Having Therefore Boldness – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture References:  Hebrews 10:19-20 (KJV); John 15:4-7 (KJV)

We are Walking Together – we’re on a journey with God.

The work of an apostle is deeply relational and it’s geographical. It’s where God sends a man and joins a people to him for a specific corporate assignment. That man will bring messages from God to you, that will cause you to mature and develop and grow along with the other five-fold ministry gifts in that particular place of assignment and alignment.

It is God’s pattern.

Two out of twelve followed the pattern and the plan of God.

The pattern was: follow the leader.

Joshua, the servant of Moses, who continued in the teachings of his father Moses (not Joshua a leader in his own right).

We are a people that are not found in the field of the fatherless. We have irrational honour in this house for our fathers. We have a spiritual legacy, we have lineage, we have a pedigree, if you don’t have one, come with me.  

We are being led by our leader right into all the promises that God has for us (our Promised Land). 

God has been saying to us, Heritage of Faith people: You have to abide.

What would this abiding, entering, drawing near, seeing Him face-to-face by the Person of the Holy Spirit look like practically? 

You’ve got your own voice, your own unique thumbprint, our own wiring and how you are with the Lord. There is no right or wrong, no set structure – not one day should be a formula.

Where you are at – is where God meets you.

He is interested in in you (your world, what matters to you, what needs to change).

You having therefore boldness – enter into (Hebrews 10:19-20).

That’s where God wants you – He is deeply relational. 

He wants to know you; He doesn’t want to know about you. 

In His presence is where your strength comes from (Isa 40:31). In His presence is where your spiritual battery is charged (1 Cor 14:4). When you speak in an unknown tongue you give thanks nobly and well unto God – you can I multitask with your Heavenly language (1 Cor 14:17).

Your belief flows from you knowing His presence (your intimacy, your abiding, His words abiding in you, you in His words) and it will grow your confidence.

God wants an abiding people. He is a personal God –  private, powerful, personal.

You have boldness, use it, choose it, because you can. 

Sometimes you’ll sense His presence stronger than other times. 

“Keep coming to Me, keep turning to Me with all of your heart” (Joel 2:12). 

You are training and developing sensitivity to Him. As you are maturing, always be assured that His presence never leaves you (Hebrews 13:10).

God is also a corporate God.  

You can’t separate your personal life from your corporate life. You will not be made whole and come into fullness of maturity without the corporate life of the body and the structure of the Lord Jesus that He has put in Ephesians Chapter 4 (the gifts of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists). We have to be with each other to come into a maturity and a completeness. In a corporate abiding there’s another level of wholeness, encouragement and strength that comes to you.

A corporate flow of God is very different from the personal flow. There is a healthy consideration and a deferment and a preferment for one another. Picking up on an anointing in a flow and hooking up your spirit to the corporate anointing, the corporate flow where the Holy Spirit orchestrates everybody (to be in one mind, one heart, one accord).

God is saying He wants us, Heritage of Faith people, to perfect the art of flowing with the Holy Spirit corporately.


I desire intimacy with You, Lord. 

My soul wants to seek You every day and abide in You, Lord.

I come to You; I have boldness, therefore to enter into the Holiest, Lord. 

Thank You Holy Spirit that You pull me into that intimacy with You,

  • into a deep relationship with You.

Note:  Although this message can be taught, it really must be caught with your spirit. 

Please refer to the service: for powerful demonstrations by abiding Christians.