God is Answering – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Bring everything that you think under subjection to the Word of God.
In my musings and meditation I’m asking the question, “Am I still doing what God has called me to do in this time on the earth?” When I go and stand before the Ancient Ones, and I stand before God Himself, will I be able to say, “I did my part, in this time?”

For thousands of years, people have sacrificed their lives and died in wars (some of them, in faith). There have been a lot of men of courage and character, men worthy of honour and remembrance. We think of famous pictures of firemen running up World Trade Centre stairs. If you compare two firemen running up the same set of stairs and the one’s spirit is alive to God, leading him, guiding him, and the other who doesn’t believe in God, but he is honourable and worthy in what he is doing. One of them is going to be alive forever, the other one is going to be dead forever (death being separated from the source of life, not separated from your body). Nothing (how honourable and noble) stands for anything in eternity, unless your will is given to God in worship.

The book of Hebrews (Chapter 11) tells of people that died in faith, believing that they would have the result of their faith, but not actually seeing the end of their faith. There is nothing that compares with those that have faith, live in faith, and die for their faith. If you have real faith in God then your faith is not about a result, your faith is about a relationship.

The Bible is clear that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Your life is not just about what you do with the gifts that you are given, it’s about what you do in Jesus with the gifts that you’re given. The only salvation for humanity is Jesus, and the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only institution in the universe that has answers for mankind.

We live in an eternal ancient conflict of wills.
It’s the confrontation of the will of God and the confrontation of the will of anti-god.
Ezekiel 28:12-19 (NKJV) & Isaiah 14:12-17 (NKJV) are two passages of Scripture that refer to the creation, and the making of the enemy of God and his fall from Heaven. He was created, a beautiful being, with a will. He was the covering cherub of all other angels and other beings. He had music in him and his job was to reflect the glory of God. His trade was the trade of worship and words. He would translate the worship of God, and amplify the worship of God, to all other beings in the universe. Iniquity was found in him. He assumed that he was God; he thought he was equal to God because God was reflected through him. He could no longer stand in the presence of God, because there can only be one will in the universe, and that’s the will of the Creator. When iniquity was found in him, his will gave him the platform and his worship gave him the power to go against God. He decided to keep the glory, worship and praise for himself. This ancient confrontation about a being’s will that turns against the will of God. He is still after the souls of men He has no other pattern of behaviour in him, other than to kill, steal and to destroy. It is the only way that he knows.
The above passage of scriptures indicate that there were beings that were created and were alive before we were recreated in the current earth that we live in. There was something that was there before that became void and God recreated the earth that was void and without form. Science and God should live in the same space. Science does not contradict God; science just underscores what the Word says about God. It’s not evolution, it’s the time before Lucifer had iniquity found in him when beings and creatures lived on the earth.

If you believe in evolution, or you don’t believe there is a God and you choose to believe of God what your intellect allows you to believe of God, you have then put yourself on the same level as God. It takes more faith to believe that you are god, than to believe that God is the creator of all beings.

What is standing in your way? Your will, because your will is what is driving you to make choices for yourself saying, “I’m doing everything that suits me in my life, then I am choosing to serve God the way I choose to serve God.”

You live eternally where your choices now take you. Even though your life is like a vapor, what you do with your will and your worship at that time, is everything for eternity. What you do on the earth with your will, to praise Him and honour Him, and give Him glory matters. It matters because Jesus came to die for your will, to actually belong to the will of God.

We were all born into an ancient confrontation of will. The ancient confrontation is about will, it’s about ways (your ways, or the ways of men), it is about worship, and it is about wonder, and it is about work. Your will is your platform, and your worship is your power. Your will is the platform for what you do in your life. Your power is your worship of the choices that you’ve made. Your will stands between what God wants for you, and what you want for you. Whatever you’re doing in your life, is an expression of your will. You exercise your will every day.

When your will is submitted to the will of God (Matthew 6), then your will creates a platform for His ways. It creates the power of worship of Him in your life, which causes you to have a wonderful life, and the work that you do is always going to worship Him, because what you work is in line with His will. Then the power of God is released in your life, and your ways become His ways and your worship creates more power for you. You begin to have a wonderful life, and everything starts to work for you. Then the power to worship Him every day is released in your life, working and living in a life where everything is His ways, His will, and we worship together.

If you say, “I want my will to control my world”, then everything your will does, is creating a platform for you. Where you wander and wonder, and you’re not sure ever of what your assignment is, then you have lots of questions “Who?” Why?” “When?” “What for?” That is a wondering mentality.

Any failure on earth is a prayer failure. Maybe this is the time when God will call every one of us to begin to pray, and to speak words, and maybe to fast. To become His instruments in the earth, so that you give Him your will, then you give Him your worship, then your ways will follow Him, and then you will have a wonderful life, and every bit of work that you do will be an eternal thing, and He will use it to save mankind in this season. This might be our moment when we say, “We lay our lives down. We’re standing firm in our faith”.

We all stand accountable before God, for what He called us to. We have a part to play, and we as the church is the most powerful institution in the universe, and there is no one else that can make a difference like the church can. It all depends on where we find ourselves and what we do. The only way the church becomes relevant is when the church is prepared to be Jesus on the earth. There is no smarter thing that anybody can do than to live your life for the Father. You automatically become the smartest person in the room, if you submit to the will of God and to the life-force of the Holy Spirit, because Jesus speaking through you, is smarter than anybody in the room. If you obey the Holy Spirit, you get what you need to do by the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God. This is a wonderful thing.

The church of the Lord Jesus, our union makes the difference in the earth. The only relief humanity is going to get is because of the union between God’s people and Him. We need to be in a place where we don’t use our will just for our own platform, but rather for Him to get things done on the earth.

I want to stand before an eternal host and say, “When my time came, I stood between the forces of darkness and humanity, and I stood there, and I prayed, and I spoke the Word. I put the Word out there and I stood for the ways of Jesus and I gave Him my full worship, and the power of God came into the earth because we filled the bowls of heaven with our prayers. We filled the earth with our worship, and we let the power of God rule and reign so that it could counter what darkness brought to humanity.”

Don’t you want to join me in being someone that has that kind of perspective of the Word of God and the power of God? I invite you to come work with me, in this momentous time of human history. Whatever the Holy Spirit wants us to do as a church, it’s our time to stand between God and the forces of evil on the earth that are creating chaos and creating disorder on the earth.

Pray, I ask You, Lord, to help me to serve You all the days of my life. Where my will is weak, I thank You that You help me, to make sure that my will is ready to worship You. And through that worship, power is released in my life and power is released through my life. In Jesus Name. Amen

Say, My life is filled with worship and knowing the will of God for my life.