He Gave Men to Us – Ps Melusi Ngcobo (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Ephesians 4:7-15 (AMPC); 1 Corinthians 14:20; Hebrews 5:14; Ephesians 4:13; Galatians 1:7-9 (NKJV); 1 Corinthians 4:22-26 (AMPC); 2 Corinthians 11:3-4; John 17:6-20 (AMPC); Matthew 20:6-9

Grow up: As the Pastors are speaking the truth in love, I grow up in all aspects and in every area in my life, and there should be maturity happening currently. I’m not dormant. [1 Corinthians 14:20, NKJV]. In my comprehension and understanding, I’m not childish. I grow up in my understanding, especially things that are entrenched in my thinking where I’ve not fully developed and matured. As I think, so am I. In my understanding of what we are doing in this house, we’re not trying to elevate man. Maturity is now expected from me. [1 Corinthians 13:11, NKJV]. It’s time to put away my childish things.

Mature & Baby Christians: If I’m a matured Christian, my language should distinguish me and set me apart. When I’m still thinking and speaking like a child and somebody comes and speaks to me in a matured language; I do not think that they are not sympathizing with me but rather that they are becoming adults and are setting an example to me. They want to bring and elevate me to another level to say, “No, that’s not how we speak”. Like a child, they speak to a me in the language that they expect me to understand.

Levels of maturity I attain at home: [Hebrews 5:14], God is releasing solid food in this house, and solid food is for the matured. I cannot remain as a babe forever, because solid food will bypass me if I insist on being a baby. Holy Spirit climatizes a certain spiritual atmosphere for me to attain and to flow in that atmosphere, I need to change my language. We cannot walk together unless I speak the same language, because language gives us identity and separates us from the rest. This is how I walk together, I get into the same message, I speak the same language. I come to PCG (Prayer connect group). I engage in the Word.

Receive help to engage fully: “And today I’m believing God and I’m trusting God, that those who are not able to engage, those who are not yet activated, they will receive help, because I have received help myself, hallelujah”. I say, Lord, I want to engage, I want to be part of this, it’s not a competition or performance. I want the very same unity, our dominance together and the way we become powerful here on the earth so that nobody will be able to tell a difference from us and Christ and Pastor John because we will be so unified that there will be no separation.

Intention of Jesus: There is a measure of growth I can experience with God all by myself, but there is a measure where Jesus won’t bypass His Word. The intention of Jesus giving the five-fold ministry gifts to me is so that I may become mature. There is no other way of maturity. I cannot become mature by reading the Bible myself, I become matured by receiving the gift, because Jesus (The Pastor, Apostle, Evangelist, Teacher, Prophet) gave gifts and conferred the orders to them to bring the church to maturity. I’m supposed to be with the people where Jesus can mature us, as we walk together in this way. Jesus has given us a pattern, He made sure that the ones that are appointed and ordained by Him are given to me. My responsibility is to receive and honour the gifts, because Jesus gave them to me. [Ephesians 4:11-13]

Jesus revealed and Unity of faith: I’m very careful about what I say to others about the messages that come from the pulpit because God wants to mature and build others up with these messages. The Jesus revealed to Pastor John and to Pastor Sharon must be the Jesus I know. [Galatians 1:7-8]. If the Jesus that Pastor John and Pastor Sharon comes to, is the Jesus that we attest to, then we are getting closer to Him manifesting Himself among us, because that’s where the unity of the faith is. Unity of faith is reached by engaging in these messages, changing my language, teaching each another this language and helping each another to speak the same language. I put effort and work into it, I’m serious about it. [1 Corinthians 14:22, AMPC]. Pastor John and Pastor Sharon are the ones in this House to bring inspired teaching, interpretation of the divine will and purpose of God. God is taking this Church to the full stature of maturity and God gives that divine purpose to Pastor John. Pastor John hears what and how God is leading the Church, I just join in and align myself and follow what God is saying I must follow.

