Having Therefore Boldness Part 2 The Blood & The Basics – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Key Scripture: Hebrews 10:19-20 KJV; 21-22 NLT

“Teach My people to have boldness to come to Me, to enter into My presence in context of their projects”.  God has given us Project Strike – the execution of what God has prophesied. Project Strike is about what you want changed in 2020.  Project Strike has come to you as a love offering from God – a way to focus your faith on things that God wants to help you to change. From God’s great love for you, He is giving you this execution. Because He loves you, He doesn’t want you to drift and stray off the Prophetic Word, He wants you to attach and lock your faith into it by striking – finding a promise in the Word and striking with Scripture.

Project strike is very personal.  There are some issues that God wants to help you with, to bring change. You are going to have to touch His garment and believe that He has got supernatural increase and change and restoration on His mind for you. God requires you to be personal with Him at this time; to hear from Him, see from Him, know from Him.

We are on a journey with revelation that God gives us, all tied together, because we are going into our promised land together. Social media has gotten the body of Christ all over the place, which is out of God’s pattern of being planted in a place with a messenger that has a message for you that will lead you into your promised land/the things that God has for you. Being planted in a church is not about going to church, it means your roots are going down into the messages and the fruit comes up in your life. Information overload is only listening; not living it. God’s pattern is to keep in the simplicity of what He is teaching you.

If you value the Holy Written Word of God, the Holy Spirit will show you treasures; He’ll enlighten you; He’ll give you revelation. If you don’t honour the Word, you’ll never see anything in it.  Desire the sincere milk of the Word of God that you may grow thereby.  When you put the incorruptible seed in your heart and in your mouth and you do not waver and believe it and receive it, it grows in your heart. God brings all of His children to maturity (through His Word, His Spirit and five-fold ministry gifts). Head knowledge does not equal maturity; you mature because of what you live, not just what you listen to.

One of your strikes this year might be to strike the ground to experience intimacy with God; to know Him more; to be drawn to His Word and to feed – expecting Holy Spirit to show you great and mighty things in the Word. Don’t allow familiarity with yourself and/or receiving Satan’s accusations to prevent you from stepping through the new door.

Say, “It is my determined purpose that I may know Him, that I might come to be more deeply and intimately acquainted and discern the wonders of the Person of Jesus Christ more accurately.” 

It is a promise: If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you – have therefore boldness.

Your boldness is in the Blood that made a way for you to come boldly. Sprinkle the blood; take the Lamb for your household and strike the ground for restoration for you.

God is always only good. The devil is a bad devil. You cannot believe in Jesus and not believe what Scripture says about Satan. As a child of God you have authority, but if you receive Satan’s lies you cannot operate in your authority.  You have to train yourself to rise up in your authority. You are not supposed to put up with him in your life. What you tolerate you’ll have to live with.

He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He is a murderer, a liar – the accuser of the brethren. Jesus died so that we could rise up against him and overcome him – by the Blood of the Lamb and by the words that we speak. As you continue to operate, because you believe, you’ll get stronger and stronger. Faith is a muscle, you can exercise it (The Bible refers to: little faith, great faith, exceedingly growing faith).

Example: How long are you going to put up with fatalities because of the fog in Witbank?

Let the Holy Spirit help you with a declaration according to His Word.

Say, “I believe that I can exercise my authority here. No destructive weather patterns are permitted on my ancient paths where I traverse”.

Jesus walked as a Son of God on earth, you can too.

God wants you in His presence. He wants you there personally – Having Therefore Boldness. Your help comes from the Holy Spirit who lives inside – He is your guide. You’ve got to develop your communion, your fellowship, your intimacy with Him (2 Cor 13:14). You have to hook up with Him. He’s not on the outside of your heart, He’s knocking on the inside of your heart, so that He can show you how these supernatural increases are going to come about.

You want Him and He wants you. Don’t let the enemy lie to you. The Blood of Jesus gives you access into the holiest. Your outside man is nothing, your inner man is the real you: You are a spirit, you have a soul (mind, will and emotions) and you live in a body. It is a spiritual connection that you have with God. Your new spirit was recreated and designed to connect with Him. Just connect with Him. He looks on the heart, He does not look on the outer man. There’s no born-again believer on this earth that can ever stand in the presence of God on the basis of anything else, other than: The Blood.

His Blood has made a way for you to enter in. All men can now come freely, boldly. Not your own boldness, but boldness in The Blood. On the basis of the Blood you have the right and the power to make God’s presence and fellowship your abode, your dwelling place – to live having therefore boldness to enter in the holiest.

Let us draw near,  because here the Father’s face is seen, here His love is tasted, here His holiness is revealed, here the sacrifice of love and worship and adoration is given; here the incense of prayer is offered in power, here the outpouring of the Spirit is known, here the soul – in God’s presence – grows into more complete wonders with Christ and more conformity to His likeness. Here strength is renewed.

Child of God, the Father now opens to you the holiest of all and says, “Let this now be your home”. What will your answer be?

God is calling you to come to Him, He’s drawing you closer. His love draws you to supernatural increase of intimacy with Him. He is tucking at your heartstrings. You may not understand it, but He will show you, He will help you. Holy Spirit is going to make His presence real to you.

Receive it and believe it and say: “Lord, I hear Your call and I am coming. I am running to You. My boldness is in the Blood. I’m coming, Lord. I’m coming praising, I’m coming shouting, I’m coming rejoicing, I’m coming boldly. I am having therefore boldness. I enter through the Blood. The Blood makes me bold. I am a son of God – because of the Blood – His throne, my home now”.