Highest Level Conference Part 1 – Ps John Bendixen And – Rev Joe McCroskey (WTB)

Pastor John Bendixen

During this conference, we are going to be experiencing what God has got for us through a thing called words. The anointing gets transmitted through words.

1 Corinthians 2:1-7 (KJV, TPT, NKJV)

An expert trades on a knowledge base that assumes a higher ground than anybody else. 

To determine means to decree something, to judge, to esteem something, to pronounce an opinion, or to decide what is right and wrong. 

The speakers are not here because they are experts, but because they have a walk with God, and are called by God to bring a message from Him.   Like the Apostle Paul, the speakers are not coming in the excellence of words and speech, but in the power of God.  They are not here to show themselves off, but to show off Jesus: to reveal and demonstrate His power. They are not esteeming their own words, but they are all here to glorify and elevate Jesus, to raise Him high, to put Him on the highest level, in the maximum place. Jesus is the One that determines what happens.   

We position ourselves that we don’t elevate one set of words above another set of words, one speaker above another, but we receive the Word of God that might come through any vessel for us. There is a power that comes with words that are the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God – by the Holy Spirit – is a sharp two-edged sword. We are not relying on the wisdom of men that comes from this pulpit, but on the power of God as the words come from this pulpit.

I am gifted by God to communicate with people. I can stand and operate in the gift of communication and teaching, but I’d rather operate in my calling. Gifting is accelerated in the call; it has power when you are called. The power of speech under the anointing of the Holy Spirit is much greater than any persuasive words.

The Apostle Paul is putting the wisdom of this age and the rulers of this age together and both are coming to nothing. To become educated and pursue the wisdom of this age is tapping into the foolishness of men. Why would we bring the wisdom of men, that have rulers of this age behind them, into the church?

When we come together and use words to pray, our words seem useless and foolish to the world, but we know they are Words of power. When we come together and pray, we are not exercising eloquent words, we are exercising the powerful speech of God. Those words get the will of God done and automatically bring down and displace the rulers of this world. God has kept this wisdom hidden from the wisdom of men – for our glory. What God has prepared for those who love Him, is not going to come through the wisdom of men or eloquent speech, it is going to come from things men seem to look at as foolish – but it has the power to bring glory.

According to Scripture, had the rulers known who Jesus was, they would not have crucified Him. How did the devil persuade men to kill Jesus? Many, many words, eloquent speaking words, in the wisdom of men. When they killed the Word that was in power, they released the full glory of that power for eternity. You can hear words from the mouths of men and feel motivated and inspired to change the world by their knowledge and the eloquence they walk in OR you can listen to Words that come from the mouth of God and have the power that comes with it to change, to grow, to flow. He has given us His Word to glorify His name; to glorify Himself in us.

Say, “You are doing it for my glory, Lord. In Jesus I receive my glory”.

The spirit world is real, the rulers of this age are at work in our institutions, in our systems, and in people all the time. We must walk in the power of God and in the glory of God so that we can be the church of the Lord Jesus.

Joe McCroskey

Words are the language of God. I found out that God fills you with the Holy Ghost to be a witness of Him to other people (Acts 1:8). It comes out of your mouth and out of your life.  After I have been saved, the One in me took out the impurities in me. After a while of walking in the Word, my language changed to a language of the Gospel and of what would glorify God.  Others will see how you change. It is the glory of God that changes you. You’ll become a better person because you renew your mind and follow what the Word says. Your language and your giving will change. Listen to God, and plant a seed. Our words are seeds – good or bad.

If it is not the Spirit, it profits nothing.  Anytime you need a decision, or a choice – go to God. He will speak to you and tell you which way to go, He will lead you and guide you.  Ask Him for Kingdom wisdom. Follow Him and listen to Him and He will glorify Himself within you.  Christ in you, the very hope of glory. The words that come out of your mouth must be what God is telling you to say. And when He says, “shut up”, you shut up.

God knows everything. What you must do is find out what’s your part to glorify Him.  I learned that what I am putting into myself is going to come out. You are glorifying God when He changes you. You see it more than anybody, and it makes you want to change more.  

You must make a choice to glorify God and sometimes it is not really what you are going to want to do. It all has to do with opening your mouth and letting it come out. I have learned over all this time, all I must really do is pray and say, ‘Lord, show me what to do”. God is going to have you be a witness on this earth, walking through this earth, to glorify Him. You lift Him higher, and you touch people who do not believe. God has a plan. You might be the only part of God somebody else sees. Glorifying God is always going to be what comes out of your mouth. What you say could be what changes somebody’s life.

The Lord works with you the way you are developed. He knows how to work with you and will deal with you the way you need. That is how we learn to glorify God in the simple things and then even in the hard things. How can He give you a position higher if you can’t do the lower? You must serve, or you will never be a leader. Others won’t follow you unless you know how to serve. 

The Gospel is good, it is fun, and you don’t have to be dry. It is a good life; it is a fun life. If you don’t know how to do it, listen to God. Be like a little child. Don’t hold anything back.

Say, “Lord, You can do anything You want to do”.