God’s Order – Ps John & Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

God wants to demonstrate His glory in this time when people are lacking and economies are failing. God is wanting to demonstrate that through the Church, He’s going to get things done! We are not limited to natural economies, we are not limited to the natural order of things.
That requires believing God. If you don’t believe God, then you will mentally reject God’s messages.
If you don’t recognise that this is God at work, then you’re already limited in what you can receive from God.

We say: Thank You Lord, that we are not limited to the natural order of things! We believe You, we do not limit what we can receive fromYou!

The Word that comes from Pastor John and Sharon is from the Spirit of God. They are His messengers and they speak the words He wants them to speak. They speak with the authority of the gifting and calling that God has placed on their lives. They make sure that they are actively engaged with the words because they are not words that come from men, but words that come from God through the vessels of men.

God said: ‘Go big and go bold.’ It was spoken and it’s a boldness that you have because of your intimacy with the Lord. He will show us how!

God said:” I will take the children.” Why? Because
God is looking for a spirit and looking for the younger generation that grew up in faith churches. He is jealous for these children. He is jealous for these children.

Do you see in the spirit that this is a strategic time? This is a time for you and me, for us together collective greatness. This is a time for us to begin to hold, join hands, join and strengthen our combined resources. Combine our prayers. Get united in our prayers. Begin to press in the spirit for the big things that God has got for us. And as we press, as we come together collectively, great together in our faith, great together in our agreement, great together in our life of prayer, greater together in sound and song and the way that we worship. Greatness in the things, the boldness and the strength will grow. And the big things that God has planned for us will begin to come into the material world as we bring them out of the spirit realm.

We say: We receive Your messages from Your messengers Lord! We recognize this strategic time of collective greatness.

“And he has generously given each one of us supernatural grace, according to the size of the gift of Christ. This is why he says: “He ascends into the heavenly heights taking his many captured ones with him, and gifts were given to men.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:7-8‬ ‭TPT‬‬

These are spiritual gifts and graces that God has gifted and graced us with that as we are obedient to go big and bold in the messages personally. To go big and bold in prayer, and to go big and bold in our personal walk with God and in our plantedness. Then we become in this church, we become what God has, and we receive the gifts that are in this church. We become. We find ourself by default just flowing in all of our spiritual graces and gifts.

We say: We are going big and we are going bold in prayer, in our personal walk with God and in our plantedness. We are becoming!

This is a requirement that God has got for us at this point to go successfully into His new era, and successfully through His open door. It’s a different, it’s a maturity that He is looking for that many of His people have been going to church but haven’t matured spiritually. Because of the messages and getting into the messages and maturing with the Word with the five-fold ministry, you know, with that recognition. He is saying, “In order for you to experience abundant overflow, in order for you to be able to go big and bold, you need to be experiencing spiritual maturity.” Which comes to all of us the same way.

We say: Help us Lord to come to spiritual maturity so that we can experience abundant overflow!