Extracts From Ps John’s Preparation Messages – Ps Sharon Bendixen

He gave me three things to do this year, this whole year. I’ve got three projects;

I’ve got project strike,

I’ve got project conditioning, and

I’ve got project celebration.

Project strike is the seven arrows that the Lord said I must strike the ground with, when I went and sowed a seed to brother Jerry in 2018. This whole year, last year, we were, pastor Sharon and I were striking the ground. My, my, my, have we not seen just amazing, amazing things happen in 2019?

He said, “You’ve got to, you got to experience the supernatural increase on project strike.

The seven arrows are the seven areas that the Lord had me sow my seed into and make a declaration.

Many of those things I have already told you about, I am not going to spend too much time on them today. I just want to remind you of them and just some of them.

I’m going to remind you, I sowed seed into growth in churches, growth in education, growth in missions, growth in multimedia, which included music and worship and all that kind of stuff. I sowed seed into what? I said, aviation or transport. Missions and Chariots and all of that stuff. Then there was a personal thing that we sowed seed into.

I’m telling you this because the Lord said to me that next week when we do our special day of teaching and getting together this coming Saturday, we will start with helping you, do a similar project as 4X4X40.

This is not going to be so much about what we give you; journals and we give you all that kind of stuff.

This is more about giving you the framework that you can choose how you going to go after this thing.

We will put some stuff on the website, but we are not going to give you a printed copy.

You can get it on the website, you can print things out from the website and we’re kind of making you go and do your website thing. If you haven’t registered on the website yet you must.

Seven areas of victory.

Project conditioning is both spiritual and physical conditioning.

So, there’s going to be a focus on increasing our focus on our faith

Faith is like a muscle; the more you use it the stronger it gets. The more you use it the better it gets, the easier it becomes.

The less you use it, the less you want to use it. It’s just like that.

Faith is like that if you use it. So, I’m going to encourage you and I’m going to help you this year and part of what we’re going to do is going to happen in The Moments In The Morning. So, that you will have help in The Moments In The Morning, to help you with conditioning.

Spiritual conditioning and natural conditioning.

Natural conditioning we will help you and talk you through eating better, sleeping better, exercising better. Why is this important? You will find that if you are healthier in your body then you’ll find out how much better your life becomes. 

Project celebration is going to be about having events, we’re going to have celebration events.

I want to say happy mouth and happy feet. Happy mouth and happy feet. Happy mouth.

In other words, what we were doing this morning, the joy of the Lord is your strength and happy feet, it’s just a hook for us to keep celebrating the whole year long.



This is what this Project Strike is all about:


I’m going to tell you this right now,

There are some of you that are going to get this Word, some of you already have been living this way, that

You are going to be extravagant in your giving,

You’re going to be extravagant in your boldness,

You’re going to be extravagant in the way that you walk through a new door,

You are going to be extravagant in the way that you allow God to minister to you and just boldly walk through it,

In 2020 people are going to watch you run like so far in the spirit, and many of them who are not prepared to do the same thing are going to marvel and wonder at what you are doing;

How did you get to that space?

It’s a seven-stroke year. This is the year to push. Everybody is saying, “Ja, no, no, no economy, na, na, na.”

No, this is the year to push in faith, this is the year, this is the year. If you believe in the Word of God; this is the year.

“Ah but Pastor John, I’ve done this and I’ve done this and I haven’t seen the rewards of it and I haven’t seen all the benefits.” So you can believe in the lies of what you haven’t seen or you can believe in what the Word says now and say, “It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before I’m going now.”

I am using this as a very practical example because you get a Word from God, but then you’ve got to live out the Word from God. If you just get a Word from God that is right out there and it says; 2020 is going to be a year where there’s going to be a New Door opened for you and there is going to be a year where it is going to have supernatural increase – if you just look at that Word just like it is, well, you don’t know what necessarily to do next.

Well, this is the way I approach God myself; I say,

“Lord, here’s the word. What do I do next? How do I practically live this word in my life?” When I get before God and I say, “Lord, give me some wisdom here,” and

He said, “So, John, what did you do?” “Project Strike.” He said, “This is where your victory lies. You’ve got to push this victory now through 2020. You’ve got to push through this victory. You’ve got to make ground here like you’ve never made ground before.” “Yes, Sir.”

Then He said, I mean this is my conversation with the Lord, “Because of twenty years… I am going to cause a rejoicing and a joy and a celebration to rise up in the people that’s going to be part of the victory.

Not just because you are celebrating twenty years, but it’s going to elevate the people’s praise and joy and peace. You are going to have community and fellowship and it’s going to raise people’s ability to motivate and inspire each other to great new heights.”

Out of familiarity, you can look at this and say, and I’ve even said this to Pastor Sharon, and I wanted to go into this whole thing of let’s do Project Strike books like we did the 4x4x40 manuals, you know. Let’s just do stuff like that, and I just felt in my heart, no, not this time. This time we’ll put some scriptures, we’ll do it differently. …we’re going to grow into it, and it’s going to become something that is powerful. Hallelujah.

“You can tell the people, that if they will go with these ways of a platform, to get a hold of this word, then I will show them individually things that they can do in their individual lives because they’re busy executing. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.


I didn’t know until maybe ten days ago that Brother Jerry had this Word from God; to have a point of contact. This seed, maybe it’s two weeks. What God put in my heart was Project Strike, that’s pretty much the same as Point of Contact seed.

