Graduation Service – Rev Joe McCroskey (WTB)

Pastor John

I have been both a target and a witness to the fact that when God is about to do something amazing the enemy will do everything he can to stop it. But these light afflictions do not move us, they do not touch our joy or our strength. God has a purpose and a plan. He has designed us, called us, and breathed us into eternity. This is a time and a place for us to be born and for us to do the great things that He has called us to do. These are not just nice words, but a living reality that we must live. The world is rushing to a self-destructive mode. New sin norms are yet to be created, but the Bible says where sin is, grace abounds much more.

Brother Jerry Savelle (video message)

I congratulate you on finishing this course. You have shown that you have got what it takes to be a winner in life.

24 None of these things move me (Acts 20:24 KJV).

Yes, I have been through a lot of adversity and challenges, but I made up my mind from the very beginning that I would not be moved by any of these negative things. 

Oral Roberts instilled in me these words: Make no little plans here. That concept is what I want to leave with you. Make no little plans, and do something big for the Kingdom of God. God will be with you, God will back you and God will cause your plans to succeed.

Prayer: Father in the name of Jesus, I believe You have something big in store for each of these graduates. I believe that you have a destiny that You want them to fulfill. I also believe that you are going to provide everything they need to fulfill what You have called them to do. May they stay focussed, and may they be determined to never give up. May they always have the attitude that quitting is not an option.

Brother Joe Mc Croskey

Students, you’ve got to jump on what we had back then. If we can take ours as far as we have, you can take yours even further. I charge you to use what you’ve got today. You got everything it takes to do what you need to do.

I want to charge you to continue in the Word (John 8:31-32 KJV). It is vitally important to obey His voice. It doesn’t matter whether you feel spiritual or not, He will speak to you. He can tell you what to do and what not to do. Where to go and where not to go. You can be led by the Holy Spirit and know the voice of God.  God will tell you different things while you are growing and learning. It doesn’t matter what you think – it is what God thinks. Remember that the devil will try to keep you from fulfilling what God says – every time.

Hear God and obey His Word in everything you do. There is an invitation voice, but you’ve got to know when you hear God because there is always a purpose. Your choices today will be what you get tomorrow. He will not force you to make a choice if you don’t want to.

It is a choice you must make (Deuteronomy 30:19-20 KJV).

It is not always going to be pleasant for you, and it is not always going to be what you want to do, but the fruit will come, and the rewards will come from it. Obey the Lord, and make the right choices accordingly. Your choices ought always to be made of what the Word of God says. If the Word of God says it, that’s what you do (not how you feel). God still has a plan, and it is not going to disappoint you. We are charging you to go do what you are called to do. Carry up and carry out the Word of Faith that people need to hear all over the world.

Never keep the Word of Faith in – let it out. God is in you, Let Him Out. You will find God gets very creative and you might have no idea what is going to come out but say, “Come on Lord, come on out”.

How can you feel any better than knowing God uses you to do what you need to do and what the church is made to do? What you do will be a witness to others.

I charge you to do good, do what you are called to do, and obey. God will take you into places that you will have no natural way to get in, but He will put you right there. He will take you to nations, but also take you right across the street to a neighbour.

You must be led by the Spirit. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Make the right choices and continue in the Word.

I charge the congregation to pray for all these students. When their faces come up in your spirit man, intercede and pray for them.

There are things you will be doing where people will see it and things that they don’t see, but they will bear fruit. Be blessed and highly favoured in everything you do. God will reward you in ways you have no idea of.