To transform means, literally metamorphosis or to change like a butterfly. It means to cross over from one state to another. Create one thing to another thing. To form something that doesn’t yet exist. So, if you are going to transform, you’re going to have to cross over to something that you can’t really fully understand yet, but you’re going to become that, because it has to be formed. We are formed in the image of Christ, and so, we have to cross over into His image. But each one of you is a different image of Christ. Together we all represent Him but we’re each different in the way that we represent Him.

Romans 12:2 (NLT), 2 Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you, into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you which is good, and pleasing and perfect.

Before they were born, God knew that humans were going to be born into a conflict war zone. Many people question God because how can God allow that to happen? I ask you this question – how does God allow the sun to rise and to set every day? Did He not put that into the order of life? Did He not declare that and then that was it?

Then that same God also created man to have dominion. If you don’t know the true and living God, then you want to exercise dominion in your own way, instead of God’s way. When your children get born into your will to exercise dominion and you have chosen a life of war and conflict, then your children will be born into that too. Is that God’s choice or man’s choice? What must God do? Stop all children from being born when people make choices? He can’t do that because He put an order into place by His Word.

There’s a war going on right now to wipe Israel and the Jews off the face of the earth. That is the stated intent of Iran and of Hamas and Hezbollah, who are proxies for Iran. Iran is ancient Persia. The leading dominating principal spirit of the heavenly realm that was on the earth in the days of the Old Testament of Persia, that came to dominate and take all the Jews captive, hasn’t left. He’s still there, working through a new generation.

Now, last Saturday (7th October), Hamas, an Iranian backed terrorist organisation, attacked and killed hundreds of innocent Israeli’s, including many young people and children. There was a secret mission by Hamas to go after Israel and the Jews and they didn’t just go there to declare war, they went there to make a global statement of their brutality and their barbarism.

The Bible says the devil has come to steal, kill and destroy. This is a moment for us by the Holy Spirit to remember that the devil doesn’t play fair. His mission is to prove that he is more powerful than the love of God. He wants everybody to live in fear rather than in hope so that fear dominates your life, not the love of God and the hope of God. If fear is dominating your life, well, then you are worshiping him and his system. But God wants us to live in faith and in love.

This conflict started in Genesis 15:1-8. God proclaimed a covenant to Abraham and from that time till now the land that God gave Abraham has been in contest by the devil. God says, “Anybody who blesses My people, Israel, will be blessed. And those who curse them will be cursed.” And our nation better be careful what they say about Israel. We need to pray for our government that they don’t speak against Israel.

In Genesis 17:1 God said this is an everlasting covenant with Abraham and in verse 8 He said the entire land of Canaan will be their possession forever. The war has always been about Jerusalem. So not only is it a covenant of God for generation to generation, but Jerusalem is the only city that God says, “This is My city.” And eternally there will come a new Jerusalem.

I am making a declaration to you today. That land that is Israel, is your inheritance and those people are part of our inheritance. Because they are the descendants of Abraham and Jehovah.

We are born into conflict. That’s not something to be afraid of. People living in the Western world desire a safe and comfortable world. I’ve got news for you. It’s an ideal that you should not want to live for. Because you are going to do everything you can to create that world for yourself and then you are living in fear. Faith is about living in God and doing what He tells you to do because that’s the safest place to be. It might not be that you are conflict free but you are safe in God – obeying Him.

God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son. Abraham obeys, because he knows that the One who gave him this child has got an answer. As a result, God blesses Abraham (Gen 22:12-19) and promises that Your descendants will conquer the cities of their enemies. If you think this war that is happening in Israel right now is just a war of human, ideological conflict, you are wrong. This is God’s covenant promise to a people that is in dispute from the moment God spoke it. Because everything that God has said, the enemy of God will dispute it. Either through deception, through manipulation or through violence.

When you were born again you were saved from yourself. You were saved from hell, but you were also saved from yourself. If you’re not saved from yourself then yourself will rule your life and at the end, your blueprint will not match up to what God’s blueprint has for you.

Here’s the good news. What has God already declared about you? The same way that He’s already declared things about Abraham, He’s declared things about you. He’s got thoughts and plans for you that are beyond what you can imagine or think. Why would you want to try and live by your own plan when His plans are that great?
But Pastor John, “I don’t know what His plan is.” Good point to start. “Lord, I really want to have Your plan.” You’ve got to cross over from thinking the way you always think into thinking the way that God wants you to think. It’s only when you change your thinking that you get to find a different kind of something that you can go after. So, you know the Lord has got a plan for me. He’s got an assignment, a blueprint for my life.

The same God that declared that covenant with Abraham is the same God that has made a declaration over our lives, that He will heal us. He will restore us. He will strengthen us with long life. He will satisfy us. And I want to tell you something church, that we are going from level to level. We are going from glory to glory. We are going from strength to strength.

We want the farm. We want the house. Because there’s land involved. There’s territorial gains that God says in the Spirit, “Come, it’s time for Heritage of Faith and this ecclesia to take a mark in the land. ” We are not here to leave this land and go to some other country across the waters because we don’t feel safe here.

We’re it! We’re it! We are the same blessing people. We are God’s people. He has the same covenant with us as He has with those people. In fact, He’s so with us that He put His own self in us. We have a heart that is already marked by the most high God. It lives and breathes inside of us. It’s the heart of Jesus.

Don’t tell me I don’t have a covenant. Don’t tell me God’s not looking after me and protecting me and working with me and restoring me and strengthening me and making me super rich. He wants all of us to be super rich. He’s not a poor God. He’s a rich God. How do we get rich? It’s called seed. When you speak words of seeds out of your mouth. You don’t even have to have a financial seed yet, but if you don’t, if you have a word of God in your mouth, you’ve got what it takes to start.

I say: Thank You, Lord, that You have restored me. You have saved me. You have healed me. I live in complete health and divine health in Jesus’ name. I receive my anointing for healing in Jesus’ name.

I just want you to know that we as a people and Pastor Sharon and I, we are going into a seed-sowing frenzy. I want you to be encouraged that you are all givers. You’re all givers and if you have any thoughts in your head that, “Oh my harvest hasn’t come yet.” I want you to remember that God has put in our legacy a living witness, a living example of how God can bless you.