Highest Level Conference Part 3 – Eric Deaton (WTB)

If we’re going to go higher, in 2023, we have to make a choice. You choose to go higher. God can’t make you go higher. He can’t make you go to the highest level, but you choose to and if you say yes to God, then you’re saying yes to His ways. For me to go higher, then I’ve got to come up to the way that God thinks, and the way that God does things. His ways are higher than our way. (Isaiah 55:9 NIV)

In order to go higher, you must have a great foundation and discipline. That foundation creates a consistency in your life, where you won’t have so many ups and downs and ins and outs. We must be consistent in the fundamental things of God’s ways. Don’t leave the Word of God out, don’t leave prayer and praise out. Those things are a necessity in our life and so when we get revelation from the Holy Spirit, it is added to the foundation. There is faith in discipline. Where you don’t feel like doing something, but you do it anyway. And if you do it by faith and by love, those things can help build your spiritual muscles.  The difference between the people that operate at the highest level of faith and the ones that don’t is, there’s discipline, there’s consistency.

Christians are looking for their Goliath moment, this big moment, this big event. But David would have never had the confidence to stand in front of Goliath, had he not killed the lion and killed the bear. When you serve in the house of God, you are exercising your spiritual muscles.  If we can get to where it becomes a spiritual muscle – this is how we live. This is a lifestyle. It’s not a moment. It’s how we live. We are finishers, and we will finish this race. And we will be the glorious church as God said.

Everything that Jesus died and rose from the grave for, is yours. It’s available to you. And when you receive Him, He gives you the capacity or the heart of a champion, this capacity to believe for life and joy and peace and prosperity and health. He paid a price for it. But He came out victorious so that we can walk in it. And so we begin to walk in the spirit, Walk and it’s a step, and it’s another step, and it’s another step, and it’s a reach forward. It’s a pursuit.

 33 Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33, NKJV) I have to understand what God’s ways are, so that I can walk in God’s ways because that’s where the blessing is. Because otherwise, you’re just natural. To go higher, you go deeper into things of God. Forgetting those things which are behind and renewing our minds.