Establishing Our 2020 Project – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture reference: Romans 8:26; Ephesians 5:15 AMPC; Ephesians 5:16-17 AMPC; Ephesians 5:19-20 AMPC; Colossians 4:3 AMPC

It’s been epic: Pastor John and I are both in a place of hearing from the Lord exactly how we are going to move forward together. It is a new door and we are standing in a new space and a new place and it’s not like before. It’s not Church as usual, it’s not life as usual, it’s not business as usual, it’s just not. It’s going through this new door with reverence, very awake, alert and watchful to what God’s going to be speaking to us about, like never before.

God spoke to me: Very personal journey this project, supernatural increase for me, can it really be? My point of contact seed, this is all so new, the point of contact seed with my faith reaching full expression, and the depth of my praise is determining the magnitude of my breakthrough.

He has longed for His beloved people to experience supernatural increase. From the beginning: Adam and Eve “be fruitful, increase,” increase!. “Be fruitful, multiply,” increase. It’s always been in the heart of the Father for us in all areas of our lives and all He wants is our love reciprocation and our believing. Then Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and then the exodus. “I said I’m taking you out of bondage so that you can come into the land of increase and supernatural increase, where you will receive of the rain of heavens, milk, honey, houses you didn’t build, vineyards you didn’t plant, wells you didn’t dig. God’s just always had an increase for His beloved people in His heart. He just is who He is, it’s who He is.

This morning He said to me; this entire project brings My love to you, brings My love to them if they will believe My love in this project. He said to me; its My love that brings them project strike, so that they can have a way to stay focused with their faith. My love brings this project to them, otherwise, they are going to just drift and just and then get to the end of the year and wonder what could have been. I gave it to Pastor John; project strike, project conditioning, project celebration so that you can have focus for your faith. Point of contact seed, My love made that available to them.

If they will believe My love brings this to them, then their faith will work for them. “Faith works by Love.Galatians 5:6. So, the Lord put it in that context for me and it was very precious to me, new concepts of His love because He is Love. I’m also letting my eyes see 2019, the time for marvels and wonders still in 2020 extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God such as never before in the earth. I don’t stop believing this just because 2019 has come to an end, because the Lord impressed on Brother Jerry to tell the people add “and beyond” and he added this regarding 2020. “In 2020 I will open a new door and cause you to experience supernatural increase.” 

I’m really deeply meditating on this. I’m saturating my heart with it. It’s beyond anything I can think of. It’s beyond anything I can do. So, in 2020, You are opening a new door, a new door I’ve not been before. This is very powerful.

The New Door: New is different from what has been, not known before, not familiar. It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before, I’m going now with my faith. Because He loves me, He’s given me this project to keep my faith focused this year so that I can increase and satisfy His love for me. It’s not going to be a comfortable transition going through the new door, it’s going to take courage to go into a new space you’ve never been before. Pastor John spoke prophetically: “You can’t be moved by the current discomfort and want to go back to your comfort. You can’t be moved by your current discomfort, you’ve got to move to covenant.” God wants supernatural increase for us by covenant.

To enter through the New Door: “Become like a little child. Come to me like a little child. Come humble and you won’t stumble.” God said through the new door; “a light more bright much of Me you will see, things way more clear, Me so much more near.” It’s like God has given us this project and almost forcing us to become very personal with Him, yes it is deeply personal.

We say: My will surrendered to You, my faith unshakeable, my praise unstoppable, my love walk impeccable, my worship true, I’m going through, my joy unlimited, my strength in You, glory to You Lord.”

How to strike: I have my seven areas,  I search the scriptures, I declare the Word and I declare it in victory and then I pray in the Spirit. I pray the perfect will of God for the evidence of this thing, the scope and scale of it for this strike. Then I praise. I declare everything in victory, and I rejoice, and that’s what I do with every strike of mine. “It is change for 2020 in the areas that I want it. This is the year to push, the year to push for the victory. It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before, I’m going now.”

The Lord said,Because of twenty years I’m going to cause a rejoicing and a joy and a celebration to rise up in the people that’s going to be part of the victory. Not just because you’re celebrating twenty years but it’s going to elevate the peoples’ praise and joy and peace. You’re going to have community and fellowship and it’s going to raise peoples’ ability to motivate and inspire each other to great new heights.”

God is drawing us into His heart and into His love. He’s saying to some of us, “You’ve been holding yourself at a distance from Me thinking that I don’t really love you because of your own conscience and your own things but no, I’m drawing you to Myself, you must come talk to Me about these things and then I will show you individually”.

God is going to restore: “The years that have been taken away by the locusts and by circumstantial weathering of your soul, weathering of your life, weathering of your finances, God’s going to restore it.” Now is your moment to walk through a new door.

Pastor John said: ‘I stand before you having heard from my spiritual father, and I stand before you as someone who has heard from God and I say, “The execution of what God has prophesied, supernatural increase through the new open door, marvels and wonders, extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of God, the execution of what God has prophesied is project strike, project conditioning and project celebration.” “I tell you this now by the Spirit of God, if you will flow with God in this year, you will not recognise yourself when you get to next year, because God will make up things for you that you couldn’t imagine, but we’ve got to get rid of this spirit of familiarity, about the way things always have been, that’s just the way it is. Get to get rid of it. You may not be permitted to use that familiarity to not go forward.”

We will be challenged with discomfort when we start to move through the open door and we’ve only taken six steps. ‘But you got six steps through and now you can do the next six.’ It’s a wide open door which means there’s no resistance, it just takes a moving forward through it, with ‘I believe He loves me, He’s given me this project. There are some changes that I am going to actually expect from God because He loves me and He wants these changes for me.’

Holy Spirit says:I’m drawing you into My love, deeper into My love than you’ve ever been. You thought you’ve known a measure of My love up until now, but you’re going to have new concepts of My love for you”. Respond to Him when He’s drawing you, don’t quench that drawing. Let it have an outflow and an action. You will find yourself drawn to the Word more. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Be intense about it. Intensity also means; strained and stretched as when the mind is fixed and bent on a particular thing in highly concentrated action.

I’m saying this every day:

I wake up in the morning and I say,

This is my day of celebration.

This is my day of joy.

This is my day.

I’m going to give my day to God.

I’m going to celebrate You.

I’m going to have joy in You.

I’m going to put You first.

Where’s my new day?

Where’s my new door?

Where’s my supernatural increase coming from?

My eyes are wide open.

It’s not business as usual.

Every day is a holy day for me.

Every day is a new day for me.

Every day is my Sabbath.

Every day is my day for celebration.

Every day is my day for joy.

Every day is my day that I’m going to say ‘It’s not my life as usual’.

This is a new day, and every new day has got a new door potentially that I can walk through. It’s got new things for me, supernatural increase for me.

I’m going to get up tomorrow morning and I’m saying, “I’m the one ready for change, I’m one of those in the Kingdom of God where great change is coming.

I am receiving ideas and insights, new revelations of all kinds.

I’m in a new day through a new door, celebration, joy person.

I’ve seen Jesus and He’s alive in my world today.”