God hears things that you speak in your most private places, and he can reveal it to a man of God on assignment, as He chooses. 

When you are operating and you’re flowing with the way God wants you to do things, there are many things that might happen around you and start looking like things are ganging up against you, and may look like they’re about to defeat you, but God.  

God will not have an honour seed tarnished. You need to recognise that it is God Who is before you and you’re just taking God’s money and channelling it into an honour seed and the blessing will flow. Ps John is taking a pure offering to Brother Jerry. As a ministry we recognise who Brother Jerry is to us. We honour him and recognise his input in our lives and the very fact that it is he who covers us with spiritual authority, for us to walk in a blessed place.

The spirit realm is real, and we need to take recognition and to stay closely connected to God. Ps John shared a testimony of being protected on a long bicycle ride. God saw that the enemy was going to use that day to take some out, but the Lord asked Ps John to focus on his protective angles (Psalm 91) and to believe that his angel will be so close that he will feel his presence. 

2 Timothy 4:3-18, 22(AMPC)

Honour and recognition in relationships is knowing where God is working, when God is flowing (or not flowing) and doing the right thing. You can’t follow God’s messengers and the world’s messengers at the same time. You can’t honour this life’s ways and God’s ways at the same time. God appointed people to lead people. People may do great harm/wrongs when they stop recognising, when they stop honouring representatives, taking whatever happens as just another man who they can argue and debate with. Protocol, the law of recognition, and the law of honour go together. If you break one of those, you are in huge danger. 

The honour seed is about an honouring heart for Brother Jerry. This is a seed of love. This is a seed of honour. Brother Jerry has been giving his life to God for 54 years and we are honoured to be able to be under his spiritual leadership. Your seed is not a number of how many noughts there are, it’s how important the money is to you. Your seed will begin to create a harvest for you that will bring you to a crossroad.

Pastor John, “I’m going to serve Brother Jerry, to minister to him, to be with him whatever he needs me to be. I go as a son in the spirit, I go as a servant. I am not breaking spiritual protocol for anything. Ps John is praying for the correct opportunity, so that protocol can be correct, so that the honour seed can be given to Brother Jerry at the right time. 

I’ve learnt that everything in God’s time is perfect. Everything that we try to make happen in our time, is going to get messed up somewhere along the line”.

Say, “Father, I always want the law of recognition and I always want the law of honour to be the highest priorities in my life. Then I know that whatever happens from here, you’ve got me covered. I go through life with confidence”.