Receive the gift: I recognize those whom have been given to me by Jesus, I receive them. It’s very important how I receive a gift from someone. I choose not to be rude to Jesus by dishonoring the gift that He has given to me. I choose to take it as a precious gift to me. There is no other way but to believe and speak according to the messages of Pastor John and Pastor Sharon. I draw near to God and He draws near to me. He accelerates me. I believe in the Lord my God and I believe His prophets and I shall prosper. God gave me a gift, in a form of a man, so that I can receive that maturity and development. That’s the pattern of God.

Mature – thinking: I mature in my thinking through the Gospel that Pastor John and Pastor Sharon preach, that is full of life-transforming power. Things I struggle with and bad habits don’t have the last say as long as I engage in the Word – it has to pack up and go.

Words from God: [John 17:6-10, AMPC]. I am given to Pastor John by God. When Pastor John preaches the Word, I believe the Word and receive the Word. He utters words God has given him, I believe that this truly is the Word of God. [John 17:11-14 AMPC].

Anointing: Like Pastor Melusi, Pastor John is the man God gave me, I honour and respect him and I allow the Word that he preaches into my heart. The word that Pastor John preaches (not the Word that I read for myself) has the anointing. Pastor John gets the strategy from God on how to defeat the enemy because on my own I cannot defeat him. I take what Pastor John and Pastor Sharon teaches and mix it with faith. I take this Word praying and engage and put my foot in the message and I began to see victory in my life. It doesn’t happen overnight but I stay consistent in it. [John 17:20 AMPC], I cling to Jesus and I become one with Him through the messages.

Good news – The eleventh hour: This is the eleventh hour. [Matthew 20:6-13], Jesus says I must come into the vineyard, into the harvest to work and I will receive whatever is right, it’s not too late. Jesus knows what He has in store for me. This is for me if I have not been engaging, putting my foot into the message, thinking it’s too late. The eleventh-hour definition is the latest possible time before it’s too late. There is a possible time for me and “whatever is impossible with man is possible with God”. I’m in the season of acceleration. God will redeem my time. Pastor John said, “You will be able to do so much in this hour, more than you could ever do in all these years that you’ve become a Christian, because God is redeeming your time”.

They were idle: The meaning of idle is inactive, not engaging. They were unfruitful. God is going to reverse my time. My natural clock is going to be reversed. Jesus is kind. Jesus is good. He wants to see me winning no matter what. There’s no class in this church. We are all one, everything that we went through – those who went ahead, those who bore the heat of the day, they did it for us – those who are just starting to engage.

Maybe you’ve become weary: “Maybe you have been weary with this message. Bury yourself into the message. Put your foot in the message. Maybe you have come tired of hearing it again and again. Now listen to what Jesus is doing”. That word greet is blessed, David did not find fault with them and accuse them when they came to meet him. [1 Samuel 30:22]. Salvation and going to heaven is not all that God has for me, He has more for me. No matter how late it is, there’s still a window of opportunity that is open for me. There’s still an opportunity to become a mature Christian. There’s still an opportunity to engage the Word, because there is the grace of the eleventh hour. This is what David answered them [1 Samuel 30:23].

Expectation: Pastor John – The abundant harvest, Faithful messenger “Who waits till 5 o’clock? Someone who has an expectation, regardless of the time of the day, that they will get work. They were not moved by the time of the day”. I’m not moved by the time of the day or by the circumstances, I’m moved by my expectation.

Enemy of my faith – setting a timeline:You see, the biggest enemy of your faith is to set a timeline on what you’re believing in God for”. “Dr Jerry said: “If you’re willing to wait as long as it takes, the devil will even give up on you”. “If you put timelines on your faith project, then the devil will put pressure on you because it’s not about you”. I remove the focus from me and focus on God and know that He is capable of taking care of me. I don’t have to take care of myself and focus on my ability by putting timelines in place. I don’t look at myself and focus on the shame coming against me, “I’m about to lose my home”, “I’m about to lose my car”, “I’m about to lose this”, “I’m about to be chucked out”, and feel the pressure.

Eleventh-hour grace: This is that time. It’s the latest possible time before it is too late. I’m making changes at the eleventh hour. I start tomorrow, there is a grace open for me.