God Is Revealed: If I Were God – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Isaiah 55: 8-11 (AMPC) As human beings we are restricted to three-dimensional thoughts, intelligence and experiences. It is not possible for us to figure out a fourth-dimension God.

God is revealed to men in what He has already pleased and purposed,

–  God is revealed in His actions.

Genesis 1 refers to the beginning (an allotted time in eternity) when God decided that there should be a universe that could reveal Himself.

Genesis 15:1 (KJV & AMPC) When God reveals Himself, He’s not revealing Himself in what He can do for you, but He reveals Himself in what He is to you. (I Am to you – everything you ever need. I Am your shield and I Am your exceeding great reward, your abundant compensation).  

Exodus 3:6 (KJV); 6-14 (NLT) God must reveal Himself to show you what He pleases, what He purposes so that you can become. I Am God – the eternal being; God of all generations to come.

Revelation 1:8 (AMPC, MSG); Revelation 1:4-8 (NESV) From Genesis to Revelations God refers to Himself as: I Am. I Am the God; He Who is, He Who was and He Who is to come; I Am the Almighty; the Sovereign-Strong; the King with Strength. Always wherever you go, there is: I Am.

What does the God in you want to do with you (want you to become)?

What would the God in you want to be for you?

Everything you ever need in your natural world will be supplied to you if you let Me be everything I need to be to You. I pleased to make man in My image; sons who will choose to imitate and behave and look like Me. If you live in Me then what will come out of you will be Me. Then there is nothing that can stop what you need. What is in you (by Me), will come out of you (by Me) and when it comes out of you (by Me) – it will become. I please and I purpose and it becomes 

– and so God is revealed (Genesis 1:26-27 AMPC).

Faith is a living relationship with Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit that lives in you. When He lives inside of you (and you know that He is Who He is) then I Am comes out of you. Then, when I Am speaks, everything in your world is created by I Am that is in you.  

Revelations 4:1-11 (AMPC)  God is the God  I Am: Who was, Who is and Who is to come. Nothing He has ever spoken can come back to Him without producing what it is.  It’s an irreversible process because there is no other living being that is God. He is the source of all life – that is what makes Him God. Nobody made Him. He was and He is. You can’t get there with your intellect, you choose to believe what He wills is what He purposes, is what becomes.  

He created you like Him so He must leave you to your want (the most important thing in your life). Your want is what will drive you and what will be your god to you. To know your want, just go and make a diary for yourself (write down for two weeks everything you do (or eat) and you will discover what you please and what you purpose). You cannot have two wants at the same time (self and God). You will love the one or hate the other.  Your want will be your god until you repent from your want and allow God to be your want. 

If you say, I’m letting the Holy Spirit, rise up inside of me, then you know what He wants. He wants you to wake up in the morning and He wants you to say, I worship, praise, give thanks and honor You today. I’m going to behave like You today, not in my perfection, but in my want.  

The Father wanted to send Jesus, He wanted to restore man back to a relationship with Him. He wants to have a whole relationship with you, because of what you want, not because of what you do.

Many people have this attitude in life: I will do what I want to do, and then I will ask for forgiveness later.  What they don’t understand is when praying people, who understand the wants of God speak out the wants of God, then the Word of God that comes out or their mouth will not return to Him void, it cannot stop from performing that which you send it to perform. Similarly, when you speak words into the earth that constrain men and constrain spiritual forces and bind them by the Word of God, then they are automatically bound on the earth, they cannot do anything outside of what He wills, purposes and what must become. (John 16:12-13 AMPC).

You can put yourself in the right spiritual order. 

It’s not about what you do; it’s about what you’re becoming. 

This is a new time; start now. 

The devil wants you to stop starting and start stopping. 

Get up every morning and say, It’s not because of me, but because of the Blood, it’s because of Him that I praise Him.  I’m free to praise Him no matter what I did yesterday. I recognize what God wants for me is not based on what I do or I don’t do, but by what I want. He has already placed the want in me. He is alive in me, His Word is in me, His whole force of His life is in me and I praise Him. I’m not worried about yesterday.

You can’t become like Him, if you’re not praising Him. When you wake up and you have had a terrible day, you did all kinds of manner of things that you thought you shouldn’t have done, say, There are worshippers that are worshipping Him right now and I’m in agreement with them. It’s not about how I feel or about what I did (good or bad). This Being inside of me, the Holy One of Israel Who lives in me, is also present right there, and I Am in agreement with Him and so right now, I praise Him. Holy is the Lord God Almighty in my life, in my family, in my day, in my world, in my everything.  

Religion wants to constrain you to look like them. God says, I don’t want any religion between you and Me, I’m done with do’s and don’ts. I want you and I want you to want Me, because when you understand that I Am in you and you want Me and I want you. I Am your shield; I Am your abundant reward; there is nothing that stands between you and the things that are now coming to you.

When you praise Him enough and you praise enough, you begin to find out those things holding you captive (habits and stuff) just begin to fall off. You don’t want to do that anymore, because it’s so cool (or to fit in). 

Practice praise – this is what life is all about. Jesus died so that sin can become an irrelevant factor. 

Lord, help me to wake every day, not with stinking thinking, but with praise and thanksgiving in my mouth. I declare that this will be a week where I will be prospering with the energies that are coming out of me, because the want of God is inside of me to come out of me. As I speak words of life out of my mouth, none of it will return void, it will accomplish and produce and prosper according to the want and the will of God that comes out of me, in Jesus Name.