We are created with desire to fulfill design. God designed the Word to teach and train us, but it is our responsibility to let it train us. We must know His will. Firmly grasping it. (Ephesians 5:17 AMPC)

God is bringing about a revolution on the earth. His desire is for us to return to His original design for mankind. He gave His best design at the beginning. He doesn’t change to suit circumstances. We live in a culture that prides itself in its evolution, and think we have progressed as a result of technology, but in truth, we have devolved in culture and regressed as a result of technology. The greatest impact of all of this has been on the family.

God’s desire and design is that the church and disciples of the Lord Jesus within strong local churches change nations (Matthew 28:19 to 20).

A local church family is only as strong as the families within it. Local families are only as strong as the father. A father is only as strong as his submission to the truth and his practicing righteousness, which is the way of the Lord. He then becomes an agent of change in his home, his church, his workplace and the community. This is part of our community. As the church goes, so goes the nation. As the families go, so goes the church. As the father goes, so goes the family. Another way of saying this; as the church serves, so goes the nation.

The family serves the church and the church serves the family. God didn’t just create family. He is family. The male represent a son and a father. The female the Holy Spirit, as helper and producer.

When God blessed man in Gen 1: 28 it means; He knelt before us and ministered His life to us. And immediately He showed us the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is continually ministering to us by showing us the way and reminding us about the truth. He came underneath us and laid a foundation upon which to build our lives.

God is saying to us, “I bless you with My Spirit to serve you and show you the way in all things. Serve one another as I serve you and you will grow and become exceedingly fruitful. To man; this woman and this environment is in your charge. Care for her and protect her. Be responsible and work hard. This is your charge. Woman, help your man fulfill his responsibilities. Be a companion to him and take hold of things against, with him. Man and woman- have many sons and daughters and serve them as I serve you. Come underneath them and bless them with all that you are, just as I have come underneath you to bless you with all that I am.
Show them the way of a man and show them the way of a woman. As you do this, fill the earth and bring it into subjection to My will. Do it together. You are powerful as a family, just as I have made you in Our image as a family. Establish My Kingdom on the earth and fill the earth with My glory. This is My will, My desire and My design forever and ever.”

We cannot run from this. This is God’s sovereign will. It is His desire. It is His plan. We are part of a family and God commands us to love one another. To honor one another and be Christ to one another. The family is the practice ground and we do this at home.

(Ephesians 6:1‭-‬3, AMPC) Here’s the law of recognition. If the law of recognition and honour that mom and dad are God’s representatives, is not taught and trained, then they will not develop a route of submission and honour. They will question and dishonour their parents, their parents’ authority, the church’s authority and institutional authority.

When Satan deceived Eve it was very strategic. He knew the power of family because he had seen it in the Trinity. He wants to dismantle the family and bring division in the home. He hates the image of the Father and the Son. That is why men must have charge of their families. Every time there was a man that stood for God, that worked with God and took his place as a man, as a father, as a son, the desire and design of God could be seen on the earth. This is still the case today but there has been little in the nations because man has become focused on themselves. God is waiting for us to get ready, to be prepared so that our vessels can be ready for His purposes. He is doing an ancient thing. His desire and design is that father’s discipline and disciple their children in the truth and the ways of the Lord.

Say: Thank You Lord, that You never change. Thank You, that You come underneath us to show us Your desire and design. We recognize and receive everything that You have for us as a family, serving in the church. By doing this things in our nation will change.