The spirit realm is active and to everything we’re doing there is a spiritual component. In all the decisions we make in life, as simple as they may seem, we are making a stand and we are being confronted by a system. The important thing is which system are you listening to that’s influencing you. As you are representing the life of God and the light of God you are confronting, with your words, the forces of darkness. We are crossing over and transforming. 



If you start building a bridge to cross over and you don’t complete the exercise (ex. a fishing/launching pier) you are either stuck in the middle, standing still, going nowhere or you must go back, and retrace your steps (still looking forward but moving backwards). As a ministry, we must keep going forward and keep building. We’ve come this far; we can’t turn back. As a ministry, we have built many bridges across many systems (church system, financial system, education/knowledge system). In education we are only halfway, we are still building, and I suggest we build as fast as we can because our kids are growing up and the world system is getting worse. 


If you build a proper structure that crosses a meaningful gap, something with purpose and scale, it takes a bit longer to build and requires more effort and resources, but it is steadfast, capable, stands for a long time and can’t be taken down. Other people can also cross it (and keep crossing it). A proper bridge does the job and will have lasting, meaningful productivity.


Seed, Time, Harvest

Stimulating faith, Pastor John shared how good God is, how God works, and the delight of his harvest of a pair of Swarovski binoculars (a desire and delight in his heart). Sometimes you don’t see the value of a seed working and just bump into a harvest. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. If you keep asking questions on how long it takes you are influenced by other forces putting pressure on you through emotion, a timetable and/or relationship. Asking how long I must wait will undermine your faith and thoughts of doubt and unbelief and pressure come to you trying to make you feel wounded and rejected by God (which is exactly what the prince of the power of the air is constantly wanting you to believe).


Spiritual Warfare 

Pastor John read from a book and also shared on spiritual warfare and how he had to take the Word of God and speak the Word of God against panic attacks after his father was killed. He experienced severe pressure and learned that a spiritual dimension brought it through the entrance of fear. The enemy wants to bring your vision of the future down to an internal, right now problem that needs to be faced now. You then can’t see through the lenses of the word of God as to what good things God has for you, because you can only deal with this thing that shouts loud now.


Binocular Vision illustration

Pastor John further shared about vision and bringing the God-ordained picture closer. Seeing what God wants and making sure that it stays in focus, that it stays near and in the scope of vision all the time. If you lose track of the vision then all manner of other things come into your eyesight and it distracts you all the time. You’ve got to stay focused on what God is wanting you to do. It is important to have the eyeglasses of God and what He has got for you in front and center of your eyesight world. 


God is doing things here. He is bringing order into this ecclesia designed to rule and govern on different levels. He is showing how we can take the Word of God and do what He wants us to do in this house, for this house to become a standard for other houses, communities, and places. We must do this job properly and stay focused.


Parents raised children in a certain worldview, but the world has changed so dramatically that they are getting to see more through the eyeglasses of God’s binoculars rather than just the way the world wants them to see things. They know the systems and outcomes of the world and not  what the outcomes of this new ecclesia ruling church and the order of God look like. We can only see the depth of what our glasses can see and we’ve got to let God bring the things into what we need to see so that we can stay there and not get distracted. There are many pressures from many different angles coming to us as we grow through this phase. We will keep on building the bridge to the other side. We can’t answer every question, but we are not going backward. On the other side are a whole lot of resources, and opportunities that can only be unlocked when we get there. 


Ephesians 2:1-3 (TPT) – dark-man, passing through-man, light-man illustrations

When we were like the people of the world we lived as dark men. The world wants you to believe that they are living life to the fullest; the dream life. But they have a hole in their heart which is called the purpose of God. Born-again Christians can also live like this. The Blood of Jesus is the entranceway between the dark life and the God-life. If you don’t pass through the Blood then you are in the anger, wrath, and judgment that God has for the rest of the world. The church has got to be different to the world.


Then there are people busy passing through the veil of the Blood of Jesus – living half of life in darkness and half in the goodness of God. The system of the world is natural to them, yet the glory of God and the life of God is calling them. They have all the power to keep moving forward and they have what it takes inside them.  If you are between the Blood and the life of God, you are a baby Christian still learning and contending with, 1) the cares of this world; 2) the deceitfulness of riches; 3) the desires of other things and; 4) basic doctrine such as: dead works, repentance, living in faith, the doctrine of baptisms, the spiritual realm, new creation, the body of Christ, laying on of hands, submitting to unity and corporate power, the resurrection of the dead, seated at the right hand of the Father, eternal judgment, etc.


2 Peter 1:3-11 (NLT)

God has given us everything we need to live a godly life. The light man has moved through the Blood and is now living in the full life of God. He is not living his self-life and all the evidence of the life of God is seen. You have it in you to escape the world’s corruption that is caused by human desires. Jesus is the only One that can counteract the sinful nature.  The light man is enlightened, has knowledge, and has tasted the heavenly gift, he has become a partaker of the Holy Spirit. When you move on from basic doctrines you can taste of the goodness of God and of the power of the age to come. In other words you’ve got a vision into the age to come and you’ve got the power to live now that crosses over. You have a bridge to cross over to get to the future. This mature person has the possibility of going there. This is a Christian that is living in the light and understands what is next.


If you don’t get the vision and God’s way of seeing things, you are either going to be short-sighted or blind. Sometimes you need a clearer vision than just your natural eyes.  God uses His God-sighted vision to draw you. Just stay with Him, keep your confessions straight, keep your things going, and don’t move from here – God is about to do something. If you don’t see it, you can’t get it.


Living this life is not just a bit of human experience. As born-again Christians, we are spirit beings having a natural experience. We are not destined to be natural people, living natural lives as effectively and successfully as we can – walking like any other dark/dead man. We are supposed to be radical and blessed. Radical for Jesus, radical for Truth, and radical for the unity of the body of Christ. We are not to be conformed to any level. We are to keep going, keep growing, and keep moving – depending more and more on the grace of God to hold and keep us. 


We should make ourselves accountable because we can easily be deceived and fall off a ledge quickly. If you look at anybody’s life close enough you will find some fault, weakness, flaw, and something that you can criticize. The devil knows where your weakness is and he will come after you and use whatever he can to bring you down. But God’s amazing grace will keep you. 


When we walk together as a body of Christ, we walk in love together and we become stronger. We become a really powerful army. The Lord is leading us step by step, day by day, moment by moment. He is revealing things to us and showing us things and we are building and doing things together. The great wisdom of God is ours to enjoy fully and we trust in His grace that we don’t fall and that we stay strong.