There are many reasons why people make decisions and do things in life. Make decisions based on the will of God for your life. To make decisions purely for survival is the lowest form of decision making. Pursue God as your first point of contact, not your last.

We are in a position of reset and it’s time for us to talk the new language that God has given us and begin to move forward.

Say: Lord, I receive a new perspective today. Thank You that You have reset things in my life. I have a new language that I speak.

We have a right to praise and worship God. We approach God because we are in His family and it is our right and privilege to do it. We have right-standing with God. We have a contract with God, called a covenant. According to this contract we don’t have to worry about what we are going to wear or eat and drink. It has all been taken care of. What we need to do to fulfill our part of the contract is to seek first the Kingdom. God has an order or laws that are always present and always the same. It is His way of doing things.

In order for us to bind on earth what is bound in heaven we must know the terms of our contract. (Matthew 16:19) The contract is the key. We have to have a revelation of our contract/covenant. If we don’t know what’s in the contract and we don’t know what’s in the covenant, then we’re not going to know what to bind and loose. If you don’t have the key, your binding and loosing is for nothing.

If we live in a church that is fixated on one thing, then we are in danger of not being able to flow with what the Holy Spirit wants. We always need to be ready to flow with what the Holy Spirit wants. It is our desire that we will continue and be ready to flow with the Holy Spirit, all the time. If we are not prepared to start in a revelation and progress in a revelation, then we will get stuck in a revelation.

We as a church have a revelation of Ecclesia that very few churches have and we live in the practical application of what Ecclesia is. We are pressing into an increasing revelation of what Ecclesia is. We’re called out from earth’s governance. We’re called out from a corrupt order of things and we are called to rule in a corrupt state with an incorruptible authority and order.

God is in the process of taking us out of a way that is destined for carnage and for all kinds of damage in our lives and He’s wanting to change our language. He’s wanting to change the way we see things and He wants to stop us worrying about whether we’re going to get a salary at the end of the month because we have a contract. God didn’t put us on earth to manage our own life’s problems. God put us in His Church and His Ecclesia and said, “You just seek Me and you just follow after My ways of doing things and I’ll take care of your life. So that we can actually bring order to the earth.”

The time for us as a people has got to the place where all of us have got to go to the next level and we’ve got to say, we’ve got to trust God in such a way that we are seeking Him and what His Kingdom ways are, His orders and His laws are of what we’ve got to do so that we can change things on the earth. He wants us to shift our focus from ourselves and our needs and learn to rule and reign as His Ecclesia on the earth.

Whenever we are faced with natural things, the best line and approach is to be spiritual. Because when you’re operating spiritually, you bring divine order into the earth. The most powerful thing that you can learn on this earth is not from an institution. It’s directly a revelation from the Father that will give you a revelation about life that you can implement and live for in eternity with. Don’t see things from a human point of view but rather from God’s.

This is our moment of reset, crossing over reset. We are going to keep talking to each other, a reset language. Are you ready for a reset language? We have to hold each other accountable to keep speaking reset language to each other.

Pray: Lord, I thank You for wholeness, for wellness, and for all the goodness in my life that You give to me through Jesus and I thank You, Lord, that I have new eyes to see, I have new ears to hear, and I will follow You wherever You take me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.