Follow Me As I Follow Christ – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Heightened, intensified, awareness: Like Pastor Sharon, I’m spiritually on my toes around Pastor John, because he is changing so fast that I can’t remain the same around him. I keep up. God’s depending on that from all of us. There’s a heightened intensified awareness for me to be everything, led by the Holy Spirit to the man of God at this time, that I need to be, more than ever before.

Follow Pastor John and Pastor Sharon as they follow Christ: From moment to moment things can change, and I have the law of recognition operating all the time. I move with God and with Pastor John. Like Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, I can’t make arrangements like I used to. This is important for my ear to hear because to the measure that I follow them as they follow Christ, is the measure to which God can use me either as a vessel of gold, silver or wood. (Hebrews 13:13). If I don’t follow them as they follow Christ then that’s where I lack, fall behind, come behind. The Lord is speaking to me because He has planted, placed and positioned me around Pastor John. I hear what the Spirit of God is saying, to the degree I follow Pastor John and Pastor Sharon as they’re following Christ is the degree I will be useful to God on this assignment. I follow Pastor John very clearly, I follow him nearly, loving him dearly. There’s something very key to us at Heritage of Faith now to follow Pastor John as he is following Christ. It ties directly up with: I can’t just do what I want to do, on this assignment. Others may, I may not. Who does this, this way? We do.

Harvesting: Things are changing because I’m on assignment now and everything’s being accelerated and it’s now harvest time. It’s a very different time to planting and watering. I’m not doing what other people are doing, I’m harvesting. I recognise my time. I’m harvesting the fullness of everything that God has spoken to me and given me Word about for a long, long time. I’m harvesting legacy transfer and everything that God said is time for me to harvest now.

Great breaking loose – Pastor John: “There is currently a great breaking loose for Pastor John of everything that God has ever predestined to happen. It’s constellation. It’s come to this right now. And the breaking loose for him means there’s a breaking loose for all of us that have the Law of Recognition about that, that are following him as he’s following Christ, that are abiding, all of the messages that Pastor John has been giving”. “…as a people we’re in a process and in progress”. 

Building Ecclesia: Jesus is building Ecclesia here, His legislative assembly, so that we can be effective for Him in the heavenly realm and bring very big victories for Him in His Kingdom. We’re doing what God tells Pastor John to do. This is the time now when Gideon will say, “Watch me, do what I do, and the barley loaf will tumble into the camp of the Midianites” and bring about a great victory for God in His Church. That includes my personal, private victories. My personal life and my corporate life are inseparable. This is occupation for us and for Pastor John. Pastor John and Pastor Sharon will see everything they’re supposed to see and know everything they’re supposed to know. Because it’s a very critical time for God now. I  understand this motivation. I know that it is the zeal for God’s house that consumes them, for His ways.

One small step of obedience: “One small step of obedience for you, Sharon, one small step of obedience for you, John, one giant leap for My Kingdom. One small step of obedience for mankind, one giant leap for the Kingdom of God”. 

I do not despise small things. 

Orchestration: This is Your time, where Holy Spirit is orchestrating everything on behalf of the Father”. Like Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, Holy Spirit, where is Your orchestration within me that I may fully co-operate with You, on behalf of the Father.

Do not put my trust in riches: This revelation is an explosion of light and illumination in my heart. I do not put my trust in riches. I can’t love money and You, it’s such a serious thing for my life and the lives of my children. I redeem a brother and give God His ransom. I do not put my faith in my possessions. My temple of worship is the house of prayer, not the bank. Wealth is my blessing when it comes from heaven by virtue of the Word of God. I do not get wealth by myself with my own brain, skills and ability because it will not continue with me into eternity. (Psalm 49:6). As my wealth increases my faith in God does not diminish. I will not deny God’s assistance and glorify myself in shrewd dealings and sharp business acumen which is total heresy. Ananias and Sapphira in a highly spiritual environment thought they could serve God and mammon. I will not sin repeatedly without fear or misgiving and bribe God with charity. That greed backfires, ensnaring me in a trap of my own making. I will not promise enormous sums and publicly boast. When I make promises You hear me. My vows are not made to Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, it is made to You. When I make a vow, I fulfil it. When I serve God and not mammon my family is redeemed. I am like Abraham who said, “I won’t even take a latchet from you in case you might say you made me rich”. I lift up my hand to God the Possessor of heaven and earth. My wealth comes to me from God. He makes me rich and He adds no sorrow. God does not accept bribes. I can’t placate God by tipping Him. Clarity brings atonement only when it accompanies genuine repentance. You desire that I liberate my soul from the shackles of lust through sincere repentance for the pure soul is precious to You. If I don’t leave my money to You so that I can have an inheritance in heaven and only leave it for my natural family then I set that kind of example to my children. The Bible says, wicked foster a tradition of evil which they transmit to their children. I will not have my children regard me with deep admiration and praise my corrupt craving for wealth. I will not leave that kind of an inheritance for my children. Your house is a house of prayer, I will not make it a  den of thieves, a place to harbour criminals by coming to church and robbing You. I will not serve mammon through pride or through fear. Fear and pride are a sin – fear is intimidation. I serve You through faith and love. I love You, Your ways, I believe in faith and love. 

Constellation: “There is a great breaking loose coming for Pastor John now. There are finances that have to break loose for him. God is going to fund it because He is going to find men and women that will obey Him”. I am one that will obey God. 

Pastor John’s 300: I’m judging myself with sober judgement. “God selects who is going to be part of going and being, causing one small step of obedience and one giant leap for God’s Kingdom. You qualify yourself. I don’t qualify you”. I qualify myself through obedience, through self-judgement and through love and focus, and separation and all those wonderful things Pastor John’s been ministering on.