It’s my desire and I believe it’s the leading of the Holy Spirit to take a moment to pause, to recognize the significance of a man who lived his life for 55 years, completely dedicated to the service of God, and what that means to you and I going forward.

This morning I woke up out of my sleep, because I had a spiritual dream.  The thing that woke me was that miracles were happening and I was standing right in the middle of miracles and that’s all I’m going to say about it for now. That is a Holy Ghost inspired vision or dream.

Brother Jerry is no longer with us but his words remain with us. The thing that really impacted me was, for me, Jerry Savelle, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, all these wonderful men, God put them on the earth in my time. So out of all of the ages that were gone, God chose to bring them into the earth at this time, and my time, and our time. And we’ve had the privilege to touch these people and now it’s our time.

The Word of God is a living powerful active thing in my and your life and in the earth. It doesn’t matter how much the nations may rage against God, God’s Word is true. God’s Word is eternal and it will not return to Him void but it will accomplish everything that He sent it out to accomplish. God will cause the foolishness of preaching the gospel to confound the wise. Because it doesn’t seem possible that if you believe in your heart, confess with your mouth, you will have life. Something so simple can’t be that powerful. A wise mind says you’ve got to work for everything. The God-life says just trust Me, live in Me, believe in Me and you’ll have everything. It’s confounding.

Over the last 14 years Brother Jerry has been used by God to speak words of direction to us:

When a messenger of God speaks a word, it comes from God Himself. His grace covers any human error so that the Word can do what it needs to do. Because all of the prophets of old before John the Baptist until Jesus, and since Jesus all were flawed humans. God is so gracious that He will choose human vessels to bring His Word into the earth. And from this point, 2014 to 2024, the significance of everything that begins to happen to us as a ministry together with Brother Jerry escalates.

2010: Above and beyond – over the top, God’s going to bless.

2011: The year of the supernatural

2012: Fulfillment.

2013: Unprecedented favor.

2014: The greater.

2015: Visitations, manifestations and demonstrations.

2016: The great breaking loose.

2017: The faithful shall flourish and it shall be like days of heaven on earth.

2018: Days of glory, days of flourishing, days of abounding.

2019: Marvels, wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God.

2020: Supernatural increase.

2021: Abundant overflow.

2022: Open hand of God, unusual extraordinary supernatural provision.

2023: Maximum, the highest level attainable.

2024: Progressing, advancing, promotion and seeing your highest expectations fulfilled.

So you say, “Pastor John, I did not see the evidence of those words in my life.” I have two things to say to you. Not yet. Keep going. You can keep speaking these words out for as long as you want to.

Brother Jerry’s departure has taken his energy, his vision, his calling, all of his gifts, from the earth. But everything that we are till now has been because there’s been a partnership and a cooperation of giftings and callings. And there’s no coincidence that God would place him and me (Pastor John) on the earth. God always eternally had it in Brother Jerry’s world that he was going to come to Africa and to South Africa. And low and behold, he would find us here, his tribe of people that would work with his gift for Africa.

In 2016 Brother Jerry had to cancel his meeting in South Africa. Our spiritual preparation was there and our seed was there. And you remember, it was one of the most significant moments of our ministry’s life because I felt in my heart to take the offering, an irrational honor seed, to him. God will still let that seed speak for you – even now.

Brother Jerry’s prayer over that seed: “Father, I received this with humility and with joy and I know what it represents and I’m deeply touched by it. And I want you, Holy Spirit, to convey to every person who sowed in this. Let them know how deeply I am touched by this and what a special significance seed this is to us. And Lord, just like you said to me, I want them to know that this represents the prophet’s chamber in preparation for his coming. And Lord, I’m expecting the same thing to take place when I do arrive, as happened in the story of this woman and this man building the chamber for the prophet. And once he got there, it opened the door to the miraculous for the people who built that chamber. And I’m believing that this is going to happen when the door of the miraculous for the people who have built this chamber. And Lord, I thank you for John and Sharon and their heart’s desire to do this and how deeply touched I am by that. And I’m just believing in the Name of Jesus that this is going to cause manifestations of Your blessing, Your favor, and Your miraculous power on their behalf beyond anything they have ever experienced before. The prophet’s reward. I don’t know what all is involved in that, Lord, but when you give to a prophet, you are entitled to the prophet’s reward. There’s a whole lot more involved in that than I know at this moment. But whatever it involves in its entirety, I believe that for John and Sharon, thank You, Jesus, it’s done. And he starts laughing.