When Brother Jerry delivered the Word, God gave him also execution. We are going to tap into both. That’s why I said last week, what we are going to do is take a point of contact seed and it’s going to be your first seed that you are going to go into Project Strike, where you have seven areas where you want to walk through in your life, where you want God to show up. Where you want to make progress, where you want to change in your life. You are going to sow your seed and Brother Jerry is going to come here, in just over a bit more than two weeks, two and a half weeks, he is going to come here and we are going to give our seed and we’re going to get him to lay hands on the seed.

When you bring your point of contact seed, you can’t afford to bring your contact seed and say,

“I’m going to bump into Jesus as part of the crowd.”

This is a personal thing,

“I have got to touch Jesus.

I have got to get the mind of Christ on this.

I have got to get the anointing of God on this.

I have got to get what He wants me to get on this.

I’m going to go touch His garment because I know if I can just get this point of contact, I will be restored and made whole.”

Let me tell you, we are right now at a time, if we will take this Word that God has given to us and walk through a New Door and have a belief, for supernatural increase, we can have the greatest results that we’ve ever had as a people. Not only will He bring us great results now, He will restore and bring it back in such a way, that the years that have been taken away by the locusts and by circumstantial weathering of your soul, weathering of your life, weathering of your finances, God’s going to restore it.

I want to say; I am thankful that we have a man, that is a spiritual man that has served God all his life with integrity and he’s coming with an increased mantle of the spirit of seeing and knowing on his life and he’s coming to visit us and I am tapping into everything that he has got for us and I mean this. I don’t care where you have found yourself in the last year, the last two years, the last five years, maybe even in the last ten years. Now is your moment to walk through a New Door. Don’t let the devil lie to you that even your own familiarity with your own self, with your own familiarity with your own weaknesses, provide you the excuse to not go forward, because it’s the same spirit of familiarity.

I am familiar with myself, I know what myself is, I know what my weaknesses are, I know who I am, I know what I am not capable of doing and what I am capable and therefore that’s an excuse to not to go forward.

I want to live with myself, by myself, with all my stuff that I have, for all these years and I’ve never been able to make progress because I am so familiar with my own self.

You may not be permitted to use that familiarity to not go forward.

I stand before you as a messenger of God. I stand before you, having heard from my spiritual father and I stand before you as someone who hears from God and I say, “The execution of what God has prophesied is – Project Strike, Project Conditioning and Project Celebration.”

I tell you this now, by the Spirit of God, that if you will flow with God about, in this year, you will not recognize yourself when you get to next year. Because God will make up things for you that you couldn’t imagine He would make up for you this year, but we have got to get rid of this spirit of familiarity. Hallelujah.

I am wanting you to move past this point, before Brother Jerry comes, where you sit and you think;

I am here because it’s my will to be here and I am here because I will give a little bit to God.

I shall give Him a bit of my time, I shall give Him a bit of my talent, I shall give Him a bit of my energy,

I shall give Him what I think is good enough to give Him.

Then He must just deal with me and deal with the rest of my life, because I choose to give Him this little bit.

I am wanting you to move way past that because this is a moment for us, spiritually, all of us. This is a moment for us, that we’ve got to keep a hold of ourselves and we’ve got to keep a hold of our faith because God has created a spiritual opportunity for us, that we can get rid of everything in our past and walk into a New Door. We can go into new things and we can have supernatural increase on all of those new things right now, but our choices cannot be our old choices. You cannot come and say; I’ll give God what I think I should give Him.


My personal celebration declaration from Ps J’s message part 1

“If you watch your step on the Sabbath (every day that you get up day) and don’t use your Sabbath (every day that you get up day) for personal advantage, If you treat the Sabbath (every day that you get up day) as a day of joy, God’s holy day (every day that you get up day) as a celebration, If you honor it by refusing to say that this is my life as normal or ‘business as usual,’ making money, running here and there— Then you’ll be free to enjoy God! Oh, I’ll make you ride high and soar above it all. I’ll make you feast on the inheritance of your ancestor Jacob.” Yes! God says so! (Isaiah 58:13 MSG)

I wake up in the morning and I say,

“This is my day of celebration.

This is my day of joy. This is my day.

I’m going to give my day to God. I’m not going to make this business as usual, where I get up and I go to work every day and I’m just going to live my life like I normally do.

I’m going to wake up this morning and say, Lord where is my new door today? Where’s the new door today?

I’m going to celebrate You, I’m going to have joy in You. I’m going to put You first.

Where’s my new day?

Where’s my new door?

Where’s my supernatural increase coming from?

My eyes are wide open. It’s not business as usual.”

Every day becomes a holy day for me…..

I’m free to enjoy God in everything that I do in your life.

Every day is my Sabbath day, because every day is my day in God.

Every day is my day for a celebration.

Every day is my day for joy.

Every day is my day that I’m going to say “It’s not my business as usual.

It’s not my life as usual.”

This is a new day and every new day has got a new door potentially that I can walk through and it’s got new things for me, supernatural increase for me.

I’m going to dream dreams and I’m going to have visions that God’s going to give me.

I’m waiting for them to come upon me.

I’m waiting for them so that I can see them, so that I can walk into new things.

I’m not just waiting for a life as usual day, tomorrow to happen to me.

I’m going to get up tomorrow morning and I’m saying, “I am the one ready for change.

I’m one of those in the kingdom of God, where great change is coming.

I receive ideas.

I receive insights

I receive new revelations and concepts and all kinds of new things that are coming into my heart and mind from the mighty Person of the Holy Spirit

because I’m in a new day, through a new door, celebration, joy person. Hallelujah.

“I’ve seen Jesus and He’s alive in my world today!” Hallelujah. Hallelujah.