Highest Level Conference Part 4 – Tony Armstrong – Joe McCroskey (WTB)

Brother Tony Armstrong

We have to attend church. God said, “There, I will speak to you. No matter your past, I am restoring you.” He has chosen to rework us, just like a potter reworks the clay. Everything’s not going to come out perfect the first time. But if you stick with it and don’t quit He will rework us.  

“I know the thoughts that I have for you, thoughts that are good and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11, NKJV).

Begin to believe the Word of God. Believe that He loves and cares for you. Let scripture begin to form your life. Step outside of your comfort zone, step outside of your box. And those that you have looked at and have thrown away, please rethink that. Because when you think about your life, you have done something that was not favorable to God. But He hasn’t given up on any of us. He loves us just the same. If you want to make your life easy, come to the Word. Spend time with God, He’ll speak to you. The Bible is His conversation to us. We want to blame everything and everybody else for us not being able to process or to receive the things that we think God is trying to tell us, but we don’t spend any time with Him. It’s just like a relationship. In order to get to know each other, you’ve got to spend time. 

Reverend Joe McCroskey:

Four points from Brother Jerry for successful ministry:

  • Shun the very appearance of evil.
  • A man, woman or child’s gift will make room for him. Your gift makes room for you to be able to speak. Your gift! Not imitating somebody else, just be yourself and let your gift come out.
  • Bridge the gap between the traveling ministry and the local church also talking about individuals. You’re the one that’s allowing the Holy Spirit in, and all of us can be that one that bridges the difference between the Holy Spirit coming in and taking over and putting the devil down. 
  • We didn’t come to compete with you, we came to help complete you. Whatever we have, our gifts, we want to put them with your gifts, not to compete with you, but to complete you.

A word from the Lord for the church (referring to an oil rig):

“I’m getting ready to shake the body of Christ all over the world. And you’re on the platform, now you’re feeling the vibration, but get ready, the platform, and it’s getting ready to explode and when it does, then the oil comes down.”

What does oil represent? Anointing and the Holy Spirit. We’re right in the middle of the most shaking I’ve ever seen. But everybody might not feel it. Only those positioned will feel it. We already know there’s going to be a move of the Holy Spirit. We’re already feeling it. We can feel it shaking right now. But we’ve not seen anything yet. When the Holy Spirit moves and comes down like this it will affect even the unbelievers. We’re getting ready to blow. There are some businesses getting ready to blow, and when it blows, it is uncontrollable. Uncontrollable, but full of prosperity. But the glory all goes to God.

When God puts you on assignment, you do His assignment. You don’t worry about what people think. It doesn’t matter what science says. It doesn’t matter what the medical field says. It doesn’t matter. It’s what God says that matters. You got to know three things. Know you heard from God and what’s your part. That’s the plot. What, where and when? This is what we need to ask God, and He will always answer us. Whatever you’re called in, what you’re called to do and wherever you’re called to, that’s where your prosperity and your peace will be.