The very last message I preached in the Witbank church, I say this, your seed is going to cause a miracle. Your seed was not just to get a harvest. We never ever asked you to sow a seed for a harvest. We asked you to sow a seed of honor. Now, do you remember what happened to that (Shunammite) woman? They had no need. Brother Jerry said you’re sowing to honor, therefore there’s a miracle that’s going to be released to you that is beyond just meeting a need. Miracles.

I did not understand until I started meditating on it this week. Something began to happen in 2018. Let me tell you what happened to the prophet because of the prophet’s chamber. What was birthed out of the miracle of the honor seed? Generational blessing – a son.

Why are we all in Witbank this morning? Partly because what God did was reach into our ministry and He resurrected our children. When there was no hope for our children and all of our children were going to go into the world system, to the universities, to all of the places where they would be in their minds affected and infected by social media and all manner of stuff, God said, I will take the children.

God is raising up a generation of faith young people that would serve Him and walk with Him and believe Him. And they would be the next generation of prophets and generations of Jerry Savelle of faith people, of favor people, of blessing people who would know how to walk with the Most High God, that the faith message, the favor message would not die because Brother Jerry goes on to be with God, but a generation would live on.

I am Brother Jerry’s son. He was my father. He is an apostle of God to me and his messages as an apostle will live and burn in my heart forever. But I want to tell you the story is just beginning for us because we have a young generation, a generation of people that our honor seed unlocked before Jerry could go to heaven. So God would ensure that would be generations to come. And you kids, you’re not here just by chance. You’re here because God called you here.

And God said, “I will take the children and the generations will continue to live this way.” God’s got a plan for our kids. And if you are here, remember what I told you now, all of those words spoken, but I haven’t seen the end result. Not yet. Don’t quit. Not yet. It’s still coming. Don’t be surprised about stuff that’s going to happen in this church in weeks and months and years to come. Why not, Pastor John? My father left, but his spirit didn’t, his messages didn’t.

In February of 2023, Brother Jerry came here. And he said this, “God led me to the book of Joel, and He said something to me. In every generation, God desires to raise up an army of young people that are passionate about God. And it shall come to pass that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and on your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see vision.” Notice this. This is Brother Jerry speaking. Notice it mentions young people twice in that verse. They will have visions and they’ll prophecy. I like to say it like this, where the Holy Spirit said it to me. I desire to have influence in young people’s lives by inspiring them to prophesy, to speak on my behalf, giving them visions of things to come.

Pray this according to brother Jerry’s prayer: In the name of Jesus, I submit myself to God to be used by Him in any way that He desires. I desire to be everything He wants me to be. I want to be His vessel to affect my generation and according to the book of Joel, I fit into the category of young men and women. And I receive what the prophet Joel said, by the utterance of the Holy Spirit that I will prophesy, that I will have visions, that I will be influenced by God. And in the name of Jesus today, when hands are laid upon me, I believe something very significant is going to take place in my life that I will never be the same. And I give God praise for it now.

And then he had another continuous word after that. This is a new season that you’ve entered into. A season of greater blessings that I’ve arranged for you. Blessings that you’ve never experienced before. So get ready to receive them. They’re yours for sure. I’m taking you higher. Yes, that’s My plan. So stay in faith and take your stand. Refuse to be moved by what others say. I’m in charge and I’ll have My way. Yes, this is a new season which many thought would never come. But I’ve made it happen. Yes, it’s what I’ve done. I’m still the God who makes the impossible possible. It’s what I do. And it’s all because of My love for you. So rejoice and be glad with outbursts of joy and laughter too. Your’e entering into the realm of the maximum, just like I said you would do.” And that was the last time Brother Jerry stood on this platform and that’s what he spoke by the Holy Spirit.