We don’t fight like the world fights. The weapons of our warfare, they are not like the world’s. They might look weak to the world. Just for example, the first weapon that we have is coming clean, and confessing our sins. That is the weapon against the power of sin. We can live a holy life. The title of my message is Crossover, Heeding the Call. It’s not as complicated as one would think to live up to the call of being a Christian. We can live a holy life, a righteous life and a victorious life. But why then when the call is so loud and clear, when the call is exactly what we or I want to hear, yet I do not heed it?

Wisdom is calling and when Wisdom is calling, He’s got everything that we want. But why are we finding it difficult to heed? Therefore, we understand that there must be a readjustment that needs to happen on our side to get the clarity of signal.

15 Don’t set the affections of your heart on this world or in loving the things of the world. The love of the Father and the love of the world are incompatible, (1 John 2:15 TPT). Because God wants us to be decision-makers and He wants us to have a choice. There is a choice that needs to be made, where we set our affections. We say, “Lord, I am here, I want to know You. I want to spend time with You.” You are setting your affections against the world but your affections towards the Father.

Having my affections set. The word set – having them put, or lay, or positioned on loving the things of the world. It replaces the Continuous Perfect State of Being with what fades away. It is a continuous imperfect state of being. Now here is a practical thing. 15…Love of the world squeezes out love for the Father (1 John 2:15, MSG). We are always on assignment. We can never separate ourselves from the church. You can leave this building, but you will never leave the church. You are the church.

A developed love in the heart of a Christian brings boldness for faith and confidence for living a life of Christianity. But when the love of the world and our affection is on the things of the world it squeezes it out. We have to start all over again. Where is the Father? In the gathering of the saints. When you find yourself not being excited about coming to PCG, watch your affections. I always want my affections to be with the Father.

We need to repent from self-righteousness. You know that thing that you say, “I was just innocent.” Yeah, self-righteousness. It’s creeping up. No one is innocent until Jesus forgives your sins. There are many good people who are going to hell because of their innocence that is self-imposed innocence. You can come to the Father and say, “Lord, my affections right now, they are in the wrong place. I thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit that I am becoming stronger than the affections that I have that are in the world.”

We can now experience the endless love of God cascading. That word cascading means to pour down, downwards rapidly in large quantities. Yes, we can experience it, the Continuous Perfect State of Being. Because you have a contract, you have a covenant, God doesn’t want you to worry about what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to wear, because you have a contract. Everything is being taken care of, just be on an assignment.

Tongues are just a sign that you have the power. The power is not just in the words that you speak. The power is in the Holy Spirit that fills you with another language. You need to develop your language so that you can gain confidence of the power that you have. When we speak in tongues, we release power. When we pray in tongues, we pray accurately and we are sure of the answer. But when our affections are on the world, then we become unstable. We don’t have confidence of the answer. We are fearful. We are doubtful. But if we continue and develop the love of the Father, we are confident that He hears our prayers and He answers them. We have the power, the working, miracle power living in us. We just have to tap it and access it. Miracles are not only confined to the blind seeing, that those who cannot hear, their ears open, and it is not only confined for sickness and disease, it is also meant for a great marriage.

Now, I would also like to bring attention to the word authority, because it says, “With authority and power.” The word authority in the Greek implies power of choice. So, Jesus, when He spoke and His teaching carried so much authority that He can just decide what happens in the spirit. Authority is not invisible nor mystical. People say “I’m submitted to God.” But they want to bypass earthly authority. I’m training myself to submit to authority. We have this notion of wanting to bypass. That is called self-importance. We think too highly of ourselves. If you want to learn and cultivate a proper submission to the authority of God, submit to Pastor John. We need to trust the authority that is on Pastor John, that is from God. Being under authority means, I know my boundaries. I don’t decide the program.

Wisdom is calling and it is loud and it is clear. The receiver – how are we positioned? Here is a big one. God is not mocked. God fixed the times. It is time for progression, advancing and promotion and seeing our highest expectation being fulfilled. This is the time. Whether you believe it or not, God has set this time of promotion, advancement, progression and highest expectations being fulfilled. God dealt with me when I was meditating on promotion. He said, “God is not mocked, Melusi. Anyone who is eligible for promotion is a servant.” Yes, it is a year for promotion but people have promoted themselves already. He said, “I have posted and positioned My people.” This is our positioning as Christians. “I have posted and positioned My people and everywhere I go, I can’t find them. They are AWOL, MIA – missing in action. I have posted My people to be servants at a servant post but My people are not there.” Hello? Self-promotion. Wanting to be seen. They are at the post of being recognised. But not at the servant post. He said, “My people, they want to wear gowns and they want to wear royal robes but I gave them the apron. They don’t like the apron but I told them that anyone who wants to be great amongst you, he should become a servant of all.”

So, He said, “Self promotion and self recognition breeds jealousy. And jealousy is the mother or the sister of a murdering spirit.” Because when you are jealous you are comparing yourself. There is competition.” Jealousy can hide. And if you sense that you are jealous of somebody else and who they are, the only thing to do is to come clean with the Lord because you become murderous.

Jesus said, 8 For I have given to them the words which You have given Me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came forth from You; and they have believed that You sent Me (John 17:8 NKJV). That word sent is Apostolos. Jesus was a special sent One of God.

Not everybody can be an apostle. We are about assignment. You will fulfil your assignment.

What is it that you want so strongly that you compromise what God has for you? It is time that we see Pastor John for who he really is. It is that time that we are not contaminated with how the world receives everything that has to do about church. We are not taught by the world how we do church.

Pastor John is sent by God so that we can occupy new territories.