Having Therefore Boldness Part 7 Bold To Stake Your Claim – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Psalm 91:1-2 (KJV); Genesis 49:22-26; Exodus 3:20-21 (KJV); Exodus 13:14
(KJV); Exodus 15:6 (KJV); Isaiah 45:11 (NKJV); Proverbs 6:30-31 (AMPC)
The Lord knows the faithful tither by name/personally and tithers have rights.
Saturday, 18th of April 2020 the Lord spoke to Pastor Sharon.
He gave her Proverbs 6:31 and confirmed it with Exodus 22:7.
“You have every right, Heritage of Faith, believer, to put in a claim for any loss suffered during
this time. I would if I were you, as part of your experience, in continued momentum of My
Supernatural Increase coming through the New Open Door, restoration, and compensation. The
enemy may not, under any circumstances. The Blood of My Son secured your New Covenant land
of Goshen living in this world.”
“I overcame the world. Jesus deprived this world of its power to harm you, He conquered it for
you. The cross of Christ has force and power. You are daily being saved by it. Your loss was nailed
to the cross and you’re the boss (you’re in charge). I spoiled principalities and powers ranged
against you. I made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in the cross.”
Put in a claim. Write down what you deem to be lost.
For example: loss of revenue/income, loss of productivity, progress, any/all momentum. Any loss,
any ground lost, any progress you would have made during this time (even if you think you could
have made more).
“Even the very threat of it, what the adversary meant for evil, I have turned it. I know I’ve already
greatly helped you by putting you in a favorable position. I knew what was coming. Yes, and I
have used it to my full advantage in tremendous ways, but don’t let him get away and get off with
anything, not one thing.”
Psalm 91:1-2 (KJV).
1He that dwelleth…
Dwelleth, actually means to stake your claim.
He that stakes his claim in the secret place of the most High, God, shall abide under the shadow
of the Almighty.
Verse 2, shows us how to stake our claim.
I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
You stake your claim with your mouth.
Like Joseph, in Genesis 49:22-26, agree with God and speak it out loud.
Put in a legal claim with Him for any loss that you have suffered at this time, in any area.
In 2003, Brother Jerry brought a word, “Moving the Hand of the Lord.”
Exodus 3:20-21 (KJV) illustrates God’s power, expressed in judgment to one party and God’s
power expressed in blessing, to another party. God’s heart and intent to His people, is for all
damages to be paid for.
Heritage of Faith Ministries International
“My people are letting their adversary get away with too much, and they’re not making him pay
for what he’s put them through, they are letting him get off too lightly. You are not making him
pay for damages. You shall not leave empty. Some of you are just wanting out of Egypt, but
you’re not taking what belongs to you. Make him pay for damages. Make him pay so much that
you get too costly for him to mess with.”
Any loss during this time of lockdown – write it all down and put your claim with your mouth
Satan cannot succeed when God’s right hand has been manifested.
Exodus 13:14; 15:6 (KJV); Isaiah 45:11 (NKJV). Command ye Me.
“Come to My throne of grace boldly, command My hand on the basis of My Word. Lose Me on
your behalf, give Me an order, give Me the mandate to carry out for you, give Me the opportunity
to bring judgment on your adversary and blessing on you. Give me an assignment, an
appointment, give Me a commission.
If you do, I will bring judgment on your adversary, make him pay damages for what he has put
you through and bless you. Tell My people, don’t just pray for Me to bring deliverance from the
attacks, but commission Me to bring judgment on one who attacked them and declare this, now
God stretch forth Your hand against him. Don’t limit me by not doing this. I’ll be your legal
representative in this case. I’ll pass judgment, I’ll pass sentence, I’ll get damages, I’ll see to it that
you get overflow compensation by adding to your prayer. Appoint me to punish and penalise
him for what he has put you through, and I will force him to compensate you for the damage he
has caused.” (Proverbs 6:30-31 AMPC).
It is time to collect damages. For example:
Everything spiritual, everything relational, everything emotional, everything financial, everything
physical in my health, everything creative and productive, everything resourceful and
entrepreneurial, everything. All of my spirituality, all of my prosperity, all of my productivity, in
ministry and very personally, Lord. All of the relationships that have been affected here. I thank
You Father.
Father I’m not letting my adversary get away with anything. I’m making him pay for what he has
put me and my family through. I lose You on my behalf. I give You a mandate to carry out for me.
I give You the opportunity to bring judgment on my adversary and blessing on us, Father.
I commission You to bring judgment on the one who attacked us. I say now God, stretch forth
Your hand against Him. I lose You with my voice, Father, with my words, and my faith and my
praise, Lord. I give You an assignment and I do not limit You in this. You pass judgment, You pass
sentence, You get damages, You see to it that we get overflow compensation.
Thank You that You are forcing him to compensate for the damage he has caused. He is a thief,
he shall pay back seven times what he has stolen. I command You the works of Your hands and
You throw the book at him, Lord. Thank You, Lord. I praise You for the works of Your hands, that
angels are now released to go to work on my behalf.